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  1. Gowan - Moonlight Desires 30-year anniversary...

    god fuck man. you are horrid
  2. yo whats up, SW?

    that's a very swell idea. glad you doing animation. the best thing to do (imo) is work something you can do by yourself. you are a slave only to your own laziness and the small amount of luck you need to get your foot up someone's ass! oh you learnt about america right? bet you met something interesting and normal black folk. be careful too out there. but it's also *great* to have fresh naive eyes.
  3. Noooo Chris Cornell!! Rip

    who he is
  4. Play (buy) FFXV

    weirdo. do you even play games or just spend more money on mediocre nintendo titles?? I'm partial to 9. You should've played 10. Shame on you! I actually... played all 3 FF13 games. :O 6 years late and for shits n giggles (I changed the language or imported the other 2). But yep, there's 300 hours of FF13 experience in my brain-vault, and godly, I say that experience was. Not a stellar game but I understand square and how nonsensical to ever take their stories again. Plus it set up context for this game FF15 being quality (at least to me). Lotta people are gonna be pissed when square makes FF16 and the story is nonsensical... they gon learn. If you do actually pick up 15, let me know. It does not filler-fluff- its quests. They are literally fetch quests or kill a hunt and return.
  5. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    both A and B
  6. Reboot Reboot.

  7. I'm trying to 100% FFXV. It's GOAT. Tho the design is hella frustrating. Istoppedreading the Potter. Tho I finally picked it up again today. Page 319. Hermoine just ran upstairs to grab a big giant ass book about Nicholes Fulmeto after Harry re-remembered he read about him in the Dumbledoor trading card he (at first) received on the flying steam train ride to Hogwarts. Yeuh, boi.
  8. Reboot Reboot.

    who the fuck watches cartoons if it ain't Manime?
  9. My father fucked my daughter.

    now she really in the family
  10. Play (buy) FFXV

    Only if the idea of jumping and platforming on top of a rocken rail as a FF character and catwalking down it then rolling off and the game not having your character slice through the gemoetry (so it performs) makes you glee. Also really drop hype. It really does seem like they did not know what identity or type of game they wanted to make, but had pretty enough graphics and enough content (and name hype?) to put out a sell-able game. but... despite all that they got a lot of things right in the two genres they really did not need to focus on (open world exploration --- kinda this leaves room for unsatisfied!! but it's the very good bitter sweet kind). And the banther/extra dialogue scenes in this game is fucking top notch lol. They spent more time on that than a full cohesive game itself lol. Also the graphics and music and combat is pretty as shit. 8/10 game when you sum it all together. I swear at times it's 9/10 in a unique Japanese manner if we're only criticizing the areas it dared to venture on. I love it. I'll give it hype here. Where it may not be shot down as fast.
  11. I woke up with holes in my hands and feet.

    Because you're already DEAD *cough*
  12. A penguin. Or a female human. Easy peasy
  13. My wont is to haunt...

    Rephrased: did you shave your beard and head. Are anything resembling normal.