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  2. It's 2020 and lemmings are clinging to mafia 2 to make themselves feel better. 😆
  3. This was basically a Trojan horse thread for racist to low key complain about black people.
  4. I often wonder if people from NY knew all along he was a shit stain. I always though he was a smart successful buisness man. Ever since he started opening his mouth about Obama, and him becoming president I realized he’s a moron.
  5. maybe its because they have some true goodies to hide and show later? I can only hope. I almost don't want to see stuff, if I know a game will be quality. as for seven, ya that's true. the battle doesn't change much (no game does in hard mode anymor except for fighters). but you gotta like, remember what drew you in old ff games too. we never needed uber complex stuff. Also, there is some excitement in going "oh shit oh shit, mega flare is coming," when you're actually underleveled. I missed that entire experience my first playthrough because I was promptly leveled. is it self imposed challenge,, maybe. am I still playing FF7 while you're hating it. yesh. I'm gonna keep fuckiing with it. I don't think I'd enjoy the other jap gamees that came out: way too anime-y: persona 5 and that detective twap game GD likes. But Im open to ideas.
  6. It's completely understandable. A lot of it is the samey shit... but there's always diamonds in the rough. A new gen is coming, and it could liven up the current offerings. There'll be new IP and surely something's going to be good. Also, during droughts and shit like that, I always go back to the classics.
  7. Post game is just new game plus with tougher enemies from what Ive played. Im not going to bother. Sure Cyberpunk might just kick ass, I love me a good WRPG, but nothing they have shown so far in terms of gameplay had me go ''yep, this is a day one purchase''. Im just waiting for more gameplay footage, especially since everything we have seen was early into development. Hell I wouldnt even be surprise if it gets delayed into 2021.
  8. i think you watch too many youtubers?
  9. bahah. jeez. interesting to see how you feel. try some post game crap./ no I meant cyberpunk. switched to talking about remake after, but like kaz and twin said, I think that game will impress, even, you. as for ff7... eh... I had very low expecctations / mad excitement, and thought the game was gonna be 20 hours long. so I'm fine. part 2 better not be as linear!! but it will be.
  10. i dont care, i cant vote for ya but I want this clown gone. hes not only a bad representation of the USA, but the entire world as well. the guy is stupid as fuck and has no political tact or etiquette at all.
  11. Meh, looks like shit to me besides the funky looking visuals/artstyle. Ive never played a Paper Mario game and its probably going to stay that way. Its exactly the type of franchise that I want Nintendo to stop making, or at least take a long break from it. Give me something else, anything.
  12. can you imagine what an honour it would be to work with or meet the president of the USA? well not trump and there is a reason for it. I feel bad for the kid tbh growing up with his father being the number one clown of the planet.
  13. I didn't want Biden, but he's who we are stuck with. He's definitely lost his fastball but anyone is better than Trump. This is like having the penguin and the joker running for mayor of Gotham city. One wants money and is a bit sneaky. The other wants to see the world burn and enjoys the suffering of others. There is a difference.
  14. Trump has been an idiot lately but hes still the better choice. Biden would ruin the country with his liberal policies and thats not including the fact that his judgement is impaired and would lead to him making even more bad choices.
  15. Maybe not but PS4 hardware is really old right now, any improvement will be welcome at this point. I just want some great exclusive (not cross gen) games to go along with it and Im good to go.
  16. we don't need any links for jons daily "swoooneeehhh " threads you lemshites are pathetic
  17. Couldnt agree more. They are always farming out the same IPs now. They dont even bother to try and revive some of their older beloved IPs, forget about a new FZero or Star Fox or Earthbound. Heres Yoshi Crafted World and Luigi Mansion 3 instead. Thanks Nintendo.
  18. but i admit right now im not that excited for the next consoles. Maybe that'll change as more next gen games start being shown, but I think the advancements in hardware (*cough* PS5's SSD *cough*) are being blown way out of proportion, and when all is said and done I don't expect the games to look or play much differently than what we've already become accustomed to this gen.
  19. Lmao the cows get so mad , get used it to buddy! Pretend like you don't care then jerk each other off when pro wins one once every 20 games or so ROFL
  20. Dont you mean FF7 Remake??? Its not my favorite game of 2020, at all. DOOM Eternal and Streets of Rage 4 are my top games for this year. And disc 1 went beyond Midgar. Fuck the stupid shit they did at the end, I dont give a fuck about part 2. Fuck them for messing up one of their best game they've ever made. Old Squaresoft is still the best.
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