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  1. I was the passenger of an idiot driver.

    Where's the rhyme? Hill and incline bring a feeling. Are you doing some prose perhaps?
  2. I was the passenger of an idiot driver.

    I see you're brilliant, weirdo.
  3. Kudos on thread title and type btw. Strange it's never been done. Such a good universal topic
  4. Prey is a story and mechanic driven game first, and fps way second. It's exactly what you want, if you're still looking to do things from the frame of a shooter but with other focuses.
  5. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I really didn't like it. Do enemies get bigger? Fighting human guard after guard got old for me quick.
  6. Sarcastic? Thought I wrote too much? For the 3 or 4 hours I played last of us, I much preferred playing resident evil to be frank. Zombie game weak.
  7. Times I didn't: Metroid Prime. Man that was a unique feeling, designed to make everyone go through the same conclusions. Somewhere about 25 hours in I'm floating I believe upside-down and slanted UP a sunken tunnel only to realize how this too is organically routed to the world c and I've been traversing this game for so long never reaching an obvious high point but got damn the entire experience has been well placed and put together. It was at that point I saw the game as a 9.4 baseline experience throughout. I don't think 9.7 is overrated for a game where level design and not special effects keep you hooked. I can't even remember one boastful or catchy tune. Just an earthly experience.
  8. GT Sport IGN Review - 9.2

    Twinblade with twin-fade. Murk'd Phonylomy
  9. GT Sport IGN Review - 9.2

    Cars use gasoline to power themselves to drive.
  10. 40% of adults in US are fat

    Can't stand posters who just post one liners and attack others, and that's their ONLY jist and contribution. Had it been me, that's a ban-able reason especially the latter.
  11. 40% of adults in US are fat

    that explains why you're so fucking miserable to me online. lmfao faggot.
  12. 40% of adults in US are fat

    does 300 calories a day really make that much of a difference? I think you two are being fallacy-pepperers or not paying strict attention to the details.
  13. hey cooke, ban this slug. nothing but hate and vitriol.
  14. Halo. Fell asleep the first night. But I'll admit the first XBOX experience it was pretty pazaaz.