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    Girl: How tall are you? Guy: What’s your weight? Girl: OMG, rude.
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    Q: "Is Xbox One good?" A: Loaded question. Not happening, bud.
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    *Scanning for Quality* [Search Completed: 0 Results Found]
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    Do you think he was standing there chuckling to himself taking photos of empty cabinets while staff wondered what this weird incel was doing?
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    Yeah in that you can mount it to a wall and just leave it there.
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    Breh. I hear about what's going on one way or the other. And i plug my nose with skepticism. You follow politics like a rat, but have stepped 0 feet in the actual ring. You are just as clueless. I frankly don't care for news. More concerned about people of all races and ideology affiliations understanding each other. I'm looking hard at symptoms of/within social structures. You're pretending to be a brain surgeon who can diagnose the cause of tumors because you watch Al Jazeera, faggot.
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    i made a similar thread last year and the gamerankings screenshot is virtually identical
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    So now the Xflop is not only a sinking ship metaphorically but also literally.
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    Now in hell with Hitler and Iwata
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    Cool so your tactic in an earthquake is to stand in the middle of the collapsing room?
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    Stills plays the same amount of AAAE's
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    are badass
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    this dude losing his mind over capacitors
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    Just wait for the Deeno Math™. It's coming. Can you hear it?
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    at least xbox will rebound in november with fallout 76
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    Dynocrap, and other lemmings are trying to use the "Xbox sold more YoY" to try and push the theory that the XBox is just going to keep going up and up and UP and just become this huge sales juggernaut. Alot like this.
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