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  1. You filthy cocksuckers atlus, damn you to hell. 100% sure Royal was moneyhatted away by sony. 1 year exclusivity like usual with sony's deals. Fuck you Sony and atlus.
  2. yep, this game is a banger. 4-player co-op panty shooting action, too. Thank you Panty Party for saving today. With Days Gone flopping and my dreams of P5 switch crushed, Panty Party stealth release has saved this shitty day.
  3. i'll give the definitive review this weekend. i've played many 5.0's during my time as an Xbox fanboy/xbox one only owner this gen. If it's shit I'll know right away when I pick up state of decay/Quantum Break/Killer Instinct/ Ryse/ Project Spark/ halo 5 vibes.
  4. read the paragraph again and tell me it's not this chubby bi**tch's politics coming through. She's 20 points lower than the average because Deacon doesn't fight women and chivalry makes her tiny fragile SJW brain explode.
  5. Feel emotions of foolishness and excitement ... with Panty Party! Energetic dancing music. It is the melody of panties Every color imaginable. It is the color of panties A powerful story of nonsense brought to you by panties Multiple battlegrounds & a full collection of unique panties! Each pair of panties include their own skills and abilities! It's out on the e-shop right now! $15!!
  6. Physical edition is exclusive to play asia. One of the rare times where i'll be going digital.
  7. I'm happy with my switch so much so that i'd get a new one day one, but it isn't something I think they need to do right now. next year maybe then. focus on announcing more bangers at E3
  8. at the very least this should be for SWITCH ONLY. Putting pS4 in there just ... ughh!
  9. Dynasty warriors all suck, no property can save that abysmal ass repetitive gameplay. CDROMs in cereal boxes in the 90's had better gameplay. Not even Berserk could save musou. NOT EVEN BERSERK! so how can persona be expected to be good. Another wasted property on this trash.
  10. its a fucking dynasty warriors pos, who cares. give us the real game.
  11. This is fucking Play Anywhere-levels of SLAP IN THE FACE over here. FUCKING CALLED IT 'S" to lead us on like it was a dragon quest situation. you absolute cocksmokers, atlus, you fucking punks.
  12. He doesn't shoot women because he's a mysogynist that doesn't consider them equals He believes in slavery too, i just know it These fucking scum and infusing their politics into every damn review.
  13. To call this persona 5 S for months... to lead us on like that. Holy shit, hard boycott on all atlus titles from me starting now. This is literally the biggest slap in the face.
  14. GS review Nope, not buying that you SJW C***. Looks like the media takedown against this game is 100% based on the White male protagonist and the heterosexual relationship focus. Going thorough with my purchase. DAY ONE! Edit: More Media + ResetERA is pushing a "Deacon is a slave owner" narrative LMAO Deacon sold people off to a "work camp" off-screen before the game started. Most characters who knew him from before give him shit for it. During the course of the game, he brings one more person to said camp, but that person ends up escaping and getting captured. Deacon then rescues said person and brings them to a different camp.
  15. still higher than every xbox exclusive since FRU on the kinect in 2014
  16. PSVITA dev and all, but it seems sony's not untouchable after all.
  17. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/days-gone-review-hog-mild/1900-6417130/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0b HOLY SHIT!
  18. BOTW = 12 million SMOdyssey = 14 million GOD DAMN
  19. Damn XBox guys are really hoping this fails. Like this is going to make you feel any better about MS's disaster-level dire situation. Stop this pathetic damage control. It's still going to score higher than Every Xbox one exclusive because there are fucking none afterall. So just stop it.
  20. reviews don't matter exclusives don't matter sales don't matter Games don't matter
  21. It's a flopped 6.0 piece of trash that cemented Rare's legacy as a C-rate/budget dev who can't produce real games. This game was Rare's deathblow. Worse than Kinect sports. https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-one/sea-of-thieves https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/kinect-sports
  22. bully that fatass gabe, tim!!! lmfaooo!!! Keep stealing games away from his loser consumers, spit onthem, shit on them, devalue their platform until they cave! Epic going for the Sony approach it seems. Muscle out the competition entirely