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  2. The whole point of this thread went right over your head. All im saying is that the time and resources that school districts are dedicating to try and incorporate CRT into their curriculums (which has no benefit to anyone) could be better spent educating students on crime and its consequences. If you had bothered watching even snippets of the documentaries, you'd see that many of those perps were arrested while underage and then charged as adults in violent crimes including murder. Many had no idea what they were getting themselves into but now you see their remorse as they spend the rest of t
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  4. Who's modding this board? Why haven't you banned this idiot? Everyone else you can have real conversations with but not him. His endless lying and spam is mind-numbingly tedious. The only fun thing to do is insult him but even that gets old. And he has his own politics board so why are you letting him screw-up this one too? I don't get it. Anyway I'm done. If you ban him, I'll be back at some point.
  5. You're a pathological liar and your angry incel act is mind-numbingly retarded. You claim the CDC heat maps make "breakouts" look more severe in less populated states without providing any evidence while lying and pretending you have. You haven't defined what a "breakout" is and you haven't explained why the maps make "breakouts" look worse in less populated states. Instead you've done the opposite by posting ME and TX's per-capita infection rates, which shows that when you control for population size, ME still has over x5 the infection rate. ME also has far less popula
  6. https://www.bandlab.com/post/b12bd697-3951-ec11-9820-e42aac7a5303 The Arrival fixed the levels and the distorted bass.
  7. Of all your autistic rants, this might be your crown jewel. Like I'm trying to make sense of this stupidity, even from someone as stupid and selfish as you, this doesn't make sense. It's toxic for adult college students to have an educative and constructive discussion about CRT, but it's fine to make middle school kids watch documentaries about jail? Like how the fuck did this stupid idea even occur to you? What's the correlation of being taught CRT and being made to watch jail movies as some deterrent to going to jail? And lol at the people last year who thought you
  8. Hmmm I’m not loving season 2 of The Great. I get why they mixed things up, but I feel like season 1 had sharper teeth and rapid-fire raunchiness and wit. The humor is definitely still there…just less frequent.
  9. Fuck the Pats. Rams looking pretty ass lately, so we can both cheer on the Titans since I really want to see Julio/Henry/Tannehill win a chip if the Rams can't.
  10. Playing games directly from the Oculus Quest 2. It's like playing some 2006 PSP games in VR. haha Sniper Elite VR is fun. The aiming/reloading mechanics works well but it's really ugly, it's practically undistinguishable from it's PC counterpart. It looks like some old Medal of Honor game running on PS2. Demeo is an awesome tabletop RPG and it actually looks nice on Oculus. I wished it was higher res but the game visual style translate itself well with the weaker hard. It's actually pretty awesome as a portable handheld VR game. Perfect game for the Oculus, im
  11. Cowboy Bebop.....is actually not bad? Might help that I haven't seen the anime in years so my memory of it is hazy, but Im halfway through and dig most of what i've seen. The tone seems off at times and im not sure the casting choices are that accurate but the production values are fantastic and the action scenes are pretty fun.
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  13. Cows just paid $70 for a remake of 10 year old game.
  14. I’m not a cow, but Deathloop is my GOTY. I’m currently hooked on it. But yeah, Sony dropped the ball this fall. Kena was great, but short.
  15. The South African doctor who spotted and initially discovered the Omicron strain has said that, so far, the symptoms for this particular strain are mild. So that is good news, if this is going to be wildly contagious, that it at least is way milder than the original and Delta strains.
  16. instead he's clearly molesting you now in the present men who are man enough to molest full grown-men and get away with it....is quite impressive when you think about it.
  17. notice lemmings starting to mull around here and make thread because they burned themselves out on forza, and Halo flopped?
  18. Ahhh, I c, I c. Well since Falcons have been ass, y'all been one of my Bandwagon teams cuz it'd be nice to see Stafford (ex UGA) finally win something. My other is the Titans cuz Julio, but poor Julio hasn't been healthy and their whole offense is now on IR
  19. The bitterness of the lemshits even pedos wouldn’t touch your stinky ass as a kid
  20. Nothing but Forza rehashes for 10 years and this fgt is trying to talk shit
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