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  1. It's more like they'll need DLSS to upscale next-gen rendering from 540p to 1080p for a better portable experience. While a 4K dock is possible, it's probably less complex to design the system so they can safely crank up the clockspeeds in docked mode and use DLSS to fill in the gaps to 4K.
  2. What's all the outrage about? Asking for a friend.
  3. There's no set battle theme, but several remakes of the classic track for different areas. I think some of the other ones are even better than the one you posted.
  4. The problem is that it doesn't do anything particularly interesting or innovative. Nothing I've seen from this game so far warrants the deep reflection on the boundaries of the medium that some people are trying push.
  5. Just make multiple save files. Edit: nvm, you would've had to do that on your very first playthrough. Can't comment on the other houses just yet, but I've enjoyed Golden Deer a lot so far. The students develop well during the timeskip and I hear the route is more focused on worldbuilding.
  6. Golden Deer. While there are some good maps, a lot of them aren't the most creative compared to previous games. Even though it's optional, the tea time mechanic feels lame and unnecessary. Same goes for fishing. For something that was advertised like a pretty big deal, the hub is very undercooked and poorly coded. There's no base building element or something tangible that shows your progress throughout the story aside from a few extra shops and rooms opening. There's nothing indicating the passage of seasons despite having a calendar and the narrator describing every m
  7. Been hooked on Fire Emblem for the past 3 weeks or so. It's not perfect, but it does so many things exceptionally well that it might surpass Tactics Ogre LUCT as my favorite SRPG when everything is said and done.
  8. This is precisely why I barely consider those games in a comparison. It'll be a very long time before we see another GOAT-level run like Square had from 1990-2000.
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