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  1. Finally the lemmings admit that Forza is stale year after year Too bad it's all you have.
  2. So basically "Now that it's coming to Xbox we can pretend to stop hating it".
  3. Doesn't matter how nice it looks, it's still a racing game, and not a very exciting one. They could have a photorealistic watching paint dry simulator, would the graphics alone make the console worth it?
  4. Remember back in the day when sheep and lemmings would try to convince everyone that Gamecube and Xbox were better than the PS2?
  5. Everyone but the lemmings know it sucks. These clowns are living in a different reality to everyone else. Xbox One just might be the most worthless console of all time.
  6. I'm waiting for it to be fully complete.
  7. It's the only microsoft franchise since Halo died
  8. Bragging about putting umpteen hours into a turd of a game with no content. The fact that you don't realize this or have any shame speaks volumes as to how much of a Lemming you are. It should be a dirty little secret you keep to yourself. Like what you do with your master chief dolls on a night deeno
  9. Bur they aren't shared so get your own games lemshit. 5 of decay and 6 of theieves LOL!
  10. TLHBO

    Remember when...

    Lemmings Playing 6/10 flops