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    Let's see the diversity in MS' AAA offering:
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    I can't wait until he is in prison
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    There is a way to dictate a pause in a sentence, but you're a genius so you should already know that.
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    Yeah, he does say that as if Trump's had one. Weird.
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    his true genius mind, so rare and special, he took IQ tests with his class mates.
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    Nothing goes over my head my reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.
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    The first Crysis still looks better than most games (including Crysis 3).
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    That's misleading to have "game" in there when there are none.
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    please keep this off the real platforms, EA hasn't had a hit since mass effect 2. everything they make is trash
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    What about it? That's called a consequence of reckless actions. You seem to have issues with understanding cause and effect.
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    Everyone might have just discovered: We are actually ALL ON the Jerry-go-round.
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    I've never really been scared or triggered by the evil people in this world; but rather the dumbasses, and they are growing at an astronomical rate. The amount of "I know what I'm talking about, because it popped up on my FB wall." is astounding. At least during the Bush era, people were generally indifferent as a result of their ignorance - now they have four or five statistics they quote and when told otherwise just give a blank stare in response; as if to say: "Yeah, well I've already done my research."
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    It’s hilarious seeing right wingers in this thread claiming they have so much ‘compassion’ for the unborn when they have absolutely no compassion for certain groups, usually minorities, who are actually living. The compassion is completely situational. Literally every right winger in this thread is on the flip side of the same coin as the person from the original video. You have compassion for some groups and absolutely none for others. Stop pretending to be humanitarians when most of you are anti Semitic or homophobic or hate some other minority in your heart or hearts. thanks.
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    Celebrated that humans get to decide what to do with their own body, yea. Good for us all.
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    Checked the Russian law. Its a 8 weeks. An abortion is a bunch of cells and meat being scrapped out. How the fuck are they going to scrap out a formed baby with SKELETAL bones.
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    You made a thread praising Hitler.
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    Doesn’t everyone eventually eat after midnight? Morning cereal is after midnight. As for being a gremlin - my teeth aren’t sharp. They’re regular and normal.
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    Why use a model with an afro? That makes your head a more visible target.
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