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  2. lol yea that's what I was thinking too but seriously all the best to her..uhh them.. uh..I mean good luck. I saw them years ago too but forgot about them.. HER. uh I mean it though, nature is just like that, i grew up with ogre stories and it's not unusual to have multiple heads 🙂
  3. The HD Project should be just about nearing completion. What they need to do is have another mod team make a VR project.
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  5. Try A Way Out when you’re done with that one. It’s another great co-op game.
  6. Im a few hours into The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes. Pretty good so far, I think its already better than Man of Medan and Little Hope.
  7. Hope we get a glimpse of the remake soon too.
  8. AAA a decade and a half later. Easily the best game to ever bear the Resident Evil name.
  9. Haters still getting curb stomped by RE4 16 years later https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/resident-evil-4-vr-review-a-selection-of-good-things-stranger/1900-6417767/
  10. Two more puzzle pieces: LA Times is saying the two misfires happened to Alec's stunt double while off set, and DMail is saying it was only one shot: the bullet passed through the cinematographer and hit the director. That makes more sense to me.
  11. They probably didn't have a gun expert handling the guns like they should have been.
  12. Low budget movie + employees walking off set due to not being paid on time = Money is most likely the culprit.
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  14. It's run through video editing software for sure, added motion blur, quick zooms etc.
  15. Apparently there were two 'misfires' with that same gun prior to the shooting that ended up hitting the cinematographer. That raises more questions than answers.
  16. https://gfycat.com/giddyflusteredindianjackal This is clearly not running on the Quest 2, this has got to be a PC-accelerated version. Looks much better, and the depth-of-field blur and motion blur really help. It also helps that this is also one of the most busiest scenes in the whole game, they should absolutely throw you more enemies.
  17. Well graphic nerds are going to have to accept the fact that a lot of popular games these days dont have ray tracing or will their overpriced videocards a workout.
  18. Seems this movie has had a lot of problems going on than just the propmaster.
  19. they should've added Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories I think I only got like halfway through Vice City Stories, right up until Phil Collins made his cameo. But the production quality was so bad, it didn't do it justice. They actually ported that game to the PS2, and it looked better.
  20. i read the controls will be enhanced. i will get this for nostalgia. i have so many fond memories of this trilogy, mainly 3 and vice city.
  21. Its such a weird art style, the characters look straight up cartoony and like they belong in a different game.
  22. That looks hideous. The environments look ok but the characters look creepy and out of place. Look at their faces
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