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  2. Someone should make a chunky mod. Where everyone in the game is morbidly obese. Imagine fat snake being chased by fat guards at jogging pace and everyone is gasping for air.
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  4. Don't worry. I get the detail you're describing. They prolly look very similar. Interesting it runs fine on switch, being a ps4 game. My brother will probably cop this, as I bought the import version like a hella jap
  5. Australia beats USA 98-94 78-game win streak over almost 13 years ended because Patty Mills made Kemba his bitch.
  6. LOL so you just literally said "let me say racist things and see if people complain" I love the attempt at equivalency here. Apparently, according to you, pointing out you whining about Brie Larson and Gilette is EQUIVALENT to making racist statements. The victim-complex.
  7. Let's have a thread with comments, even if joking ones, about race/immigrants/whatever. Then let's see how quickly you come in screaming to have it banned and the thread deleted, and Cooke PM'ed about it. LMFAO you are the triggered QUEEN about non-issues. You are so ignorant and hypocritical that it's unbelievable.
  8. crying on the level that you guys are? Hey, let's have a contest. Let's count the number of threads created year about racism............and then let's count the number of GIllette/Brie Larson/Gender threads created this year. See who's melting down more.
  9. I started everything the second I was conceived.
  10. If a commercial came out somehow implying white supremacy for example, you'd be out protesting in the streets. Let's be real now.
  11. Backtracking saved Danny from Jack in The Shining. I see no revulsion.
  12. Hilarious... the two lemmings left are the ones running their fucking mouths Literally the most raped faction ever in existence. Dudes got fucked so bad. Nobody has to beg Phil for anything... he's literally giving it all away to anyone that will play it
  13. Who is defending the commercials? pointing out ut had no effect on Gillette's button line =/= defending it. The commercials were trash but im not a whiny little bitch who cries about stupid shit like a fucking commercial.... fucking bitch ass pansies
  14. Well we’re all acting and we get old so we all achieve that
  15. LOL poor guy was too embarassed to note that he's posting an article from the dailycaller So...................the Fbi, the Dept. of Justice...........William Barr.............Trump............Warren Buffet. Any of them confirmed any of this????????????
  16. That's an interesting way of admitting that you have no reason to think of your Xbox One. He can see the bottom soles of his shoes, with all of these foot-in-mouth remarks.
  17. “There’s at least enough of a seed of a thread there that they are hearing him out,” she added before recounting her interview and noting that James Comey and Andrew McCabe say they’ve “never heard of him.” “I think the way to describe it is that they are saying that, you know, he may be telling the truth,” said MacCallum, responding to a comment from Carlson about high level sources not shutting down Byrne’s claims. “There may be something there. They don’t know for sure. This is obviously part of an ongoing investigation.”
  18. I beat fire emblem! My final strategy owned. I still had 6 members alive. God bless battalions. This is easily the best switch game. Playthrough 2 incoming (now, I’m a lot wiser)
  19. Yeah.........the Xbox One has fewer exclusives than the fucking Vita You got that one right.
  20. They just trotted out Ewan McGregor for a Obi Wan Kenobi series on the Disney streaming service. The guy has always had that big payday just waiting for him. A huge role that requires him to actually get older. How many actors can achieve that?
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