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Do we have any Cali peeps here?

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1 minute ago, Carlos Vela said:

Air quality is shit,  ashes falling everywhere but I’m not in any in any immediate  danger.

Good to hear that.


I can only imagine what the air quality must be like there.  Sometimes when there's fires going on in BC and Alberta it blows right across the Prairies and even being 2 provinces away it still gets pretty smoggy here and you can pretty much taste it.


Being right in the thick of it, must be pretty bad.

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Live in the South Bay. 

Sky is orange from fires near the Oregon border--hundreds of miles away and the Air Quality is suffering from it too. Not terribly though, it was worse a couple of weeks ago when the lightning storm that hit the bay caused all those fires.

actually i just checked and the air quality is pretty bad rn. lol. oh well

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35 minutes ago, kokujin said:

you know that was funny. why are you such a dick? the skies are orange. it was a gender reveal party. fuck youu, you're just mad you didn't say it first. 

:mjcry:  im not a dick 

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