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    stopped reading at like 5th word. Fuck you
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    Bbbut Im not a lemming he said ... he then rushes in to Damage control for Xbox
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    rofl nothing can save that cluterfuck of twist events no matter what happens before and after
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    He is correct about what he says near the end though. Everyone is complaining about a couple of story details taken out of context without having played the game first, for all we know the themes in the context of the game aren't as aggressively SJW when you've experienced the rest of the story leading up to those points and everything that comes afterwards.
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    There's a whole world on the internet for insecure incels like HolyAx to congregate over all their perceived enemies. Imagine dedicating this much energy towards a game you were never going to get anyway. lol
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    oh no all the fragile virgins are going to dislike a video.
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    Realistically there is no good action right now. we’re fucked either way. We’re on track for 100000 Americans dead by this month and that’s with the stay at home orders. Hard starting and opening isn’t going to help the economy as that’s just going to get a lot more people killed. The Tyson chicken plants in Iowa and indiana each got 700-900 people infected and they had to shut them down as that was more than half of their workforce and these are red states that have reopened. If our government took this shit seriously from the beginning and even to this day we wouldn’t be on track for 3000 deaths in day starting june. That’s a daily wtc death toll. Now imagine with a complete reopen? You think people are going to adhere to the social distancing and face masks/ gloves with a complete open? The average American can’t even be assed to flush the toilet after taking a shit at a Walmart. No matter how long this takes the economy will eventually bounce back but these death tolls are permanent. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he probably wants to go down in history as the greatest mass murderer since adolf hitler so he can gloat about how YUGE his death tolls are, and how they’re the greatest ever in history
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    Game still looks technically and graphically the best a game has looked on PS4. Those animations especially in the face are just amazing.
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    My conscience gave in a few times about 10 years ago and I ended up signing up to a few charities by those motherfuckers that get you in the street with the clipboard. I used to pay to save the children, deaf kids and cancer research, I think I still help cancer research now and again.
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    This is what I don't get about the protesting. They acting against their own self interests because they're going to make the quarantine last longer when all. those retards get sick
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    Let’s just have our big 9.0 earthquake and let Mt. Rainier erupt while we’re at since that seems to be how 2020 is shaping up.
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