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    Here's your $800 console bro.
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    your hair, which is why it evacuated from your scalp.
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    You can't get autism if you already have it
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    Den dey cud mayke sum gud xlusiffs
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    You'll have to forgive him; he's currently only in the draft stage of his next race baiting thread.
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    "Is SW the only sane gaming forum?" Uhh, have you seen JimboJones?
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    Still at 96 with 91 reviews. One day to go before it drops below 94
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    it's time for the black man to rise up and take the power back. from this moment forward, i won't use the lord ben smiley.
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    500 feet from children.
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    A work of art with an appropriate stand as the centre piece of my living room.
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    Retardcop as an admin could get us special olympics funding.
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    let's not make him suicidal
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    It doesn't work on an Apple phone
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    All it needs is one exclusive game and it's a better buy than Xbox. 1. Switch ... .. . 2. PlayStation 3. Mobile (tons of exclusives) 4. PC 5. Stadia (it has exclusives) . 6. Xbox Let's see if atari can knock MS to 7th place.
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    “Microsoft experience centres” Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Gears of War.
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    these CaveDwellers are used to having about 5 or 6 wives. I don't see what the big deal is
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    Kidding, it's an excellent game. The first one didn't grasp me, maybe it has to do with missing its window of relevance but it just didn't capture very much of my interest. The way I look at this situation is like this, The Terminator and Terminator 2. The Terminator is hailed as a GOAT film, and while I agree it is good its period of relevance was before my time. Terminator 2 on the other hand was much bigger with far higher production values and overall a better film, and I was there from square one. That's the way I see these games, the first one is admittedly good but there's no sparks there between me and it. I can respect it but it's not something I particularly care about. This game however is actively becoming not some top #1 GOAT, but it is pushing its way into the category of what I would consider my favorite games, it's a large list but that doesn't displace anything else. It plays very well, it's well written and acted, the environmental layout is incredible and I actually feel something for the characters. It's a solid 9/10 game in my eyes. But it's still an 8/10 flop P.S. @Remij_ You need to flip the flop, it's good.
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    Im not reading any replies yet (not done with the game yet) but WOW was the criticism blown way out of proportion Firstly, Druckmann came out on twitter and confirmed that Abby isn't trans. Shes just a big, somewhat masculine woman (much like Brienne from Game of Thrones). There is no ridiculous deep state SJW message trying to be conveyed with her addition. Writing the game off because she doesn't conform to the physique of 99% of other video game protagonists is ridiculous. Then theres the whole anti-Christianity message the game supposedly conveyed....and it turns out thats also complete BS. And as always, the people who get the last laugh are those who actually waited to PLAY the game before trying to form an opinion on leaked spoilers that were actually more misleading than anything else. In summary: TLOU2 is a fantastic game, and you idiots got owned
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    MS isn't fucking around, this is going to be a starkly different generation. Instead of zero Xbox exclusives and a bunch of 6.0 multiplats from MS first party, it's going to be zero Xbox exclusives and a bunch of 5.0 multiplats. Laugh now, Lynux, but change is coming...you'll laugh harder and more often.
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    This message is approved by retarded cop.
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    Right on the back of that Sega purchase
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    I swear this thread gets made every time before MS holds a game event, and every single time they manage to disappoint on that front.
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    lol Like two minutes ago this bitch didn't even see any of the conference but his ADD requires attention.
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    Destruction Allstars Shit looked straight out of Xbox Game Studios.
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    Calvin Klein's new billboard in NYC: Tell me the Earth isn't an alien experiment and they haven't been cranking up the batshit dial.
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    I started losing my hair 12 years ago when the virus wasn’t even around. And some of my forelocks and scalp hair are still there, so they didn’t all evacuate. Some still love Jim for who he is.
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    Lemmings: Playstation Now is a terrible, barely usable service. Also Lemmings: Can just play PS exclusives on Playstation Now, suckers.
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    Look! All the smileys are laughing at the cows!
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