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  2. I also have a 5800X, and I have a 6900 XT. So basically I have the same CPU and a better GPU than you at any resolution below 4K.
  3. Well, you could have a CPU better than my 5800X, there's two of them that are technically clocked higher with more cores. You don't have a better GPU than my 3090., tho.
  4. Gotta at least give you credit. You at least sound like you're going to do something. Instead of the other dipshit who go around threatening bets for days. The personal butthurt about me is similar, tho. Yeah you try your best showing me those immense NPC crowds. I'm only playing the game with an even better CPU and GPU than you are, but you apparently know better.
  5. Not a problem, I have no issue showing you when I get home from my job, something you desperately need.
  6. LOL, here are the framerates for older generation video card Its only demanding if you turn on the newest nVidia RTX features. This is a game that isn't pushing more objects, more NPCs, more animations occuring on-screen. Things that would heavily tax the CPU. I would LOVE for you to show me that immense population density on the PC version.
  7. It's a hot take because you're basing your strange view on a few minor things that aren't even true. It's a graphically demanding game in general, it's demanding even without Ray tracing. Adding to that the draw distance and population density are much greater on PC. Every effect and graphical feature of the game is more substantial on PC and by substantial margins. You're the only person I've encountered and who is dumb enough to actually say that Cyberpunk is a console port on PC. It's completely asinine.
  8. Its not a "take" Are you saying that the thing that I am describing within the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 is NOT HAPPENING as I describe it? How is me pointing out an observable visual thing about the video game a "take"???????????
  9. You have the worst inclination for shitty hot takes, Jerry. What you said is just dumb, and you're being dumb just because you want to argue about something dumb. Get a new schtick. It's a PC game you dumb moron.
  10. Its already gutted for the PC. I specifically two examples. Did you read what I typed? Because the one who sounds like they don't know much about PC gaming is you. Let me know when you have a response to the two SPECIFIC in-game examples I just gave.
  11. You have no idea what you're talking about. Cyberpunk out of anything is very clearly a PC game which was gutted to run on the Xbox one and PlayStation 4.
  12. Then prove it says different than what I am claiming. I'll wait.
  13. Today
  14. The headline says you did. As does the article contents. That's not even mentioning how you fabricated quotes until Remji found out.
  15. No, I didn't. And even challenged you to prove me wrong. .....and now we have reached the part where............you WON'T respond to that challenge and will run away.
  16. Nice, going by that headline you lied. A lot.
  17. if its coming to pc its also coming to xbox and pc sucks
  18. Its amazing, its almost like a reflex. I corner you to talking about this Digital Foundry headline And you suddenly want to talk about me, and whether I lie. Its not working with me, sweetie.
  19. Why do you keep lying about the same things when everyone knows you are lying about the same 4 things?
  20. Not if you know anything about PC gaming, it isn't. In fact, people like you were saying that CDPR was going to be primarily designed for consoles 2-3 years ago. You were arguing with people like Remij about that. Like.........have you even seen the relatively low PC hardware requirements? Can you honestly call that a game that is pushing the limits of PC design?
  21. So basically a bunch of meaningless conjecture. Got it.
  22. And you just repeated the pattern again. Its funny how you think you are somehow going to find a way around something I've already got you figured out on.
  23. yeah, i talked about how the engine isn't remotely pushing the limits of newer PCs. I talked about how the draw distance should be much greater on the PC version, and how the NPC density is a joke, even with the options they provide you. On top of that, its just nVidia's new graphical features that are added on top of a game that is clearly not taking full advantage of the PC. Oh....................he didn't explain that part to you................y'know the ACTUAL CONTEXT of what I was talking about. He only gave a half-assed, misleading version
  24. Jerry I listed your 4 major lies that you keep spamming. Why still spam them?
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