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  1. I thought google, twitter, and facebook were all liberal bastions created by liberals.
  2. This kid wonders why no one wants to hang out with or admit to being a Trump voter IRL.
  3. Lmao what, that was a clown show.... Are these July 4th speeches supposed to be so political and divisive?
  4. Ya I can't wait to play this and Horizon (real versions).
  5. UW is the most immersive thing outside of VR, without all the hassles of VR. Especially for open world games its on another level than regular widescreen. It's just better. I wonder if PS5/XBSEX will support that.
  6. I wonder how many will die from having been there to hear that speech. It's literally a cult, replace koolaid with covaid.
  7. It's thousands of Trump retards for his retard rally. Don't deflect.
  8. That's because the far right sucks at that shit. Just look at any mostly far right country (middle-eastern). They are bad for business and no one likes you. No one wants to even be see with your kind,
  9. Supposedly a decent and cheap Sony HDR tv came out yesterday. But it doesn't work with any vrr and has poor refresh rate if you care about that. https://www.digitaltrends.com/tv-reviews/sony-x900h-4k-hdr-tv-review/
  10. Are you talking about Trump and his 130k kill count and 20+ rape accusations?
  11. Agreed, everyone has to follow TOS. So what was the issue in the first place for these right winger to cry and moan so much?
  12. Barr gonna send his hitmen again? Same guy you think?
  13. Ehh quite the opposite for me. PC has a lot more actively played titles each with lots of more people than anything on consoles apart from the latest shooter (which is really all consoles has, everyone flocking to the latest COD oR BF - but then you're playing a shooter at low frames and on thumbsticks lmao!). I guess it depends on the game.
  14. So Parlor enforcing TOS is fine. Facebook, Google, Twitter enforcing TOS is not fine. You're totally not a cult member.
  15. Looks at OP......Looks like the right wing nutjobs can't work without censorship either Just pointing out glaring and extreme hypocrisy, relax.
  16. Indeed they can, don't be such an anti-capitalist. I think conservatives are finally starting to understand how hypocritical and idiotic they have been behaving over this social media nonsense.