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  1. We might be witnessing Neogaf's destruction

    Have a lot of friends with legitimate ties to Xbox who are delighted with this. One more propaganda outlet destroyed.
  2. ha. there's that one gas mask section that was fully 1st person. Also this is the fucking scariest game of all time. That fucking diner part
  3. Halo 1 and 2 are already on Xbox One, and NGB is probably the best game on the console next to those.
  4. I have all those games mentioned. and yes, the switch is destroying the POS4 in Asia, and stealing most of its support. This puts Xbox at a tactical advantage on the Switch's continued success, as it will only further devalue the value proposition of the PS4. We're heading to a point where Xbox is the lone console in the West and Nintendo will cover the East. POS4 will be squeezed out Worldwide, and go the way of the Vaio, the walkman, the Bravia, the 1080p blu ray player, and all of Sony's other failed business ventures.
  5. Thank you, Gakosan. Your professionalism is noted. You can tell a lot of these guys are very hostile over suckscrollers and/or their own personal failings.
  6. Better head back to your CuckScrollers safe space, you're sounding a bit triggered these past few posts, Flemij.
  7. LMFAO! Hermits on Neogaf already BEGGING for this programme to head to PoC so they can finally play a NG game :kaz:
  8. 360 fans disappointed XBone videos are hilarious

    the reveal in 2013 still haunts their perception unfortunately.
  9. GT Sport IGN Review - 9.2

    http://ca.ign.com/articles/2017/10/17/gran-turismo-sport-review?read Same score as FM7! Impressed at how they turned this one around.
  10. Yes but reviewers also went from that fat, white, straight ,heteronormative computer nerd you see there TO: Let's face facts, these people want Xbox to fail. They don't like 'dudebro' (basically just masculine) games. They don't like shooters. They don't like Xbox, and lastly, they don't like America.
  11. PS4 Prolapse's crucifixion - X1X domination

    this is a much bigger gap than 900p to 1080p. In fact, this is like 2-3X better looking on X1X.
  12. Shin Megami Tensei HD news coming on October 23

    'PS4 for 4k TV experience' LOL!
  13. Witcher 3, absolutely. What a complete and utter slog. the combat is dogshit.