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  2. what modes will halo infinite have ray tracing at launch?
  3. Ok it'll have to wait until I get a chance.. I'm working ATM lol
  4. Go for it They are both cross gen games, one has an RT upgrade and the other doesn't
  5. No, that's wrong. Do you really want a long winded explanation why?
  6. Today
  7. i dunno, I found the remakes to be a lot more enjoyable and nowhere near as frustrating. Outside of that bridge level (fuck it to hell) the difficulty felt more reasonable.
  8. If they were competent it would be. Eg Miles Morales
  9. That's not true... but I'll spare you the details.
  10. These statements dont even make sense If its identical on PS4 they should be able to fit ray tracing Just lazy ass devs. Polyphony should have been thrown out with Japan Studios
  11. Ha that was the joke at the office when we got this body cam footage.
  12. I know. It’s bizarre luck, because I used the those consoles a lot. I don’t game nearly as much now, though.
  13. The faction that downplayed and damage controlled the RROD talking about temps in a console
  14. Which was still a correct assertion of hotter internal temperature. The memory temps are largely the same, and while the VRM temps are lower the SoC itself is hotter which as a whole has a much larger impact on overall system temperature. I never said exhaust is a great way to figure out what's taking place, however it is indicative of increased thermal load which now we know is taking place with the component which has the largest dictation on system temperature. I was correct.
  15. Begij is even finding opportunities to port beg for Xbox now. He can't help it when it comes to port begging
  16. Nah, but you could plugin a headset on the controller and get that wireless functionality. While not the same it's curious. PS3 had this basically from day one and for some reason Sony dropped it when PS4 hit.
  17. I think each waggle-con has its own connection, so it’s 4 players with 2 waggle sticks per player.
  18. “We’ll get it eventually guys 😥 see? We’re not owned!” Plan D gaming. “We’ll get it eventually….one day”.
  19. https://www.gematsu.com/2021/09/castlevania-advance-collection-rated-for-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc-in-taiwan This comes after the rating in Australia.. so it's definitely confirmed happening. It will likely include the 3 Castlevania games for the GB Advance.. which is pretty awesome.
  20. LMAO the Jerry ownage continues.. he should have just shut his trap about what was painfully obvious. Guy never learns
  21. From the gtplanet article linked in the OP: "Yamauchi did note, however, that these dynamic environmental features will not be available on all tracks in the game."
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