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  1. FFXII Ivalice screenshots released in FFXIV patch

    Well, you might want to keep it that way. I still liked FFX and FFXII personally but the rest has been horrendous, two MMOs which shouldn't be part of the main entries, and two legit flops like XII and XV that took forever to make. FFIV to FFIX are all arguably legit good games, imo. It's the golden era of FF, it's pretty much dead in my eyes now and I used to be the biggest fan. It's nothing like those games anymore.
  2. Gal Metal for Switch

    I never heard of it and the trailer gave me a seizure.
  3. Death Note

    I loved it the first time around but I never felt compelled to ever watch it again.
  4. Combat is a lot better since switching stance is faster and can be done during even combos. Experience points are back so no more insane money required for one silly improvement. Makes doing sidequests feel more rewarding. Smarter skills upgrade system. Much, much better as it emphasize using all the combat stances. Majima attacking you from anywhere and at anytime is a lot of fun. It's funny as fuck to see Majima stalking Kiryu like a crazed fanboy. So many hilarious situations, it helps make the overworld gameplay less predictable. Better pacing. Improved minigames. I loved the rock/paper/scissor with the chicks this time as the minigame was more fleshed out with collectible cards that gives you new fighters and moves. Plus a ton of small but needed improvements. I can't say the story is better, I think I prefer 0 but it's definitely on par. Some of the original cutscenes aren't so great but they added a lot of new scenes which flesh out a lot of the characters. It's good stuff. Substories are usually great and memorable, just as good and funny as most of the stuff that was in 0.
  5. I checked the entire internet for one video an I can't find it anywhere, not even a torrent. I need a porn god for this. It's infuriating, especially knowing it has a well known actress in the scene.
  6. Kiwami is fucking great. I'm starting to like it more than 0.
  7. I'm just messing with y'all.
  8. This is just something I do for fun in between having sex with Victoria Secret models.
  9. I've been insulting you guys since the start. Playing games on the go. Can't stop playing games for a day.
  10. Ya'll manchildren. Playing games at work and when on business trips. lmao
  11. I have never touched a 3DS or Vita

    Best played on PS4. All of them.
  12. You could just carry one of your console. You do stay somewhere after work, am I right? Or do you play games at work during your breaks instead of fraternizing with some colleagues like a normal person would? Shit is embarrassing. While that's ok, I doubt it happens to you often enough to really care.
  13. PS4 isn't a shit handheld posing as a console, that's correct. Only cucks play games on mobile platforms. I want to be sure I get to play my games while I take this 10 minutes bus ride. lmfao, grow up you silly manchildren. It's why you're still single.
  14. 45 minute long Nintendo Direct on Sept 13

    No it's not fine. I would agree if it was just about any other game. DOOM 4 plays like an FPS of old, it's super fast, has you constantly on the move, double jumps, constant waves of enemies. You can't even reload your guns, no other FPS I've played in the past 15 years was more emphasized fast movements more than DOOM. I wouldn't have enjoyed myself if the FPS wasn't a smooth 60 or if the controls weren't on par. The game lives or dies based on these factors. 30FPS in DOOM. You guys are retards.
  15. 45 minute long Nintendo Direct on Sept 13

    I know DOOM is not playable at 30FPS. I know that much. You may continue pretending that cutting the framerates in half is an impressive feat for a game where FPS is everything.