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  2. LOL poor hermits are having to champion a business executive, who has never developed a game, and came from the Xbox console division. now that's rock bottom.
  3. Yeah if you remember I sold a bit early (at $54K i think) but I just don't have much confidence in it anymore and am not sure I want to continue investing. Anytime it surges all the 'experts' come out and confidently say this is it, its gonna hit $100K or more but it never even comes close. Its too volatile.
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  5. If you’re going to link me to someone as proof not Tom Shill Warren who’s literally the biggest lemshit on Twitter parading as a “journalist”. Also his tweet is a day before Phil’s announcement, check the date you moron You still got nothing
  6. Finished part 1 (7 eps) of Ozark’s season 4. While not the most compelling television (i still don’t like the children), it was a fun nail-biter. The finale sets up a meaty part 2, trimming off the fat. This is the most focused the series has ever been.
  7. https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/102ed9c8-937b-ec11-94f6-0003ffcd3240 Not Quite There First time using guitars and keyboards. Actually really like the vibe of this one.
  8. True. Post some you would like and tag Alphonse. I don’t have the ability.
  9. When it hits bottoms, I’ll buy again. I did that last time when it was super low then sold it at $65k.
  10. This is the future lemmings want Where your gaming library is held ransom behind a monthly payment. Don't like the prices changes? Ok you're free to leave, but you walk away with nothing. Greedy corporations love schmuks like this.
  11. I cancelled Netflix a while back and haven't looked back, not even for Witcher season 2.
  12. Here you go being a psychopath again. You're FUCKING WRONG ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME. What the fuck truth are you telling? You often are completely misinformed or underinformed about all of the points you make. You dont even fucking read your own sources FFS. But what you're saying is the truth right? See why it's hilarious you would accuse anyone of gaslighting? You sound like a delusional child. True progressives are always the minority. What you're doing is what you always do. Take your complete lack of knowledge of something, mix in your bias, and buzzwords you see on r
  13. Whatever, you can disagree all you want but the truth is progressives like yourself are becoming a bigger minority with each passing day. Conservatives being against you is one thing, but more and more moderate Democrats and independents are waking to the absolute insanity that is progressive politics. It’s no surprise Biden’s presidency has been a complete failure considering that’s the direction he’s been trying to take the country in.
  14. Has anyone been keeping up with it? Boy am I glad I sold a while ago, I just checked the price and was shocked to see it down to $36K.
  15. You're just going to keep going on about anti-white discrimination despite the scientific reasons for this so there's no point discussing any further. You've made yourself clear you only care about racism you perceive as anti-white, even when it doesn't exist. Can't believe the ladies aren't knocking down your door. Per usual your lack of self awareness is impressive. Like right after what you just previously wrote. Homeboy, 90% of the shit you say is nonsense you make up and isn't at all in sync with reality. Please tell us more about how MLK would be MAGA and condemn
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