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  1. Yea, it's retarded. Anyway, the good thing about these monitors coming out regardless of their cost means more games will support HDR and people will just use their TVs for the most part. It's at the point now though where it simply doesn't make sense for any version of a game to not support it, regardless.
  2. Running at half the framerate. And this isn't the case for most games... soo congrats I guess?
  3. That's definitely a part. There's actual monitors on the market now though. Samsung has a 27'' monitor out with HDR for $700. 1440p and Freesync2 144hz.
  4. You have the option in the game to set the aggressiveness of it... yes you can over do the AO... lmao acting like you didn't know this. I had it set too aggressively and it affected that pod. You were blaming it on lighting model differences and global illumination... LMFAO. You're talking COMPLETE BULLSHIT... and to the wrong person too. And dude... just fucking STOP. Presuming to inform me about what HDR does.
  5. Yes, it's stupid, but MS was using it as a selling feature for Xbox. All the new wave of MS games support HDR on PC. Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4.
  6. The shot of relevance is being 2x the framerate and having other settings which are higher... as well as the option to push the resolution even higher if wanted. 5K at 30fps. Texture's and AO can be sharper and deeper.
  7. @DynamiteCop! Dude, you're so full of fucking SHIT. OK, I just took another picture right now... same place... Yours.... before you edited it.. and mine... here's the old one: Pod is lit up like yours. The reason why it was darker in my first shot was because I had the AO setting cranked up. You can tell by looking at the stone cover on the right side between my two pics. YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT.
  8. LMFAO... you're sad man. You DID edit the picture... and increasing the contrast to TRY to make this supposed difference MORE apparent... bu but I'm using HDR What gives it away especially is the specular reflection of the light. It's blown out on your edited pic. You got caught. It's also why it took you over 40min to post it LOL
  9. Really?? Cause here's your original pic that I got off the Xbox app before you edited it LMFAO!!! You're DEAD
  10. Chapter 4: Powerless Right at the start you'll see the wheel. Go to the left side of it at the stairs and take this pic.
  11. You need to understand that the game is best on PC 2x the fps in the campaign and better AO and SSR >>>> a couple extra dynamic shadows.
  12. Dude, you're stupid. The Xbox One X does NOT have those two settings. lmao... it factually cannot handle those settings. PERIOD. You can't replicate this: You simply CAN'T.
  13. It has some more dynamic shadows IN AREAS. PC also has a much better DOF and Screenspace reflections. It's also got better ambient occlusion and sharper textures. Factually. It can also run at 2x the fps of the X1X version