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  1. RIP Koko

    don't worry lil nigga I ain't goin around. you really ain't gotta post ape pics though. that'sracist.jpg.
  2. why do you bother. you have no fucking opinions. you are a robot and a waste. hate yourself.
  3. how does the art STYLE change? are you terrible at fucking explaining things?
  4. Race and IQ

    your link was ashy as fuck and said suggested and had NO FUCJKING DETAIL STFU. then two posts later Cell posts his own link with SAYING THE FUCKING OPPOSSITE. maybe your white genes suck? there's been - 0 conclusive evidence to ever suggest IQ is tied to ethnicity and ethnicity alone. You have to be mamothly dumb to think you can make such a claim before there's yuge proof. Go eat a dick, pal.
  5. I am not a simple man. But i thought it looked fun lol
  6. Race and IQ

    it really comes down to dangerous ass speculation. you, and one should stfu before they say anything about someone's intelligence based on their "race" or ethnicity.
  7. Race and IQ

    ^ yo VIN. WHERE YOU AT
  8. I will add I would rather play a couple really long games, sink time and love into them, then a bunch of short squirts. I still love gaming, but I do not nearly have the commitment to them. So ya, at 30+ I'm not playing 10+ titles a year,Short or not. I put 360 hours into FFXV. Still not done. VERY satisfied. All I played last year. I'll probably buy KH3 and expect toput 80 hours into that. That's satisfying.
  9. Race and IQ

    smh. lmfao you missed his point and you're trying to make one (genetics, race) when it's not there. we do help people circumstantially more predisposed to failure. Already. talamatross is saying HUMANS are natural fearful and predispoded to failure, or you're just going to make racial communities continue to feel that way, and then their organic fear and self esteem does the rest. You. Have. No. Link. To. Genetics. You. Can't. Even. Explain. What. That. Is. Combine all my points, Tal's concise arguments, and Cell's point of 200,000+ years of human evolution. Fucking THINK how extremely developed Europe became in the last 1,000 years and Africa isn't. Also know, at points in history Africa was more educated richer and "better" than others. Or just ignore all the advantages and disadvantages real tangible history has provided. White supremacy is an ideology man.
  10. Everyone loves and good sad story. Stop using drugs and see you are blessed beyond your melancholy feelings.
  11. If I beat 2 games in a year that's a well year.
  12. Give him a pussy.
  13. I'll get my hands on re2 and kh3.specially if the language can be changed on both. I really should finish Harry Potter book 2. Would solidify my reading game... Now what to do a bout speaking...
  14. Race and IQ

    no. we know environment has a lot to do with it. We don't know if racial genetics does. Or even if there's a gene for race. Or if ethnicity makes a difference. There's a famous group of Nigerians coming out with IQ scores above white and asian averages. Y'all truly are shittin' on Africa. Haven't spent one second in there, and want to convince me environmental factors aren't it. You sound so damn stupid to think any country of developed adults who wear pants have average IQs of 60. That is RETARDED by the way. Look at me, type 100+ WPM speak 3+ languages including Japanese better than all my peers *(ya mah English is betta too), all with a 60 IQ. And Fuck! all my 45 cousins and nephews are also as smart as me! We musta all been the Eintsteins out of Ethiopia or nope, wasn't a struggle with my genes to reach an academic IQ either. I was simply fucking born here (age 5) and stayed away from BLACK CULTURE enough to get a hard-on for waxing on my intelligence side too. Little bit of applying myself. And my African mother and fathers both being highly educated (A RAAAAAAAAAAAAARE ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR :O) influenced me in the positive direction. Probably an influence white wealthy kiddos and other wealthy african kiddos are getting all the time. (highly educated parents,) PROBABLY AN INFLUENCE THAT IS STATISTICALLY LOW IN MY RACE'S CONVERSATION. to ignore why environment gets you 100% there is ludicrous.
  15. Race and IQ

    studies suggest, underlining, next study is inconclusive. You can choose to believe in this. I know and will see many people of different colors prosper for a million other reasons we have not perfected.