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    Technically correct because it's now 2019. Tchb moderately amused.
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    Yeah, there's no reason to yet even for Microsoft. That's why when people were talking about the Xbox One X and wondering why they didn't go Ryzen and Vega I told them that even if Microsoft wanted to make a more powerful console they couldn't, even if they delayed that system until a 2018 release it would have been exactly what they released in 2017 because the reality is they maxed out what was available. Right now we're in this void or purgatory where nothing new is available yet, Jaguar is transitioning to Ryzen, Polaris is transitioning to Vega but for the semi-custom market both of those things are still extremely new, and extremely expensive. To create something that blows the doors off the Pro and X in 2020 it's not financially feasible, and it may not even be feasible availability or engineering wise. This stuff has to age a bit so it not only becomes affordable but also matures so it can reach a certain spec that is viable for next-gen at an affordable price. 2020 even seems too close for that to happen.
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    yeah, what we really need is some next-gen godliness that only the 1X can provide:
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    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Firewall Zero Hour w/ PS Aim controller Tetris Effect Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Mars I couldn't find a copy of Mega Man 11 anywhere. Went to BestBuy, Walmart, EBgames, Toys R Us. Nothing. And these retailers wonder why they are getting destroyed by the likes of Amazon... I pretty much done with 2018 releases now. Getting ready for the best year of the gen; 2019. And all I need is a PS4/PSVR.
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    Ah Jesus, here we go. Keep grasping jerry. You are quite literally grasping for straws. Deeno called it, he knew exactly what you would say. bu bu bu they are pro Russian Ukrainians!!!
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    It's fucking hilarious and look how they hide it, they dump it to the very bottom of the article out of sheer embarrassment. That shit should be front and center on the top of the page. These idiots are being played by their masters and it's a never ending diatribe of failure. These people never learn anything.
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    I guess this thread can be closed now... Jerry and Wicked are not going to make another appearance.
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    I was in the Alpha, the game is shit. Division 2 will be a big ass let down like Division 1, was.
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    Jerry and Wicked, seriously, stay calm, don't go offing yourselves. It is shit like the correction posted above that is seriously going to get Trump re-elected. The continuous lies by the people you TRUST to bring you, your news. Turns around and screws the pooch yet again. It's getting pathetically sad now. I could understand if this happened once or twice but this happens - EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. They spread a lie to get hits, wait a day and post a correction.
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    They won't because VR is dead . If it's not included with the console it's dead . And it won't be included with the console .
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    You're thinking way too much into it, kid. Simmer down.
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    What a disaster. PC gaming is more fragmented than the Android phone market.
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    "Back then I expected virtual reality headsets would be as common as mobile phones within six years." This guy is fuckin' delusional. Trying to measure VR success against mobile phones, a necessity in today's society. The problem with people thinking VR failed is that they're measuring an expensive standalone (for the most part) product against what they think is a success or how they think it should have "caught on". As far as I'm concerned VR is as successful as it needed to be. It was certainly enough that we'll be seeing VR headsets in the future.
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    James Comey's shit is a he said / she said argument. One side says it happened the other says it didn't. He said / She said goes nowhere in court. It's like hearsay. Trump was still head of the Trump Organization at this time, he still had business to do in the event he lost the election - this is a non-story. FEC says no laws were broken - I'm sure I pointed that one out already. Flynn was the nat sec, all nat secs talk to their counterpart in other countries. Flynn is a dumbass for lying, even more of a dumbass for promising to lift sanctions. But it didn't violate the Logan Act for the very same reason that when Jim Jones, Obama's Nat Sec spoke with his foreign counterparts before the Obama admin came to power.
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    Except yours is rustled the MOST............because you typed this thread out of nowhere. Who, exactly..............was trying to lord the Wii U over you?????? Is it picture settling in for you, yet?
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    This has got to be one of the saddest pair of sentences I have ever read in the history of this entire forum. Do you think there's sheep going around saying "Sony lost the PS3 generation. PS4 generation? SO what, they lost they PS3 generation." Not even bodycount would get caught typing something like that. LOL
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    Further proof that MS is acquiring Capcom.
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    You called what? Inferring guilt or collusion based upon presumption? What the fuck is due process of the law... You did this same dumb shit with Kavanaugh, you looney leftists have no concept of the law, evidence or proof, you're insane. Whenever you think there is something, anything, you absolutely lose your shit and go all in, and it always ends up being nothing and going no where. You'd think you could have figured out by now that you're chasing ghosts.
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