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  2. And it did. Ghost came right around the time that people were bored and tired as fuck of watching. The end was 1h overdue... MS picked the best time.. with the most viewership
  3. You read wrong. Did you not see what NPD said? Top 10 Sony published launch ALL. time in the USA.
  4. yeah, it was alloted the most time of the gaming show and occurred right in the middle of it, and with an orchestra. y'know, if i were hyping an entire new console.....you'd imagine that it would take precedence over a single game from a end-of-life console.
  5. ehhh... not really. on the biggest gaming forum in the world the Hellblade thread is already buried and only got 272 replies Bravely Default thread is over 300..lol people are talking about the Xbox hardware reveal but not really about the game.
  6. the ps5 game was a nothing event, it looked like some indie developed by nobodies. wait til PS5 gets a dedicated reveal and has a traditional console that doesn't look like a PC tower + launches with actual exclusives by devs that make Ninja Theory look like an Iphone dev.
  7. No... but please continue hoping and praying
  8. It was in development before MS acquired them..... that's code word for Multiplat in the making. PC, Series X and PS5
  9. People have literally forgotten that anybody announced a PS5 game tonight... Literally EVERYONE is talking about Hellblade 2.
  10. On PCs and Scarlett dev kits.. Oh wait.. you think this is coming to Switch
  11. you're parading a multiplat sequel to an Indie-developed 8.0 game as some sort of megaton, get the hell out of here. everyone knew the SJWs at Ninja Theory would shit out HB2 asap.
  12. I guess Ghost of Tsushima got fucked then
  13. Sooo Hellblade 2 was in development before the acquisition...... oh oh
  14. bravely default and NMH3 are bigger honestly
  15. according to geoff keighley..........who oversees the show..........it apparently was.
  16. biggest loser of the show; XbonerSEX Reveal, PC gamers begging for Horizon Biggest winner: Sheep walking away with Bravely Default 2 and NMH3 biggest suprise: Wolf Among us 2 Ugliest console: The garbage bin that is XbonerSEX
  17. LOL @Goukosan So... that announcement that was going to be bigger than Xbox Series X and Hellblade 2...
  18. Fast and furious the game was the closer
  19. And they really did close out the reveals with that shitty Fast and Furious game. I swear this show gets progressively worse with each passing year.
  20. Lmao weren’t you the one who got stuck on butterfly and never got past? well deserved for sekiro. Miyazaki>>>
  21. RE2 got nothing! what a sham operation this was. Geoff still sucks.
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