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  2. He's getting madder, again. lol And he's never said that I was a pull string doll before..........I'd remember a putdown that lame. LOLOLOLOLOL
  3. Now it could be because Playstation owners buy retail disc copies of major games. I'm sure, with all of those PSN sales, and PS+ free games, they still download plenty of digital content, the major games that people want on PS4 will usually have retail disc versions.
  4. I always said you were a pull string doll You were a meme before the npc meme lmfao LOOOOOLLLL
  5. Which game was it where the NPCs literally stop talking, and the subtitles just go "..."? Was it Deus Ex HR? LOL He's run out of things to say. Wait for the DLC update. LOLOLOL
  6. If he thinks I made a common remark..................and he mimicked me, then.... LOL self-owned. He really doesn't think too far ahead.
  7. post a link for your data bro. and you do realize gun related homicides and mass shootings are both gun violence deaths right?
  8. Today
  9. Little too late to be trying to mimic me. NPC phrase #3........it took long enough to get there. lol
  10. Pro is last gen lmao
  11. Oh no, jonb did the opposite of what I told him to do. How clever of him. LOL Back to Phrase #1.
  12. The clown keeps clowning himself ROFL
  13. Wow, only 2 phrases? Is he an NPC from 2004 or something? LOL He's actually getting madder. Y'know what will get him through this...........getting even more madder. lol
  14. The PS4 version has two discs lmfaoooooooooo Bargain bin console tech
  15. I like Vini trying to think he's getting meta on us. Nothing meta about him not answering anything whenever we point out obvious contradictions. Don't need to pay attention to his bating attempts to talk about how he obvious spends more time talking and repeating alt-right talking points. LOL
  16. Smoking weed and being dumb is cool when you're young, it's the proverbial "No Trespassing" sign. The thing you do because you're told not to, it's a form of rebellion and trying to feel cool. By the time you reach real adulthood you should have this shit burned out of your system. It's no longer cool, it has consequences, it can negatively hinder your life and personally I view people who still use drugs beyond the 'college years' as pathetic individuals akin to bums.
  17. Last time I smoked I took a few hits from a bowl and no damn way I was driving . I could barely stand lol .
  18. "drug phase" as an idiot teenger lmao sounds like you are an idiot adult now.
  19. No thank you, I went through my drug phase when I was an idiot teenager.
  20. it takes some time to feel an effect. go on. you should try and hit the bong. don't forget to inhale my boi and leave it in for a few seconds.
  21. True I guess but we all end up drinking too much one of these days. Not that many people has enough self control to drink moderately %100 of the time.
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