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  1. e3 is at our doorstep.

    I haven't played a console game in months !!!!! ill just play my PSP and maybe get a vita or something
  2. What do women want?

    idk really my last girlfriend wanted everything My attention my money my food my love my " her time" my dick my time I WAS LIKE U FUCKIN LEECH !!!!!!!!
  3. I would like to reveal identity

  4. Da fuck is dis ....
  5. Guys I want to give up

    GET MONEY !!!! then spend it all on stuff
  6. Why is Canadian weather so hot and humid ?

    its simple really has the SUN gets bigger shit gets hotter ..... :P
  7. Noooo Chris Cornell!! Rip

    the illumanti prob killed him who plays a show then maybe 4 hours later decides to hang himself in a hotel room ..????
  8. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    Naaaaa son the orginal NES was kinda had a lot of craptastic Games
  9. This is a nice forum

    4 me to poop ON !!!
  10. I've been a Cow since PS3

    Lemmings are poser Jabronis im the orginal Cow ive been a cow Since PS1 !!!!!!!!!! I even think Lemmings Killed Gaming LOL
  11. Javier updates..

    Why do u think u have no Wife or kids ..????
  12. heyyy my login Works Yeah I haven't played a game in like 14 months haven't even bought the new systems TIME is THE PROBLEM
  13. I don't even own a PS4 yet im retro or old either way
  14. I fapped once to the princess. FMV when she was on the tower looking into the horizon
  15. The Official "What are you watching?" thread

    X files now that's da shit also some anime shit n stuff I also finally bought Island of dr mearu just to see cat lady and Heyna GO ballz deep on everybody