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  1. Game is awesome. You'd love it if it was on Xbox.
  2. I could have sword I told Aza this exactly. That the Switch has it's own market and it wasn't really competing with the 2 current gen consoles. And I definitely told him before that generations as we knew them were a thing of the past.
  3. Yea, they did a beautiful job on the environments/world. Switch 2 will get it
  4. Pretty much exactly. The sound and the screams is what really gets to me. And I agree, it is embarrassing and sad that it has to come to that. At work, a few co-workers and myself were discussing the Fl. shooting, and besides stating the absolute horror it, we were asking ourselves just exactly what scale of an attack has to happen for real change to begin? At what point do parents just decide enough is enough and lean towards home schooling regardless of the strain it would put on us? I would be terrified to ever send my kid back to that school, or any school for that matter. And that's just as the parent. That's not to say anything of the stress and burden the children themselves would be under to set foot in any institution of learning again.

    I'm not much of a user of any of the Social Media platforms really, but I like Twitter the best.
  6. There's no separating Americans from their guns. They'll literally ban all forms of entertainment before attempting to reform any gun laws or even admit that they have a problem.
  7. No they don't... wtf. They need to just actually do a better job at marketing the games. If Bayonetta was just like every other anime chick then it would be boring. She's unique and looks awesome. Jeanne as well.
  8. Gaming is so hardcore. I've survived wars and seen shit that you couldn't even imagine. Great stories to tell the grandchildren.
  9. Ni no Consoles Best on PC
  10. Play the PC version.. which is here now and likely better than even the PS5 version would be
  11. Switch IS a disc-less system. And yes both of them will... And China aka the biggest Asian market has no fucking problem with digital... LOL