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  2. Lol woke chicken. New week, new dumb shit that means absolutely nothing to anyone's life that conservatives are complaining about.
  3. So I believe im on the last mission And I don’t think I’m ready to do it. I mean, powerful enough, but I just want to keep collecting shit. Is it similar to botw where it just takes you back to the last save or is there a true end world?
  4. Oh boy, System Shock doesn't leave a good first impression. Firstly, there's a lot of junk you pick up that you can turn into scrap to get credits. Unfortunately, there's no way quick way of doing that in bulk. You have to go through each item in your inventory and manually do it. There's no way to auto sort your inventory either. So you have to constantly make space yourself by moving around and rotating items. Im not sure how it is on a controller, but doing that on KBM just feels bad. Its a much worse, clunkier version of RE4's inventory tetris Then there
  5. I'll admit I missing quite a piece of their history to put things into perspective from that point of view. I'll check it out.
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  7. You should read Bloodlands. It brings to light why Ukraine views this war as an existential crisis. The pain and suffering that Russia has inflicted on them throughout history is unbelievable and really puts current events into perspective.
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  9. I believe one of the key consequences of the CMA decision is that it basically forbids MS and Activision from having any kind of deal. I don't know what you mean "through a distributor" unless Activision basically closes shop entirely, and they open up a new subsidiary under a different name. Maybe not even a subsidary, it would have to be a completely new independent company. None of that is happening before the mandatory $3 billion dollar payment becomes due.
  10. Activision would move out independently first, before completing the merger. MS could then close the deal and sell Activision games in the UK through a distributor.
  11. There is no way Microsoft is pulling out of the UK. They are EASILY bluffing. You are talking about a company that sells software services for ENTIRE FUCKING NATION GOVERNMENTS. ENTIRE GOVERMENT SYSTEMS What Microsoft is threatening could be, and would be, considered a national security threat to the UK, if they are threatening to pull their services ENTIRELY out of the country. The UK would move to takeover and nationalize all Microsoft owned facilities and assets in the UK. They would basically say that they have no choice but to take over Micr
  12. There is a lot of money at stake and the CMA hold-out is cockblocking it like Playstation Tablet cockblocks himself everytime she brings a girl home and his PS collection is staring at her.
  13. Hilarious. This MEME will go down in history for sure.
  14. I'm not glorifying anyone. I'm stating a well known fact, and I was speaking in the context that comparing today Putin's Russia to Nazi Germany makes very little sense. I don't care if you trash the Soviet Union for the cold war or communism though but you were missing the point. Oh and check this out.
  15. Dinosaur gaming You don't know about the epic story and all th- PLEASE INSERT DISC 3 lmfaoooooooooo 😭
  16. You can glorify them all you want, but the Soviet Union was incredibly problematic during the early to mid 1900s and they contributed to the destabilization of Europe and the breakout of WW2. Its no surprise that modern Russia is a shithole considering what their roots were.
  17. Played it day one on PS4. Denied. Terrible game. Will never play again (neither will any of you). You frauds.
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