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PS4 Collection

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Dead Rising 4 is a crown jewel amidst that muck.


Mad MAx :D

Ether :D

ZOmbie Army :D

Bleach and clear :D


CLAIRE: Director's cut :D


PS4 Got all da gamez yo!!! :rofl: 


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Tokyo Xanadu from the Ys team at Falcon. I never saw this on sale in Europe,  US import.






My Play Asia order.  Nioh Complete edition Asia only version with all DLC on disc,  Ys Origins English only got a disc release in Asia. Then two limited editions of the Korean horror game The Coma and The Bleed 1/2 prints.  Fuck they are both as fat as three normal game cases and come with so much shit,  music cds, stickers, art books,  fridge medals and other shit. I wish there was just a disc release but these games got a 3000 copy print.











The limited prints from Play Asia have fucking MANUALS.  PARTY LIKE IT'S 1996.

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