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Ace Combat 7 is still my 2019 goty. Truly underrated gem.

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That game should at least have received more nominations, especially the soundtrack. The story was great, OST kicks asses, classic AC gameplay unscathed (besides the weather gimmicks but its a non issue overall), lengthy campaign and tons of contents day one, great production values overall (visuals, voice acting), even some VR missions, why the fuck not. 


The way all the songs builds up with added layers is so godly. Man I love this franchise, and AC7 is up there with some of the best like AC4, 5, 0, imo. More people should play this.









2019 GOTY.

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1 hour ago, Twinblade said:

Yeah its a solid game and the soundtrack is Ace (see what i did there?)

Whats your 2019 GOTYs (sorry I cant type question marks lol)

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8 minutes ago, Ramza said:

Whats your 2019 GOTYs (sorry I cant type question marks lol)

I posted a list here but couldn't find it. off the top of my head tho


Death Stranding

A Plague Tale

Metro Exodus



Trine 4

The Outer Worlds

Disco Elysium



AI The Somnium Files


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2 hours ago, Twinblade said:


Disco Elysium


I haven't played it yet but I only hear good things about it. It's like a returning to the undisputable god genre of CRPGs. :aitch:

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