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  1. I got my children Microsoft for Christmas.

    they're probably ecstatic that they can play COD and PubG. These aren't 40yr olds with a nostalgia for 1985, kids these days hate nintendo and are embarrassed to play their kiddy junk.
  2. I got my children Microsoft for Christmas.

    and then you banned them from using it, exilic with their xboxes.
  3. Some games aren't about the graphics, chap. This is one of them. Looks like shit on PoC as well. Doesn't stop this from being this gen's COD4, nor does it stop Sony and their army of dimwits coveting this one of a kind experience.
  4. Yes this steam-level freeware game was my graphics showcase, damn, whatever will I do now. Irrelevant. How many million units now? The #1 game in the world, only on XBOX ONE
  5. Switch - More than 10 million sold through to customers.

    The Xbox 360 outsold the wii in the US, by a lot. When the wii sales tanked below even POS3's in its later years (the fad died out) The Xbox 360 kept selling like hot cakes. Likewise, the Xbox One has outsold the Swbitch, by a lot. Infact it seems like it pretty much doubled the Swbitch's sales in npd this month. This isn't going to change anytime soon, your 15k bangers like shin kagammy tensu IV, No more heroes, and Pedonetta 3 won't make a dent. You better hope Nintendo finds their WiiSports 2 soon or else this things sales are going to drop off a cliff, fast. Now that Mario and Zelda are out, you have a good 5 years to think about it--you certainly won't have any games to play. Perhaps you can pick up reading in the meantime. I hear Moby Dick is pretty good. Ta-ta, sheep.
  6. yes the new star wars is perfecttt, as is the new zelda. This is not a bias take at all. these things are perfect and always will be. Please go buy a switch now so nintendo doesn't go bankrupt.
  7. Switch - More than 10 million sold through to customers.

    Don't do this to yourself. Even when capturing lightning in a bottle with the Wii, Nintendo still managed to fuck it up. The sales for their gimmick fad consoles are fronloaded and die out drastically as the years go by. Usually this is because of their abysmal 3rd party support and inability to conistently release games. The same will happen with Switch. It's going to be fun to watch this thing die a slow and painful death, inching Nintendo closer and closer to the doom they deserve.
  8. The man flu is real

  9. Switch - More than 10 million sold through to customers.

    And last place in NPD.
  10. Just got a PS4 Pro for $177 (kind of)

    now imagine 2x those visuals and you have the superior one x version.
  11. considering SF5 arcade mode just dropped a week ago, so have you
  12. My title is more apt, let's move discussion here. Also speculation on how SF6 can be saved from Sony's clutches and perhaps ship with an arcade mode as well, will be welcomed ITT.
  13. Just got a PS4 Pro for $177 (kind of)

    psvr is no better than kinect. infact at 2x the price its much, much worse.
  14. Just got a PS4 Pro for $177 (kind of)

    you basically just threw away $178. you traded a 1080p machine for another 1080p machine Actually now you have an uglier, fatter, heavier, louder model.