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  1. funny how nobody makes such threads about xbox anymore because they already lost ALL of their exclusives years ago
  2. It's actually sad, I thought about it the other day where my dude again thought he forgot to bring his mask before entering a supermarket, then realizing it was on his fucking face. I never thought I had to leave my home with the usual plus one; a key, wallet and a stupid face mask. and literally all of this shit because these people thought hygene is a myth and stacked cages and running feces and blood layers down from top to bottom is okay. enjoy your meal!
  3. give me the power please, i will teach those assholes. make me like superman and I will undo every wrong in society.
  4. godly, it will help xbox catch up and solidify their destined glory. what a banger
  5. seriously. I have a complaint to make, koko posted sensitive info we had in a personal conversation and I didn't agreed to that. This should be a banable offense, right? Give him a timeout already, he needs it. I'm willing to backtrack and provide evidence, he was asking to ban me by posting my personal messages to him. I never agreed to make these public.
  6. chinese is our world language. GO CHINA!
  7. duuude that's all cool and all but have you heard about cyberpunk 2077, it's a story driven RPG. you might like it. if not check out Divinity: Original Sin. Trust meee.
  8. have you heard of cyberpunk 2077? it's a really good story driven rpg. and maybe try some of the oldschool crpgs? like pillars of eternity, tyranny or maybe divinity: original sin. I think you'd enjoy divinity, it's turn based.
  9. they have some cool songs, but I only knew the old school ones, never heard the newer stuff. and yea probably overrated overall so
  10. announcing some multiplat games microsoft literally working for their competition @Spicalicious
  11. hmm, the overworld mechanic sounds pretty cool. kinda like cuphead but more fleshed out some levels artstyle look horrendous tho lol
  12. @Spicalicious Microsoft sucks so much, they either give all games away or stop their projects completely like cancelbound. truly anti-consumer trash, a sad fanbase remains full of fake gamers.
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