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  1. First they came for Alex Jones and I did nothing, because I’m not fucking psychotic.
  2. What’s hilarious about this is that the countries with best health and education outcomes have public education and public healthcare. Capitalism is ancient. Social housing, education, housing, these things are new on a government level.
  3. PS3s best games have all been remastered or released on PC for the most part. I went back and tried to find games you can only play on PS3 and picked El Shaddai recently also Nier. Not sure what else needs to be emulated.
  4. You really should play on Vita. It’s a visual novel with rhythm segments. Better for short sessions.
  5. What is the import buzz on this? Positive or negative?
  6. FWIW this “extreme leftist” loves to get “gagged and bound.”
  7. This is just bizzare conspiracy theory pablum. So Vox is the tip of the spear of some far left totalitarian takeover? How does that dispel anything I accused you of doing?
  8. Imagine being so myopic that the Tweets of Vox journalists were like your most important political concern. It’s as if Vini and people like him think that the only important political debates involve complaining about liberals who have no power.
  9. Is this really a thread about a tweet?
  10. Unless they fuck up PS5. Sony platforms are the only place to sell Japanese 3rd Party games to a large western audience.
  11. Who cares? It’s Nintendo so they’ll fuck up the 3rd Party and release like 3 games a year.