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  1. Because I feel no guilt not supporting companies who stock shit at cub foods and mentioned I feel basic groceries should be subsidized. And yes I meant nestle. Their CEO rakes in near 60 billion dollars and they continue to do shady shit for profit. Ghosts you're a Neanderthal and you pull off stupid very well. Some of the time you're baiting. I advice we just humor the idiot in the phone thread for a while.
  2. I have a problem with the whole process which is why I don't care to pay full price to support their business. You Are mighty fucking stupid mate. You can't follow a conversation to fix your life. Just stick to your linear life. You're fucking stupid.
  3. Nabisco makes candy, pillages africans for chocolate and nestle bottles free fucking water. I guess I don't have the appreciation you do. Good for them, but they're not making billions off me.
  4. The joy of sm64 was the freedom and distances you could leap. The triple jump was noticibly neutered in sunshine and on going. Hell, when you beat 64, the triple jump gets an extra (4th) roll as stars trail behind you. They seemed to understand the joy of distance then. Not sure why they made the following experiences so clausterphobic. Pass pass pass
  5. a man's worth is not in how many MB his save card holds, but in what he holds dear to memory.
  6. I don't feel entitled. I might just be lazy and taking convenience. not gonna try and explain how much the effort to get food on slave labor seems like a rip off to the american people while companies like kellog and nabisco make dozens of billions, to you, as it will take forever for you to see any new philosophies. the jap schedule I defended was someone doing their art and passion. Not someone buying food weekly. At some point in my life, I have and will dedicate that much time to thiings.Right now, I'm just not going to. I'm legally in Sober housing and don't have to.
  7. :Lol: I'm sorry I spoke the truth to your childhood. Real men played with Kirby.
  8. The LONG jump in full LONG fashion was so f'ing satisfying. Doing so in stars 80+, the floating sky level.. I have no idea why it was neutered. Like, seriously.. This a Jedi mind trick by Nintendo?? Did they play their own game??
  9. Why don't you stfu and stop telling posters to stop posting???
  10. I don't care about money or competing. That's where you fall to realize you only represent one type of philosophy. My dream in the future is to get paid doing something online and with my free time or hobbies or skills. I do not plan to raise a family this year or do anything drastic m I'm good with my savings and ebt for 4-6 months till I make my next move. I might even start interpreting Japanese part time, and that's much more satisfying than any full time job I can think of in the US. I don't want any other benefits than the ones I'm using THIS YEAR. I understand too much is not noble. I also think food n groceries should be subsidized. We are far too wealthy for people to work 20 hours just to eat empty carbs and calories.
  11. I have an ebt card with saved monies, and use that. I get Medicaid. This last year has been awesome. I have money in a savings account and that's going towards my next trip to Japan. Over there, I'll work full time again and slave it for money, but I'll be happier because I'm at least surrounded by Japanese and getting mental stimulation. With the exception of this sober housing I'm currently doing (but I got a nice place. It is a shame), I've always worked and used savings, and lived either on campus with loans, at parents, or with friends/girls for free. The year before I worked 60 hours a week at a restaurant. The years prior I paid more taxes than all of you being a sub teacher. I don't think the gov owes me shit, but I rational things by knowing that corps slave you for their benefit actually, your wage is actually slim pickings, and some rich brat -the offspring of giants who reap that same system, grows up having food and housing covered for him. So if all I'm taking is food, for about a year, then food shits. That's what tax breaks are for.
  12. Pretty much all I've said so far. Ghosts is pushy trash. Oh well he likes playing ignorant.