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  2. Watched Saul. I'm liking it quite a bit but it is definitely like pure epilogue material. Has went a very different direction than the final episodes of BB (those were arguably the middle arc of this season for BCS).
  3. Uncharted 4 is pure fan service and probably one of the most amazing wrap ups to a game series story and character wise. But those are it's core priorities which means it heavily sacrifices the pacing and flow that previous titles had. Going into UC4 with no previous franchise and character connection would make it one of the worst UCs but if you are in it for the characters then it is arguably the best. Couldn't imagine playing it without playing 1-3 first though.
  4. I dunno, I thought God of War was pretty overrated.
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  6. yeah, reacher was fun af. it didn't try to go beyond that.
  7. Finished up Reacher. Just good ol' fashioned good tv. Its not trying to be high-art, just satisfying. Which it is.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/emilybaker-white/2022/08/08/facebook-abortion-teen-dms/?sh=1e8698d1579c “A Nebraska teenager is facing criminal charges alleging she aborted a fetus in violation of state law, after authorities obtained her Facebook messages using a search warrant. Seventeen-year-old Celeste Burgess, who is being tried as an adult along with her mother Jessica Burgess, is awaiting trial in Madison County District Court on charges that they broke a Nebraska law banning abortions after 20 weeks.”
  9. brooooo check out all of baby_simba's stuff. they have the best dark humor face-offs. like, i'll feel guilty for laughing at some of the shit...which says a lot!
  10. 1st dude: Did you know what the F in orphan stands for family? 2nd dude: There is no F 1st dude: There is no family This killed me.
  11. damn, the school joke i'm dead
  12. lol I think I watched this video before, she does a lot of reading stuff and some movie/show analysis. Is this the book where every character tells the lead character that he is big and strong? It's fucking porn for incels.
  13. Post anything you come across that you find funny. Videos, memes, whatever goes as long as its not political, keep that shit for the sub forums. I'll start: I'm so fucking immature because I find this absolutely hilarious.
  14. The rules are rich white people are above the law.
  15. some of the camerawork and cinematography are downright intoxicating!
  16. Yeah, Tony Shaloub is amazing. I like the actress who plays the mother as well. Even the ex husband stuff is kind of fun. I'm going to post more about The Sandman, which I liked but was let down by weak and in some cases fucking embarrassingly bad CGI and lack of interesting cinematography. When you have the God of Dreams fighting fucking Satan in a metaphysical battle, it should impress some what. Even Legion tops it in this department and that's a five year old FX show. Look at this fucking establishing scene for a random middle of the season episode of two people having drinks
  17. Its funny how they immediately drop the act and grift to another position. When Hillary was being investigated by the FBI for her emails it was "lock her up". Trump literally stole classified information from the Whitehouse, and refused to return it. Then finally return some of it a few months back. This clown literally still had classified information and documents at his residence. Now the party of "lock her up" is now the party of defund the FBI Waiting for the easily duped retards on this board who supp
  18. Party of Law & Order really upset about it being carried out.
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