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  1. Noooo Chris Cornell!! Rip

    the illumanti prob killed him who plays a show then maybe 4 hours later decides to hang himself in a hotel room ..????
  2. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    Naaaaa son the orginal NES was kinda had a lot of craptastic Games
  3. This is a nice forum

    4 me to poop ON !!!
  4. I've been a Cow since PS3

    Lemmings are poser Jabronis im the orginal Cow ive been a cow Since PS1 !!!!!!!!!! I even think Lemmings Killed Gaming LOL
  5. Javier updates..

    Why do u think u have no Wife or kids ..????
  6. heyyy my login Works Yeah I haven't played a game in like 14 months haven't even bought the new systems TIME is THE PROBLEM
  7. I don't even own a PS4 yet im retro or old either way
  8. I fapped once to the princess. FMV when she was on the tower looking into the horizon
  9. I got beat-up at the bus loop...

    Did u get beat up by Canadian Asians ..????
  10. this song reminded me of Jimbo today 4 some reason
  11. Are you a libertarian?

    Im pro Internet PORN IM A LIBERIAN !!!!!
  12. Jimbo

  13. just got back from raw so sad 4 my city the crowd was pretty dead LOL and it was not even sold out WWE needs to go to a smaller Venue they cant sellout this arena
  14. New Nintendo NX news

    im still playing Wii and GC dam im slippin LOL
  15. How do I prepare myself for the future?

    The end of western society get has much guns and ammo has u can food and water cus everyone is about to go ape shit