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  1. The Official "What are you watching?" thread

    netflix youtube and facebook. fuck net neutrality. I don't care. and spotify
  2. Synthol Kid gets his arms drained

    and the reason they want to get bigger is respect/ego/pride and eventually getting laid. everything we do on earth is about getting laid. whether people realize it or not. next comes comfort when you're too old to get laid. also protection of kids. and not dying.
  3. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    how did the FCC vote during obama years? didn't they do this before and congress turned it down? by the way, congress hasn't voted or passed this vote either. I think it's just a scare tactic... early news. Not fake news.
  4. I like that. just wondering, what kind of equipment/treasures can you find in these obscure areas? anything worth taking and game-changing? I also agree, exploration is the best tease and lullabye a game can have. I'd like to explore you too, gamedrunk.
  5. New here, what's up?

    another tough guy appears. don't mess with this one.
  6. New here, what's up?

    you're not funny or clever. stfu!!
  7. New here, what's up?

    We recruit only the hardest tough guys here. As you can see by your welcome from Toddiler and 85.
  8. Define depth of the world. Such a shoom a game with that gets a 7.5. Does it feel like there's nothing to do but fetch quests?
  9. New here, what's up?

    Welcome. Pantie pics coming.
  10. New here, what's up?

    Man you are So tough. You should hear yourself.
  11. Synthol Kid gets his arms drained

    Hmmm. I think they're mentally ill and think muscles will get them laid. Or earn respect from their bros. Why else??
  12. NPD results rolling in.

    Gooooo fuck yourself. They're really good games.. So good people buy 400 consoles just to play them. Funny how you all ignore that.
  13. NPD results rolling in.

    Gotta love the damage control every time Nintendo gets brought up. :D. One developer is selling the most games AND propping their own console. You can't spell profit, my guy.