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  1. Why do you keep saying "over-brightened" and variants of it... The level of attainable nits is a positive, not something negative. Luminosity is extremely important and it's actually a negative for OLED's, they can't hit the highlights LED's can and HDR basically collapses for them in a brightly lit room.
  2. Microsoft isn't fucking around, all they've been doing is preparing.
  3. If it was white people it would seem it represents all white people, that's the narrative of the day.
  4. Here's how you know the left is fucked, we have an 18' statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle and it's gone untouched. This shit should have been melted down to scrap years ago, it has no place in our society.
  5. Just like searching your person, your car or your home. Once a warrant is issued any perceived right you have against search and seizures is void.
  6. The truth is that's obstruction of justice, you're willingly corroborating to hide potential evidence in a murder investigation. The fact of the matter is they had a warrant issued to enter the phone and Apple still refused to comply. The above legislation is a response to these kind of refusals. If they simply complied with lawful orders none of this would be happening, it's a self-inflicted problem.