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Hyrule Warriors FLOPS 6@GS, 9@IGN, 79 meta

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11 minutes ago, Goukosan said:

Flop at GS 🤣



A Banger everywhere else 😎

We use GS, this game is a mega flop. Apart from Hades, Switch has had a pretty poor Q3/Q4 not gonna lie. :reg:

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Bahahaha Gouko :mj:


Dude was acting like this game was going to save Nintendo's absolutely shit year :cruise:



I'm sure it will sell though.. so Gouko can look forward to THAT thread :hest:

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26 minutes ago, Hot Sauce said:


Switch has had a bad 2020.


True honestly. My most played Switch release this year has been Hatsune Miku Project Diva. :ben:

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2 minutes ago, Cooke (not admin cant help said:


Weeb rhythm game that I've been playing forever. :aitch:

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1 hour ago, Goukosan said:


TSHBO on GS and on SW.. filthy flop. 


Game is a Banger everywhere else though 😎

Game sucks shit dude.... say the words :kaz:

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