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  1. your discipline in defending a shit console with no games is unparalleled
  2. Even if Trump did mispoke (he didn't) his flip-flop just makes him look like a fucking bitch who isn't willing to say anything bad in front of daddy Putin
  3. this is so true its not even a contest and Cuphead was Xbox goty too lmfao
  4. I like playing on my TV or in my bed so that's why I bought it on the Switch. Haven't played anything my PC for a while now. That's why I didn't try it before, sue me.
  5. Have you played it? I legit think its a GOTY-tier game. Bubu you are a sheep. Well I'm a sheep who bashes the shit out of Zelda BOTW and my last game that I've praised here is a PC-exclusive RPG so you can hardly say I only praise shit bcuz its on Switch.
  6. Well its not like Dyno and Jenny have games to play on their FlopBoxes so I get it, and Ramza is a depressed mess of a human being so he actually enjoys spewing hatred, so I also get it.
  7. This isn't even about console wars. This is definitely my favorite game since D:OS2. Everyone should play this, as everyone's computer is able to run it.
  8. This one stands above the rest, though. Games like Trine or Ori look like shallow garbage in comparison.
  9. This game is better than SOTN for sure. That game was great for its time (I wouldn't say revolutionary though) but some of its design choices do not hold up. Super Metroid gave the genre a proper start so its hard to compare. Hollow Knight is the whole package: Its world design is open-ended, full of secret, huge as fuck, fun to explore. Its combat is rewarding, tight and hard to master. The game is filled with fun optional quests. The enemy variety and the amount of bosses is insane. Its atmosphere is enticing and its concept creative and fun. I also love the fact that the upgrades are so few and far between that you actually feel excited as fuck when you actually do find something.
  10. Im 30 hours in but im still not done and im finding secrets and quests left and right Fantastic game, best ive played since divinity os2
  11. You are acting like the expulsion of diplomats was a big deal. Obama also expelled diplomats. Countries do that regularly to protest. Also, one may say he was forced to do so because otherwise it would look bad. How did Trump enforce the Syrian red line against Russia? He bombed Assad once. But that has nothing to do with respecting international institutions. In fact, none of the examples you gave are examples of that.
  12. Kitad

    Remember when...

    Six of thieves is a failure. The Xbox is a failure.