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  1. Not only this... but as if I fucking know where you're from and what stores are available there... Dude could have just taken a fucking picture of what I asked and be done with it... but just kept stalling. Bu but I have to turn my console on AGAIN!! Jesus
  2. Jon's pic IS of himself in the game with the guide open....... You can clearly see the game in the background... OH... and Jon also posted his Xbox profile for all to see... so I knew he was playing the game before regardless... You came 3h later (apparently after having played the game) and post just the PS dash... You're not posting any proof that you had played it at all 3h before that. The fact that WE KNOW Jerry STILL hasn't played Gran Turismo Sport... just destroys your argument ROFL If you had nothing to hide, you'd have simply posted an in game shot of the Weapons menu which would have EASILY confirmed to me that you had in fact played it 3h or more before... but you pussied out.
  3. Dude.. it was literally NOTHING for you to do what I asked you to do... considering that what you did didn't actually prove you had played it when we made the bet... You could have EASILY removed ALL DOUBT. And thrown it in my face... And Jehurey DID pretty much do what you did... and the results were the same as here... talking this and that about Forza and then not playing GTS at all... He did that to himself. Maybe shut up about lemmings having no games to play and they'll stop asking to see what you guys are playing?? Jehurey to this day has not even bought a single car in GTS... yet.. we're supposed to take him seriously? ROFL He's the EXACT reason why we're having this issue right now.. just because you post a pic of the game case doesn't mean you're playing it or that you played it when we made the bet. I'm not kidding when I say I would have left this site... but you have to actually prove that when we made the bet, you had played it.. that's all.
  4. Really... you know, I put the example of you and Gran Turismo Sport for a reason.... You STILL haven't played that game LMFAO. The bet was that he's PLAYED it... not that he owns it. Posting a pic that he did 3 hours later does not prove that he had played it at the point when I said he didn't. When the end result is me leaving the site forever, you've gotta bring better proof than that... you have to actually PROVE he's been playing it and not that he owns it. It's hilarious you coming in here when you're the actual proof and reason why I'm saying that he can't claim that pic as "having played the game".. LOL
  5. Yea they definitely saw the negative reaction to it and decided that it was better to delay and work on improving the game.
  6. Those weren't excuses.. those were possibilities.. You have to post undeniable proof moron. You basically pussied out hard and are trying to pin it on me as if I was making some huge irrational demand... You're not a closer at all... you basically couldn't perform when you were asked to... and for the self proclaimed lemming killer, you fucking FAILED.
  7. Oh no... you'd have to turn every thing back on... pressing 2 buttons? And you wonder why nobody thinks you play games... you talk a lot of shit but can't do the simplest of things to prove people wrong... You've been making excuses since the damn beginning. It's fucking pathetic.. Post the proof I ask for, and I'm gone retard. That simple. I could already tell how pussy you were when you purposefully took the screen so that nobody could see your profile name... ROFL. You definitely have something to hide.. but you do you boo
  8. You're fucked up on cocaine.. you're only swimming in a Sea of Regrets
  9. The bet wasn't whether you owned the game or not.. it's whether you've actually played it. You came 3h later and "supposedly you were playing the game the entire time" since you said that you stopped playing, took the pic, then went to bed. Well, it would have been EXTREMELY easy for you to prove me wrong... but you couldn't even do that. Yes... I dodged that one... yet gave you MULTIPLE chances to post the pic.... and MULTIPLE chances even now.. to post your profile. You're just too much of a pussy. You made a bet to have me leave the site, and you stalled hard as fuck. You pussied out when it actually came time to prove what was asked.
  10. If you're not in the Sea of Thieves, you're out there in the vast ocean of pussies Plankers
  11. You have to prove what we actually bet about moron.. when you can't be bothered to do that... you lose.
  12. You have no idea how close you actually were (or are if you'd stop pussying out and post your profile) to making me leave this site forever lmao... I so would have fucking done it. I'm about ready anyway.