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  2. I stumbled onto the ign review and the change in setting sounded really damn cool.
  3. Playing Flight Simulator (on a Xbone controller at the moment) and the tech behind it is really cool. I was pretty impressed by how I could fly around my parents' small home town in portugal and see what appears to be a relatively accurate re-creation of it (though one of the major landmarks seems to be missing, which bummed me out a bit). Im deliberately not trying to stress out my my failing video card so im only running it on medium, but everything still looks pretty great especially when you're at a decent altitude. The training levels could be a bit better though. They only te
  4. Diplo is Hawks fan. Hot Sauce is Rams fan. You and I are Niners fans. Very NFC West heavy here.
  5. Jesus..tonight’s Lovecraft was amazing! The acting was excellent, and the new layer to the mythology was extremely engaging! This may be my current favorite episode.
  6. I’d hope so for what you guys gave up for him. Irvin would be a huge loss and that’s a knee he’s holding right now
  7. sorry, I had to brush the REHASH off the shoulder of my hoodie. y'awll ready?
  8. Jamal Adams playin outta his mind.
  9. 103 101 2.1 seconds left. snuck in EFFECTIVELY just on natural relapses. With a tip in and no time to respond. This team is 99.999% mind fucks. It's funny to think of HOW they're winning these games. They're not taking more than a game away however.
  10. damn, i'm hoping the Nuggs have a breakthrough.
  11. This probably also helps explain how Sony is able to make PS4 versions of their upcoming PS5 games. Looks like their development tools make it easy to take an existing PS4 project and upgrade it, or build in parallel.
  12. okay that's just not fair. they played a PERFECT game. snuck in with just 2.1 seconds later. That shot tho If I was the gods, I would have gave that to Denver, but hay, you gotta guard Anthony at the 3 too to be perfect. I wish they did.
  13. Every single developer I've spoken to developing for PS5 has been evangelising how easy it is to work for, Its essentially the same development environment as PS4 and you scale up from there, for the new powers, the features and whatnot. I can't stress enough how happy developers seem to be with this situation (38.50 in vid) Meanwhile: There is simply no doubt that the XSX on paper, the more powerful machine. However again, speaking to developers the development environment they are dealing with some people seem to be extremely happy with it, other people are havin
  14. It's not supposed to be easy. Game 2?
  15. see, now you almost have to play AD. You fucked.
  16. PUT IN DWIGHT. TAKE OUT AD. You see how HUNGRY Javale came out? Everyone else is rightfully bored. trust me if Vogel figures this out, he'd be dangerous. His second unit can more scramble this up with Lebron and Rondo leading.
  17. well based on this warm up they're showing me, I'm seeing Denver's 2nd half offensive game
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