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  2. I don't get it how people with the money go for these ugly hatchbacks like there isn't a better choice out there What's the appeal?
  3. No........the game runs at 50-60 fps You just continue lying, over and over Its not going to work. his statement isn't in relation to consoles. He says its "not good" in general There's nothing you can say that changes that. I already won that debate. Spiderman and Miles Morales have LOWER than PS5 settings, when Alex recommended them And we KNOW there's stuttering. This isn't up for debate Dat Backtrack And it basically renders your irrelevant, bec
  4. got this bitch stuck with battered wife syndrome LMFAO! He'll keep coming back for more beatings and humiliations he's addicted to losing now roooofl He's even keeping track of how many days he can leave without experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  5. Not that good of a movie. Okay to test your tv/sound I guess, but there are actual GOOD movies to do that with as well.
  6. It gets even worse if you knew the trash I watch on YouTube.
  7. Yeah, because there's a reason to give a shit about his movie outside of the 3D.
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  9. This is the food fight. They can't actually argue with anything tangible, so they just spew absurd rhetoric that just exposes how stupid their points of view are.
  10. This is on your radar but you won't watch The Departed? I fucking hate you.
  11. ~40fps vs ~90-120fps.....ūüėź That video isn't comparing it to consoles. The DF video in the Ghostz original post does. The PC version straight up looks substantially better while running at 2-3x the FPS. It's literally best on PC and a great example of best on PC. Just like SM and MM. This isn't debatable for these 3 games..... I always discuss high end PCs when discussing SW stuff. Any time we're comparing multiplats I consider high end, it's been like this since GS.
  12. She's unqualified because everything she says is just completely nonsense. She talks to adults like they are children. She speaks in long run on sentences that have zero meaning. She's disliked by everyone, even black people. She's basically an empty pant suit.
  13. Cayenne is the only one that isn't butt ugly.
  14. Made a thread in the real Politics forum about Trump being indicted.
  15. The very same type of crimes that Trump's ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, was charged with and was convicted of, and went to jail for. Remember these were the very same charges in which Trump was the one listed as "Individual-1" in the court documentation when Michael Cohen was being prosecuted. ........because "Individual-1" was also mentioned as committing those same exact crimes Michael Cohen was being charged with.
  16. he continually lies and i continually catch him lying No it doesn't I love how you keep on pretending that you don't know this, and hope that its going to work Its not going to work with me. No, your argument is "PC version" FOR PCs are the best. Not your unique "magical" PC Thanks for backtracking from your universal claim. Pay over 4x the price to get 2x the performance..............wow, what a boast!
  17. How is ~90-120 not 2-3x of 40~. Lmao wtf 1st grade math fail!? So it runs two to three times better and looks SUBSTANTIALLY better. This isn't even a debate. Dude, wtf? So? I own a 4080. I'm always going to revert to the high end when comparing multiplats. We've done this since GS:SW.
  18. I haven't played Romancing Saga but I watched a lot of clips for Live A Live and it looks fun the way it goes from sci-fi to ninja stuff to medieval and it has a sense of humor.
  19. Capcom quickly announce VR modes for Resident Evil is a hint of what Sony wants to accomplish. If we are talking about Sony making EXCLUSIVE TITLES for PSVR2 as the expectation, that's going to be a recipe for failure. We're talking about "saving" console AA-quality games that are currently going extinct. Your Blacksite Area 51 type of games. Those other racing games that usually don't sell very well. If those developers include a PSVR2 mode, then those games won't turn into $10 bargain bin games quickly.
  20. They're pissed about an old jrpg skipping xflop while cheering for microsoft to buy up the industry and make the biggest games exclusive. These commie fucks should be lined up and shot in Minecraft.
  21. They're only selling it directly, so it's not like anyone expected otherwise. To me the question is whether Sony is just gonna cut it loose like they did Vita or whether they're committed strategically to VR.
  22. Ever played Romancing SaGa? It's quite similar. I only played it on SNES but it was a very quirky JRPG. It doesn't take itself too seriously. Was kind of breath of fresh air for the time, I guess.
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