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  1. Final Fantasy 15

    This game is very casual friendly it appears. It's alienated a lot of nerds. I personally give it lots of love. Put 300 hours into that pretty bad boy AND IT LET ME PLAY IN JAPANESE TEXT AND MENUS EVERYTHING - himtfucj I hyperventilated. Thang is basically all versions in one.
  2. M - flo

    ^ it's music. pretty sure the chorus is in English too.
  3. M - flo

    they are covering a song by a J band who, likes rap. The main guy (in the actual band) was raised in NYC. Anyways, this song is a classic. Yawl shuld hea it. thoghts? edit: ended up posting the aftual music video. I'm not sure the NYC guy is even in it . he's a skinny jap dude that likes to wear glasses(sun)
  4. e3 is at our doorstep.

    so all the highlights suck? what I miss? FFXV fans are pissed as they should be. they got a VR fishing game lmfao
  5. e3 is at our doorstep.

    Some game highlights would be dope. FF7 would be great
  6. Why is Canadian weather so hot and humid ?

    I was going for the actual size of the sun over the next 4.5 billion years. It is getting smaller. Then it's going to fucking implode. I forget at this point of global warming is true. I DO know carbon activity vapors out the protective parts of the Ozone layer. I don't understand if the Ozone layer or the atmosphere then heals itself. I gotta assume it does. Trump has made me doubt the overall impact of climate and heat average though. I know the last 3 winters here in MN have been warmer and shorter. it's fucking hot now. it is June. So I should not be plume. *cough* I reppeat things and talk like a rretard
  7. Why is Canadian weather so hot and humid ?

    The Ozone layer ain't what it used to be.
  8. What do women want?

    man. i wish I was just wrong sometimes. Be happy you got good sex out of it and that's just what it takes.
  9. What do women want?

  10. Why is Canadian weather so hot and humid ?

    the sun is getting smaller.
  11. Guys I want to give up

    +insert penis inside old enough girls who have a incomparable attitude.
  12. Noooo Chris Cornell!! Rip

    these people need to learn how to get high and not kill themselves. moderate please. take a nap
  13. Guys I want to give up

    well, you lose all your loot at the end though? perhaps pass on goodness. your purpose is whatever you make it. IMO we should fight the good fight and be vegetarian by the end of it! let's end racism jimbo.
  14. yo whats up, SW?

    you've been updated. June 9th-12th run through MN or in August run through MN if you want to go to a festival with hundreds of people!!
  15. Gowan - Moonlight Desires 30-year anniversary...

    god fuck man. you are horrid