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    Fuck off Cunt. :clegane:
  1. We might be witnessing Neogaf's destruction

    This is only step one to repairing the xbox brand.
  2. We might be witnessing Neogaf's destruction

    OMG, even Xbox management is getting in on it
  3. What's up everyone

    Hello there. Welcome
  4. Post your gaming setups

    That is badass man.
  5. We might be witnessing Neogaf's destruction

    People are straight up requesting bans That "Eternal Darkness, 2 screenshots" thread was hilarious!
  6. Says the guy who's just going to pull out his old xbox instead of buying an Xbox One X to play back compat games.
  7. He's pretty much a Resident Evil zombie at this point because he's been killed so many times
  8. Bodycount can't ask himself this question because Xbox doesn't get the games everyone else does
  9. So butthurt over SS.net Playing old Xbox games because you have nothing new. Bu but the best evar!!! Not even playing Forza 7... bu but I played Forza 6. Didn't even play Forza Horizon 3... bu but I played Forza Horizon 2 Man, I hope Sheep start honoring their pledge to save us from the Wii60 days BackcompatCount