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  1. I live in CA. Flip flops are mandatory. Suck a dick
  2. No, but developers thought the Xone was more powerful than it actually turned out an you suckers bought all three.
  3. Currently playing Fast RMX at 60fps locked and 1080p. No tard box game could do that. It took 3 tries for MS to get it right and you fools bought all three
  4. Imagine being one of those idiots who purchased 3 Xbox ones because the first two barely ran games at 20fps and 720p.
  5. Just wait until it falls appart in 6 months for no reason.
  6. Oh look Ramza and Aza in their gay circle jerk. Octopath is GOTY so far and it will never go to the trash boxes.
  7. You are fucking stupid. Fuck last night and its developer who instead of appreciating Octopath Traveller he bashes it. He is a fucking racist and I hope he chockes and dies on a donkey dick. I am now boycotting this game because of his faggot ass. Fuck him and fuck everyone involved with his shit game