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  2. It's a good time to be gaming

    Depends if it’s open world I suppose. But I assume with the horror elements they will more likely make it a bit more linear
  3. The game that started it all

    You wish I kissed you like when you were a sexy cow now just a lemming
  4. Today
  5. Some Forza Horizon goodness.
  6. Now quit crying about the damn birds and post a trailer.
  7. poor fuckin' birds man
  8. Post one (or more) of your favorite video game trailers.

    at least when cars die nobody has to cry.
  9. Some Gran Turismo goodness.
  10. Post one (or more) of your favorite video game trailers.

    it was really bad, he slashed these birds to death to get across somehwere. It made me sad. I didn't cry but still these birdis didn't deserve that shit. stick your wtf in yo ass.
  11. It's a good time to be gaming

    I don't want to blow your bubble but death stranding will be at least 20 hours if not 30+ hours. No way Kojima can slip his mastermind in a few hours experience.
  12. lol I'm glad you have fun with this shit. I played some games in VR but I have yet to try skyrim.
  13. Post one (or more) of your favorite video game trailers.

    god of war is terrible. you niggas remember the first gow game on ps2 with that hydra in the beginning? that shit was cool. but I started to hate the game because kratos that asshole tore apart harpies while flying around. fuck this animal abuse shit.
  14. The game that started it all

    thanks. the thing is I'm busy with muliplat rpgs on pc like witcher and some ninche shit. I'll make a huge ass list of games. I did the same for my ps3. I remember demon's was the first game on that list and I didn't think much of it at first. ps3 has awesome rpgs man. It's just I'm lost when it comes to ps4 rpgs because I'm not up to date so I appreciate any input.
  15. And Xflop flopped harder than both combined.
  16. My buddy from work got this shit and says its complete garbage. He says it's playable, but needs a fuck ton of work which was expected.
  17. How long before Switch passes XB1?

    Probably another year and a half or two, easily. Xflop hasn't even sold 40m units.
  18. The game that started it all

    And it's completely 100% PlayStation exclusive.
  19. It's making me revaluate why I hated Skyrim so hard the first time around. I'm having a blast right now with it but then again, I think all Bethesda RPGs would be something great in VR. I wouldn't even mind going back to Oblivion with my headset. Headtracking aiming greatly improves the combat for me right now, never had this much fun using bows and spells. Especially now that I have the ability to slow down time when aiming, it's awesome. I can have mouse precision while still holding the controller with my two hands. (the reticle is not fixed in the middle). It's amazing and the definitive way to play Skyrim. New Vegas in VR would make me quit real life.
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