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  2. I got picked in a Tesla Uber the other day. Lol @ ubering to pay for your Tesla while beating the piss outta it
  3. Yeah probably a way to try and build hype to retain lost users still, I’d like to see the revenue amount lost in this short gap
  4. This girl I dated got one when it was $100,000
  5. So Niners still have the Panthers, Seahawks x2, Ravens, Packers, and Saints.
  6. It’s been an entertaining second half of football that’s for sure. Hope the Lions can hold up.
  7. Haven’t been gaming much of late except a little Smash here and there and I Beat Sabers is fun to pick up and play. Recently though, I’ve mostly been playing Let’s Go Pikachu with my kids. It’s a great introduction to games and both my 4 year old son and 7 year old daughter fucking love it. It’s honestly quite nostalgic and I really enjoy it as I remember being close to my daughter’s age when Pokemon on Game Boy came out. It just feels great to share a hobby that I love and can bond over it.
  8. Yes, it did matter, You said Digital Foundry, and you then posted their pictures. Basically, by posting their pictures, you went to the article and grabbed the pictures which is PART of the article......but you left out the OTHER important parts of the article. And you did it intentionally, because the words would have provided a different "picture" You do this with INTENTION TO MISLEAD This is not debatable.........you've already to admitted to it. That is why I corrected you. Don't get mad at me. This wasn't one MINOR slip, you intentionally did multiple things to mislead, and got caught. And if you do it again.............you'll get busted again. You know that, now. Clearly.
  9. Remij_

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    It doesn't matter where the pictures come from. My opinion isn't changing. I posted pictures from the game. It's ugly on Switch. DF images or not. DF opinion or not. Your opinion or not. Maybe you should make a thread about DF's opinion on this game... because... it's not applicable here in this one.
  10. I hope the Packers lose but goddamn that last drive by Aaron Rogers was insane. He had two incredible placed balls. I still always think about what would have happened had the Niners taken him over Alex goddamn Smith in the 2006 draft.
  11. I know, right. The money they'll make from this will make that a fart in the wind though.
  12. No..........the article IS everything. You intentionally OMITTED information to peddle your view. That is LYING BY OMISSION. Next time don't use Digital Foundry's name and bring up their article and then INTENTIONALLY OMIT stuff from their article to peddle your agenda, that's all. By doing that, you don't become a liar. That's how you CORRECT yourself. And if you can't do that...........I can gladly do it for you. You're welcomed.
  13. Remij_

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    No. They are irrelevant to the factual aspects of the article. Headlines and articles can vary WILDLY from the facts. Opinions aren't facts. Those are Digital Foundry's pictures... so I stated them. Here's another picture NOT from Digital Foundry. Yea..... no. It's ugly.
  14. They definitely are over pictures. Digital Foundry speaks for themselves through their words. You're not changing that. Sorry. You clearly tried to cop Digital Foundry's cred by literally saying as your first words "Digital Foundry's article/video is up..." And then proceeded to not saying anything about what they CONCLUDED, and tried to plant your own opinion instead. You got busted. And you'll keep on gettin' busted. And that's just the way it is.
  15. They're just going to fuck up again. What's the point? Nintendo isn't actually fixing the problem.. as evidenced by their Joycon lite. If you spend $30 on some cheap shit.. you'll just waste your money. Just spend $60 on the Pro controller, and ditch the shitty joycons. You might have the odd d-pad fuck up with the pro controller.. but you wont have drifting analog issues.
  16. Yeah, but Trine 4's visuals are one of its best aspects so im not sure how the switch version holds up in that regard.
  17. Remij_

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    Headlines are the final word... says Jerry. Nope... those pictures ARE what they ARE. They speak for themselves. There's no changing that the PS4 version looks like that... and the Switch version looks like that. Wrong in your assumption that I posted from the video... wrong about everything. You're just speculating and assuming... and trying to add irrelevant context to what I've posted... which DOESN'T CHANGE what I've posted... at all. DF said what I said they did... and they posted those screenshots.
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  19. This is good to know! Thanks man. Both are on switch?
  20. Sorry, little too late to project. That's not working either. I'm the one typing the words Xbox sign-in issues, with each of these posts. And you are the one who ISN'T. Its not even close at this point. You've been busted derailing the thread. You have nothing to say at this point. That's okay. The rest of us will talk about Xbox Live's failure.
  21. The pictures don't change the headline. The pictures don't carry the same weight as the headline. The headline IS the final word. Nothing you can say is going to change that. Period. You already tried that line, it didn't last time, and it doesn't work this time, either. Sorry........you posted about the Digital Foundry article.........I'm not assuming anything. Let's go back to your post: I didn't assume anything...........how UNFAIR OF ME for thinking about Digital Foundry's analysis when you typed your post that said "Digital Foundry's article/video is up..." You aren't foolin' anybody.
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