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MASSIVE GTA6 leak (Source code, WIP gameplay clips, debug and dev stuff)

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  • Remij changed the title to MASSIVE GTA6 leak (Source code, WIP gameplay clips, debug and dev stuff)

That’s a massive leak lol. Looks fun as hell to play. I honestly don’t know why people were complaining about GTA getting a female character, looks awesome. Looking forward to playing and modding the hell out of this like I did with GTAV :aitch:

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Wait a minute, what if this is related to those "Goodbye" posts from Rockstar's website regarding work on GTA5, GTA Online, and RDR2?


They specifically mention that "production has officially begun" on GTA6.


If this build is from 2019, I don't know where exactly that insinuation came from but supposedly its an "older" build, then Rockstar wouldn't have said that they are "beginning" production.


Unless they're completely rebuilding the source code for it in 2022, because they know a hacker got a hold of their GTA5/GTA6 source code.


  • So hacker gets the source code.
  • Hacker proceeds to contact Rockstar to blackmail them.
  • Rockstar decides to not pay, but rather abandon the source code and go back to rebuild GTA6
  • Rockstar announces "no more updates, we're done" on GTA5, GTAO, and RDR2.
  • Hacker realizes he isn't going to get paid, so he releases the leak.
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It's awesome to see this much pre-alpha footage of a huge game. I remember when a convention build of Doom3 leaked, and it was the most insane thing you could run on a GeForce 3 at the time. I'm not convinced these leaks hurt the final game at all.

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