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    why no Xflop games on the list? Do you already have all three games microsoft released this generation?
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    Duh, it's a port of the 360/PS3 version. Everyone knows this. If you wanted a real Dark Souls remaster, you'd buy the original on PC and mod it to hell and back. You get this version if you want to play it portable.
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    I’m also back down to the weight I was at when I was 20 years old.
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    No Souls game has matched Demon Soul's the haunting character creation music. It actually sounds close to the type of music King's Field has.
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    It's the best gaming IP created in the last 2 generations. 55sec
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    switch is such a weak pos it can't even run most games stfu
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    We can call lemmings chickens since they are bitch ass pussies
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    Change the Lemming colour to black since Xbox is dead
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    fucking dumb cocksucker ass has been talking shit for weeks and I've been letting his dumb retarded special ass go. Fuck that fucking clown, keep talking you dumb MOTHERFUCKA, dumb ass split roast shit, fuckboy motherfucker playing worst version multiplats on the Xshit. Fucking idiot ass motherfucker.
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    It’s better than every Xbox One exclusive ever
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    Dude hold it together for a thread or two, k.
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