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  2. So was Zelda before BOTW You can tell a story in an open world game... Just wait and see the fucking thing first before deciding you hate it ffs
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  4. I have a feeling either: 1) They are covering something up. No way they would shut down an entire vaccine for 6 possible cases. or 2) They are so incompetent that they shut down a safe vaccine because of 6 people out of millions. Either scenario is disturbing.
  5. Highly doubt it will be Rapture though. I think Space is going to be the theme.
  6. wannabe lemshites defending some unknown puzzle game
  7. yeah if you decide to watch it don't even look up anything on it beforehand, the less you know going in the better. its a really clever movie that goes some interesting places.
  8. Bioshock is about carefully crafted environments with a deliberate pacing and focused storytelling. Open world design and the filler + pacing issues it brings would shit all over that.
  9. I liked the trailer, Ill check it out. Without spoiling anything it gave me Promising Young Woman vibes, if you haven't seen that movie yet then I definitely recommend it.
  10. I'm DOWN AS FUCK for an open world Bioshock. Imagine being able to explore an entire realization of Rapture? Being open world doesn't inherently make something bad... Bioshock is all about the environment and immersion.. and an open world game could be perfect for that.
  11. No. Halo SP will still be playable after they do that... I mean the authentication server for your console itself.
  12. Watching M.F.A. @Twinblade I think it will be up your alley
  13. You mean like how MS are shutting down Halo servers?
  14. yoo GD I appreciate your honesty. and I agree. the intro of bioshock is godlike. (the plot twist at the end is cool but so overrated in my opinion). I like them all tho, even if i have to force myself a little when I replay them but they are kinda enjoyable, never finished infinite.
  15. You're going to pay over $1000 and lose yours when Sony shuts down the authentication server
  16. Free? Try $180 a year this absolute chump is going to pay over $1000 this gen just to keep his library
  17. About right from what I've played so far. Fans of the original will like it though, stays true to the series while modernising it enough to feel new.
  18. I think enough time has passed to give Bioshock another go. Was always going to be open world this time around
  19. The first one had an amazing first half and intro. The second half was meh. I didn’t care for the sequels.
  20. I’m good on anything else. I’m day one and the Maiden demo was good enough for me. Only a month away.
  21. Awesome game, especially if you like puzzles and adventure titles.
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