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  1. This was so bad. The PS2 graphics, the Jpop music, the gay Japanese fairies anime looking characters.
  2. Switch might be better than handhelds of previous generations but it's still trash.
  3. It was fantastic, few flaws or gimmicky boss fights here and there but otherwise it was a brilliant and unique action game. Let's be real tho, it's never getting a sequel. I was hoping Wonder Red would make it into Smash Bros U at some point but it never happened. He was a perfect fit.
  4. It will never have mass appeal. I expected better sales on Switch in Japan tho.
  5. That's not a direct counter argumentation to what I said. Plus he played with the PS moves and focused on that in his review, that's not the proper way to play Skyrim. I never tried it and I don't care to do so. I'm saying it's the best played version when played with a Dualshock 4 with classic controls and all motion sickness preventing features turned off. Obviously with that many controls options, the experience will greatly differ from one person to another. I never said Skyrim was the best looking version. You have no argumentations, you've never played Skyrim VR, hell you probably never even played a VR game period. It's the same game that wasn't dumbed down in any way and it has the best controls options on consoles, VR is also a perfect fit for Bethesda RPG. It's the definitive version, I've been playing TES series since Morrowind, I played all games from the company since. I think I'm qualified enough to make that statement. Now sit down.
  6. PS4 has a strong line-up for Japan right now. It's going to sell great in the subsequent months. Nothing to worry about.
  7. That's the thing with Bayonetta, everyone talks about it but when the game comes out it's a mega flop in sales worldwide. Every time.
  8. Sorry but I'm not stupid. Sales never dictates anything about a game's content, actual arguments from someone who played the title is far more relevant. I wasn't making a popularity statement about the game, it's sales are irrelevant to the topic at hand. Scores are just numbers, unless someone post a direct quote from a review that contradicts what I'm saying it means nothing in particular, other than it's critical reception in general terms. I already stated reasons why the game is getting bad scores, it's hardly surprising. No intelligent counter arguments has been made in regard to what I said. Thus it still stands. I'm not going to go full retard because this is SW.
  9. I'll admit the og 360 version running at a better framerates would be kinda sick. Sigma 2 improved on a few things and was worse in many other ways. It never felt like the proper definitive version, well neither games actually. This would tho.
  10. It's the first time MH has ever been popular outside of Japan. It's a new series for most of the current players. Even my casual friends who mostly plays CoD and GTA are playing MHW.