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  1. Freed from the tyranny of Nintendo terrible hardware and online infrastructure/community, Monster Hunter is finally elevated to what it should always have been in the first place. Nintendo are a cancer for Japanese devs. Best critical and fan reception, highest selling game in the franchise. TSHBFR
  2. PS4 Collection

    But aren't you excited for Smash Bros U 1.5, Pokemon Go and Vaporware Prime 4. Just sell that pos. Wasting money on Nintendo overpriced trash when you have a PS4...
  3. Holy shit, HolyHacks is enjoying a non-Nintendo game!
  4. Gears POP Gears Tactics Gears 5 This is what happens when MS wants to expand their first party. After 'Gears 5' flop this franchise will get buried. And good riddance.
  5. Ninja Theory is a shit dev. Heavenly Sword - C-rate GoW Enslaved - C-rate Uncharted platforming DmC - C-rate DMC Hellblade - C-rate GoW Truly an embarrassing resume. Four disgusting flops in 10 years. What an amazing studio.
  6. I said something similar when I first played it. It is truly awesome game and needs to be played by everyone who likes VR.
  7. Definitely an amazing soundtrack. Tons of memorable and unique themes.
  8. I can't watch new movies anymore. They're all made for dummies and Jonbies.
  9. Monster Hunter World is good and the game moves at a real good pace. I like it. Radial-G Racing Revolved for PSVR. Not as good as Wipeout/10 Little Nightmares. Cool visuals and hmmm... let me get you back on that.
  10. Coming from the idiot who seriously think Mario Tennis on Switch is the pinnacle of video game graphics, presentation and art design.