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  2. Now if only MS would actually offer comparable AAA exclusives
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  4. A lot of credit goes to Xbox one X. Sony had to offer a comparable level of BC with the ps5.
  5. It won't stop until the president is a lesbian golf cart that identifies as a school bus of color.
  6. Twinblade does understand, that by posting this thread.............he just completely contradicted months and months and months of claims in which the Democrats condoned ANTIFA and that they were a part of the Democrats. Thanks for the assist, champ!
  7. when you close down the politics forum, can you move all of those threads over here. Hot Sauce said he would do it. Also, when you click on the name of a club from the menu, it takes you to the Overview page, which feels weird to me. Is there any way it just directs to the forum page that shows all of the threads? And also, from the main forum page that shows "Gaming" "Hall of Shame" and "Clubs", could it show a drop down list of clubs?
  8. Anarchists don't like Biden. Whether they be Trump's Incel Army or these Antifa Goons. Looks like the rest of us are all Pro-Biden!
  9. They hate Biden, lots of burning of his campaign flags. Just like how Capitol Trump insurrectionists hated Biden. Seems like all the anarchists really hate Biden. TB should be pro-Biden in this case.
  10. Just a bunch of worthless high school age Zoomers with nothing better to do and looking for any excuse to riot. They don’t even care about politics.
  11. It's not even about reality at this point. Trump did nothing for 4 years, Bush 43 got us into 2 wars and a depression, Bush 41 didn't do much, and the world finally admits that Reganomics; the complete backbone of modern Republicanism doesn't actually work. But yes, we need another Republican to fix things. This is how retards think.
  12. A screwed mess, you mean like 2020? Wasn't that a Republican President? You dumb man? Always doing much better on the economy is more important than a few broken windows from Anti-Biden rioters. Democrat areas, on average, being much better places to live is more important than a few broken windows from Anti-Biden rioters. Get fucked kiddo, your party is trash. P.S. Trump's Terrorists, much like these ANTIFA, were also anti-Biden btw, seems like all the insane people hate Biden. Hey don't you hate Biden?
  13. Lmfao I was being facetious and this beta still wound up whining about ANTIFA. WTF
  14. Haha this rat trying his MID deflection. You're such a skank. Lol
  15. A different design structure for the game compared to main series, different control mechanics compared to the main series all tailored for the handheld because it's a handheld series and you call that Marketing? 😂🤣😂🤣 Even your new damage control concedes that its a handheld series "a console game but smaller in scale"...... why would it need to be on a smaller scale if it wasn't design as a handheld series? lol It's a handheld series Bro, it started as a handheld series and latest entry once again will be built around a handheld.
  16. What games would you like to see remastered? Personally for me only two games stick out, Drakengard 3 and Alice Madness Returns. We've had two pleasant announcements with Mass Effect Legendary and Nier Replicant remasters. I'd like Jak, Sly, Ratchet, God of War Ascension, Killzone, Infamous, Resistance tbh but those aren't as essential for me at least.
  17. Thats just developer marketing....most agree that its basically a console game but smaller in scale look at IGN's review for example, but im sure most others come to the same conclusion https://www.ign.com/articles/2012/02/07/resident-evil-revelations-review 'Resident Evil Revelations is a great handheld game, one that not only pushes the boundaries and standards of the Nintendo 3DS but one that recaptures a long-forgotten spirit of a classic franchise. Make no mistake about it, this is a full Resident Evil adventure that isn't watered down because it's in p
  18. Lock your doors Twinkie. Or else antifa will steal all your video games
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