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  1. %80 of side minigames in Kiwami is taken straight from 0, sure everything is a tad better but it's all reused assets. There's also a lot less minigames too. 0 has a whole other district to explore and two playable characters so whatever all the little improvements you can name from Kiwami, it all pales compare to that. Plus Yakuza 1 original story is garbo, so no. The only good stuff were the added scenes with Nishiki and Majima. 0 > Kiwami. Sit down.
  2. Only by a little bit, they didn't reinvent the whole combat system for Kiwami, it's actually very similar. 0 story and content is just that much better.
  3. The Switch is killing it (Jimquisition)

    Where are you getting that count, list of Wikipedia with unreleased games? Even with Xbox/Xbox 360 backward compatible game it's still doesn't sound right.
  4. ?? I make 5+ hits 70+ dmg combos with Bryan, the only issue is getting the first hit which lead to the launcher mid combo. Slow start up and punishable on block most of the time so you can only really punish mistakes. My fundamental game is still not very good at Tekken. Still working on movement, sidestepping and zoning. I'm pretty bad at all fighters except Capcom games. SF is my shit and it's like I never stopped playing the series every time I get a new game, I'm also pretty sick at Marvel too since it offers a lot of strategic options by having multiple characters, usually I win because I make sure to always safely tag in partners and let them heal when needed. I usually win by endurance. But most importantly, give me a fighter with 6 buttons setup and similar movesets to SF and I'm good and will learn the game in no time. I learned how to play Skullgirls last-year with a buddy in like one sessions. I was already better than him after a few hours. It's basically Marvel vs Capcom. A little bit like Darkstalkers too.
  5. It's fun figuring things out for myself. I play fighters very casually now, funny thing is I am way better now than I ever been, despite my complete lack of care. I can't even be bothered to watch tournaments anymore. Like my friend can't believe how calm and patient I am at fighters, even with just a shred of health left and under heavy corner pressure, I never panic. I don't care about losing so I tend to make some pretty godly comebacks. lol
  6. DF tests Xenhanced 360 games .

    That was one of the worst remaster ever. I think Konami didn't have the original final source code and gave the outsourced B-rate studio responsible a beta source code of SH2 and SH3 to work with instead. It's pretty infamous for being a terrible port that is inferior to the originals. A real shame. PS3 had a few great HD ports. The MGS collection is excellent, MGS3 was 1080p and 60FPS. Sure once again it's just visuals fluff but it made the gameplay that much more enjoyable. Granted once could play the original just fine.
  7. Hitman just raped the cows

    That's actually pretty funny.