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  1. No doubt, it looks awesome. I saw the cutscene where they throw the baby in the air, I laughed so hard.
  2. Welfare weaboo extraordinaire Cockujin to the rescue.
  3. I'm smoking weed and drinking gin this morning. Get it right.
  4. An ocean of pussies? Sounds good to me. I knew you were more a sea of cocks kinda guy.
  5. That's the ugliest PS4 I ever seen. The sword hilt or whatever on the right looks like a PS Move. I cannot unsee it. LMAO
  6. Don't do it Ike, she's the kind of woman that will force you to play Sea of Thieves 3 months in the relationship. Too risky.
  7. One of the girl is actually a hardcore av idol irl. I think both are actually.
  8. Detroit is going to make a great bargain bin purchase in 2019. So many exclusives, you might as well clear your backlog. I'm gonna get GT Sport and Horizon Complete Edition when they are in the $30 range. Hobo pass.
  9. There's that other weaboo IP from PG too, Gay Blue Fantasia something something. Could be good. And the rumoured DMC5. If it's not at this year E3, I'm giving up.
  10. Bayonetta 3 can't come soon enough. The real man's action game.
  11. They still work, idiots. I've played a few games unpatched, you'd be surprised how solid some of the games are regardless. They work. There's a major difference with a day one patch and a mandatory download.
  12. I won't play neither. I just bought SOTC (PS4) and Driveclub VR for $60 CAD and free shipping. Maybe I'll buy GoW for $20 in 2019, and download Hellblade when it becomes a PS+ free game early next-year.