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  2. Oh wow, I'm so shocked your bootlicking for Musk. Funny how you dont have any issues with him, as the sole owner of Twitter forcing push notifications to everyone on the platform (whether they followed him or not) openly telling people to support right wing politicians multiple times. That's not politically motivated though? While I swear to God himself that you're the stupidest person to ever post on this site, even your brain can't be so smooth that you're buying all of this at face value.
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  4. Colon Cancer apparently. One of the worst you can get, my uncle died of it and he also felt fine but he experienced blood in his stools and by the time he got it checked out it was too late. I’m guessing a similar thing happened with Kirstie.
  5. I thought that was a style already from years ago.
  6. Musk was simply showing the world how politically biased Twitter acted. Do you have any doubt if it were Don Jr's laptop and it were a story from The Guardian it would never in a million years have been blocked. Don't be naive Remy. Even Ro Khana told them they shouldn't block it as it was a 1st amendment issue.
  7. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/crisis-core-final-fantasy-7-reunion-review-conflict-resolved/1900-6418009/
  8. that look is the "rich fuck boy, get down on your knees or I will sell you oregano" look fuck
  9. this is straight up some north american invention just like sjw bullshit I'm not even bragging or anything. you folks have mad issues we don't have GET A FUCKING GRIP (FANBOIS)
  10. That's not true at all. Again, you're being dishonest or dumb. Musk released shit sideshow distraction to give the right the appearance of a win (idiots read that the white house also wanted things removed in 2020...under Trump and still were calling foul on Biden) while also desperately trying to position Twitter as some open source news agency that is trustworthy under his leadership. Despite the fact that he goes out of his way to convince people to vote for one party over the there which benefits him in the long-run. The laptop story is sticky given how suspicious the situation is with how
  11. Well that would be fine, considering you could play it on the shitter. Still, who wants to play a last gen game at 30 fps on series x/ps5?
  12. The open world still looks gorgeous and that's a 2015 game. Fallout 4, another open world game from 2015, still looks great as well. Kingdom Come Deliverance takes the cake though, 2017 and looks absolutely phenomenal (Cry Tek engine). I love seeing old games holding their own. Or maybe that's a statement on how little assets actually improved in recent time because the raw power is all spent on performance and definition.
  13. Lol hunter Biden selling his father's influence is no longer a problem because it wasn't Biden Sr that told twitter to block the New York Post's real story about it? The twitter files is about the behind the scenes of how twitter reacted. This has no relation to the actual hunter biden story.
  14. In one of the articles I read they said it was just recently discovered. Not even sure what type it was as they didn't say.
  15. they said that any new Witcher-related development was going to be using Unreal Engine from now on, right? So, their own game engine is just a legacy engine, at this point. I'm surprised they put more work into it, but I figured that they would've wanted to release something while the Netflix show was airing. Seems like they're going to be a bit too late on that, with Henry Cavil leaving, who knows. Witcher 4 or Cyril's spinoff game probably needs to created quickly to cash in on the Netflix shows.
  16. if she kept her weight in check, she'd probably look really good for a 70 year old. didn't know she had cancer. I mean, she always did have a low voice, so maybe she smoked alot.
  17. Nah, his hair looks good. The look you posted started out as a rich cali “fuck boy” thing and has gotten popular.
  18. Sure sure, the Hunter Biden laptop thing that you been going on about for more than 2 years.... You somehow just innocently posted Musk's thread about the exact same thing that was supposed to expose the scandal...yet your lost about it wasn't about that supposed scandal? Right right.
  19. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/need-for-speed-unbound-review-comic-book-racing/1900-6418010/ I guess making your own games again is hard after being a support studio for Battlefield + Battlefront for over half a decade
  20. It's an old version of the engine. The reality is that it's simply not worth all of the work that it would require to bring this up to newer standards. On top of that, the console's really don't have THAT much RT power. You add in that the reason why they probably aren't hitting 60fps with RT comes down to CPU utilization, and you basically have your answer.
  21. I know the type you mean. People with those kind of haircuts should be shot.
  22. Such a sore loser 2 years later and he is still crying about his election loss. He is the biggest snowflake out there.. Bar none.
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