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Shenmue III is starting to look fantastic

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This is what I wanted to see, it really has shaped into a Shenmue game.


P.S. Xbox button prompts :shrug:



















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2 minutes ago, Twinblade said:

They're obviously from the PC version but with an xbox controller plugged in.

Still, it's odd they're using one with an all Japanese development team in Japan for a game supposedly not on Xbox. These guys don't release things unintentionally, why in their press material even for the sake of marketing and consistency would they not be using a DualShock 4?


It seems very intentional. 

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48 minutes ago, jehurey said:

LOL, this is from Sleeping Dogs, a game from about 4-5 years ago.



This is a dumb comparison on so many levels


1) The image you posted is so tiny you can barely make out any graphical details

2) Wet surfaces will always be easier to make look better than dry ones

3) Sleeping Dogs had a significantly larger budget than Shenmue 3


I could go on but im not going to bother.

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