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  2. Layers of Fear and Observer were meh. They also did Blair Witch if I remember correctly
  3. Atari was just the first time graphics were seen on your TV, then NES introduced side scrolling(I guess), then SNES was Mode7, Genesis was just fast graphics, Playstation/Saturn/64 were the first true 3D consoles, PS2 was fully modeled characters, XBox had bump mapping(Game Cube was a mix of both?). Meanwhile PC had Doom3 which displayed graphics that were ahead of their time. So it seems like Raytracing is the newest benchmark. But not sure if I missed anything. What about the future? IMO, physics is probably the the next big leap. I remember Half Life 2 being big
  4. I just passed the 50 hour mark. I think I’m nearing the end. The story is fucking nuts dude....even by Yakuza standards. It goes in some really unique but interesting directions.
  5. Damn, the light/dark areas in ori are a bitch. Wtf?
  6. LOL, it was a game rental.................so, if the only thing I ever usually do with CoD games is play its high-production single player campaign that only lasts about 6-8 hours, why would I pay $60 for it? Its the textbook definition of a rental, which I can't do on PC. Which is why a PS5 game disc is rented. The ray-tracing is only for shadows, and it doesn't have much of effect on the moment to moment gameplay, and the PS5 version maintains 120fps almost the entire time. I don't need to play the game at 160fps if my LG OLED can only do 120fps max. So, its the PS5 v
  7. They announced this ages ago. The next gen versions got delayed along with the game earlier this year.
  8. Blair Witch being on GP helps
  9. It's not too bad tbh. Bloodborne and Sekiro are much harder imo. Would put it on the easier half of Soulsborne games. Friend is gonna let me borrow miles now so that is probably next. Also my Series X arrived yesterday........but that has nothing to play lol I set it up then played demons souls
  10. Yeah well Im not worried. Im doing every piece of side content, somewhat trying to get the plat on this one, maybe.
  11. Yeah I guess this pos probably looks amazing after playing trash like Kingdom Come.
  12. Polished trash Will wait for them to do a real next gen version
  13. mans really has a 2500 dollar PC and is taking "screenshots" with his phone camera
  14. Sorry but I have better things to spend my money on than PC parts. Why the fuck would I spend $2000 on a overpriced rig when my $500 PS5 would run everything equally as good?
  15. Got the 32gb of ram off eBay for cheap too.. Kingston Fury something something
  16. Imagine spending $1400 and fucking up your specs while Cocke is fucking around buying old used parts and can run games better than you
  17. Good shit. This is my 3900X at 4.5Ghz lmao the ST performance of Zen 3 just demolishes Zen 2.
  18. iight cool. Yeah, 3800 will be no problem for 3600mhz memory. Those are decent timings too. I'm happy for you man. That's a sick fucking PC you have there. *actually.. that's 2 sick ass PCs you have there
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