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  2. No he didn't. It had both of them before. Sony removed "Windows PC" after the fact.
  3. He ran away to another topic. Poor guy. And the great part is how he's actually telling us what happened to him through self-projection. Its so obvious.
  4. Nope.........you're the one who left for 10 minutes. Post your notification to prove that I'm not quoting and responding to your posts. Do it..........or you lose.
  5. You still running, and refusing to direct quote lol
  6. So Dynocrap resorted to just outright lying? To accomplish what exactly?
  7. Guess he said yeah, he ran away. Thank you. Got what I needed.
  8. Still too abused to respond back. Get back in the kitchen, and finish the pork chops.
  9. He got pissed, he finally direct quoted. She hadn't said a word in 20 minutes?????? Guess she was in the kitchen.......where she belonged.
  10. I think.........in his mind.............he thinks he's doing some clever gaslighting. ........but he apparently doesn't know what can be gas-lit......and what can't, because he only has a retard's understanding of the term. ......and its funny seeing him attempt it. Its a clear sign that he's got nothing in the tank.
  11. You dont have a switch. Aza is right more than you LOL
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