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  2. You're trying this shit on me of all people? How much of a moron are you? LOL! Social: Civil libertarian. Don't tread on my negative rights. Economic: Neoliberal. Welfare state incrimentalist. Innovation and economic liberty should be prioritized over welfare except for those in need through no fault of their own. The US should also remain economically and militarily strong enough to continue to act as "the arsenal of democracy" and guarantee the democratic liberal world order. Foreign policy: Statist liberal when dealing with allied states, neorealist when dealing with hostile states. Soft Wilsonian: nation building should not be undertaken in states that whose political culture is unfamiliar with democratic institutions--it doesn't work otherwise. Global federalist. If a unitary world government were to emerge, the US should remain independent to act as a watchdog.
  3. The ending of Shenmue 2 is fully there, and all the footage of SHenmue 2 all areas are there in the Saturn version. So they split what was one game into two.
  4. So reconfirms that Shenmue 1 was just a rushed tech demo, and Shenmue 2 was basically part of the original game at the very least.
  5. How did Rare go from a proliphic developer to pure trash. Remedy went from Max Payne to whatever they shit now etc. Two replacement studios for Halo and Gears are also mediocre and can't get either series to adequate quality worthy of the franchises. All Phil managed.
  6. Yea, it's not even the devs fault the games they develop suck.. This will be the stupidest comment I read today. Congrats.
  7. Guest

    sw cringe

    nah you got trash like get grip and black hand posting there. fuck out here. you do have vgking and he was kool
  8. Dear LAWD "RTX is just darker" Best looking game out right now.. no contest
  9. Jerry thinks non-whites are too stupid for STEM jobs. Perfect.
  10. Ike, you've been hanging out with Jerry and Michael too much. How did you possibly read what I wrote as criticizing Amazon instead of making fun of Sandy and wealthy white progressives. It's mind boggling.
  11. Honestly at this point the flops are so consitent I Think its aint even the devs fault. Phil just sucks badly at management.
  12. Today
  13. Did I say that? Or did I say I had fun playing the MP?
  14. Yeah, it’s crazy. It has the detail and effects of a linear game, except it’s massive. A true technical achievement. Now, I’m basing this off of the superior one x version. The pro version is underwhelming, in comparison.
  15. but @Remij_said the MP is the best part of the game
  16. PhantomABS

    sw cringe

    MAR you seem like a cool guy whose sick of forum weirdos and stalkers I suggest comming to Corn-Rages.com, a forum where that nonesense is left in the dust.
  17. I'd play the shit out of Mario Kart VR.
  18. They need to bring this to PC, flat out.
  19. Nintendo World Report believes that Nintendo could make its first VR-related announcement as early as this year, according to multiple sources. We also believe that a small, select number of traditional first-party software titles may receive VR support in the not-so-distant future. While this news may surprise some, Switch’s VR capabilities have been public knowledge for quite some time. Last year, CNET reported that data miners had discovered a screen-splitting “VR mode” hidden within Switch’s system firmware. Remij speculated this, said that mobile phone VR is fairly decent.
  20. Damn who dunna thought rockstar would be in a conversation about best looking game.
  21. hmmm. Does the shape change? Honestly it looked like the crater formed all in one go/frame. First all i saw was smoke. Then the smoke disappears all in one frame (fake looking if you ask me), then there's this crater that I know wasn't built under the smoke till it went away.
  22. sell out to who? He got his money from the lawsuit of NFL black balling him, he won. You are desperately trying to spin this.
  23. I just read the article here https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-02-16-evo-japan-pulls-plug-on-dead-or-alive-6-stream-issues-apology-for-sexual-content We turned into total snobs. What was Evo expecting from Dead or Alive showing that's always been titillating.
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