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  1. I actually REALLY like the way column 1, row 3 looks
  2. I spent so much time on that disgusting shit hole reddit that I forgot how much fun classic forums are. So nice to be able to talk shit and mess around with people and not get butthurt/banned. SW forever
  3. I’m 99% convinced that Phil is an agent of the Liberal new world order set out to destroy an iconic American brand that was once associated with masculinity.
  4. STORAGE: SSD 4TB NVMe @ 3GB/s  That has to be exclusive to the dev kit
  5. Why are you still salty you little wage slave loser?
  6. Feels good to not be a degenerate
  7. He pretends his base 3 series is an M3. His head is fucked too
  8. Seems like we got a lot of weirdos on here. Any of you work a stable job, own a home, have kids.... anything along those lines?
  9. I gotta hand it to Jerry. He waddles into a thread, spouts his liberal garbage, proceeds to get a train run on him by 4-5 people, rinses out his holes, pulls his pants back up, and then proceeds to do it all again in the next thread. That takes determination