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  2. You get more games on sale, special vouchers to get extra savings on top of the regular sale and other special offers. Lmao. Like I used a voucher to get 2% extra off from Octopath. It's not much but I'll take it. Anyway, it seems like the transactions haven't fully processed at my bank. I guess that's why shit is fucking up now.
  3. I'm all for people living their best lives as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. You get cucked into threesomes with other men so I fail to see why you are acting so judgemental.
  4. I didn't know anything about the XP system until you brought it up But apparently i've been at the max level for 2 years now
  5. @Twinblade Sorry if I'm off topic but I just pre-ordered Octopath Traveller 2 (22% off) on GMG and I was wondering if it's normal that I didn't get any XP? I bought DOOM VFR before that just to test it and I got the xp instantly. Seems like I messed up somewhere, now I can't even see my bank account I used as preferred method on Paypal when I go through for a transaction.
  6. i liked korn when they first came out. then it was all downhill.
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  8. I look back on it, it is such weird era. I was moostly a hiphop head at the time. The only band who's album I had was Offspring's Americana. I didn't really get to build my music library until after I graduated high school and got a job. Reason I ask, because I just came across this video:
  9. I actually wanted to see more platforming in that video. I hope it still has that along with some light environmental puzzles. The combat looks good though. Fast paced and enemies aren't damage sponges so you can clear out groups of them fairly quickly.
  10. Actual platformers? Anyway, the point is, I hate that shit.
  11. You're literally hitler/a nazi if you buy this game
  12. focused on #NintendoSwitch games launching in the first half of 2023.
  13. People complain about Uncharted "dumbed down" climbing, but what 3d climbing is not dumbed down? Who's doing it right? With Assassin's Creed you can hold l2 and run up the side of a building like a squirrel. Uncharted has more going on than that. UC4 has a pretty impressive rope mechanic also.
  14. Game hasn't been officially released and its already the most popular game on Twitch with 1.2 million viewers right now Many streamers are also being bullied and harassed in the chats for their channels just for playing the game
  15. No it didn’t. It runs at a lower resolution and is less stable (stutters, worse frame rate) than the SX version. It also still has artifacting, albeit reduced amounts. Did you even watch the video?
  16. they actually said this in an article: do not claim to be a trans ally if you buy the game
  17. i would sooooo love a switch 2. i just need a bit more power. some of those games are rough af in handheld mode.
  18. The Nintendo Switch is now the third-bestselling console of all time, surpassing both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Game Boy in total lifetime units sold. Nintendo’s third quarter earnings report shows that the Switch total lifetime unit sales for the console is 122.55 million. Overall, Switch has reached 994 million games sold.
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