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  1. I ate at a free dinner, because I'm a fern....

    So the food wasn't worth it lol .sad story chum Are you fern believer in Jesus Christ our savior and lord?
  2. I ate at a free dinner with friends...

    I like long stories.
  3. I'm still an admin here?

    Lol. This dweeb thinks I'm responsible for niggas growing up.
  4. I'm still an admin here?

    His running grounds. He is the grown player of system wars and he wants to hang out with the administration like a sick Stan. Make me a mod, Hal. I'll keep this place free and sane without actual scum who bring no flavor or good like chimp
  5. I'm drunk ask me anything

    Why do you act so gay all the time?
  6. I'm still an admin here?

    You can make a decent forum of this. Pm me.
  7. I've been the only person here who's never been a mod

    Your previous username? I modded only a week. And I am more surprised I was even offered it.
  8. I quit drinking

    Chump chimp is back. 40 year old can't stop posting @ a forum he made fun of everyone. Wish you would start drinking your own abyss. Faggot
  9. My epidiymis hurts

    You're the definition of an inferiority complex walking.
  10. My epidiymis hurts

    See a doc
  11. Today's the second...

    Lol .
  12. Resident Evil 7

    Re2? Guess I'm missing one classic out my roster Remake, 4, 0, 5, 6. Started with the cube. I got to turn on code vheronica. The playstation is like a step cousin I get to fuck.
  13. Paging Javier

    Proof that u the nigga we need to move on
  14. Forgive me Padre

    You need to repent.
  15. Paging Javier