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  1. i play the guitar, i have a haar custom shop tele with a seymour duncant hot rails in the bridge. She's amazing and tuned in drop B
  2. That battlefield soundtrack during the last trailer was so epic. Finally the classic tune back.
  3. ownage, my Note 2 fell in the toilet, it was broken for 2 weeks, i forgot that samsung made self healing phones, because the 3rd week i tried it again and it worked, it had a vertical green line though. Which self healed after 5 days. Damn Samsung you make awesome phones.
  4. Girls name in your sig please DAYO, are you into the asians as well It's from T-ara k-pop
  5. Hi. This is me performing on an acoustic night.
  6. I liked it a lot it's entertaining and that's what i want from a film. It doesn't have to be a new masterpiece, it's just really good at what it's doing.
  7. says the guy who anticipates beyond two souls. Every david cage game is an overrated movie.
  8. Basically, it's a quantic dreams game, which are quicktime movies.
  9. Best film of 2013 nicholas winding refn and gosling. godly
  10. Nafta

    My gfs & friends

    What are they arabic? they look average but i can't stand arabic girls.
  11. Rosetta stone is a good way since it's based on recognition and connecting pieces yourself