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  1. It's a slow boil but once it gets going it's pretty awesome.
  2. According to what? What kind of closure? What measures were in place? Who has actually verified it? How far down the road was it closed? Seems like bullshit, seems like a bunch of lunatics put their personal vehicles in the road and that's being conflated as a closure.
  3. Good on him, these pieces of shit shouldn't be playing in the freeway in the middle of night. Seems like a great way to block traffic in a 60-70 MPH zone, with your cars turned sideways where the visibility of your lights is minimal... He was coming around a bend, you can clearly see the corner which veers off to the left. This is the people in the roads fault and only theirs.
  4. Xbox maybe, Sony definitely not. Most of the Pro's games render at 1440p and they don't even have a 1440p display mode, the Xbox One X does though..
  5. Just buy a PS5 at this point, buying a current gen console this late in the game is not really worth it.
  6. It's not a dodge, you're out of your god damn mind if you think I'm going to watch an 18 minute video. Post some graphs and links, it's simple and I'm not about to sit through a video.