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    It's a first party Microsoft studio...of course not.
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    - Can’t do DMC - Plays the inferior version - Gets the standalone game rather than the trilogy Somehow thinks it’s the Cows that have been owned
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    One of the best and most captivating games I've ever played.
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    By the Cenotaph on Rememberance Day at the library:
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    I can totally understand that it's not for some ppl but I do think you should try give it a go till the world opens up in Chapter 3 and the online elements really start to shine. The themes of the game come through the gameplay unlike any other game I have ever played. You're told about trying to unite America again and bring ppl together and the game really does feel lonely and isolated in the first 2 chapters. Then as you start connecting ppl to the network and Chapter 3 comes along and the shared map building elements really start to have significant impact you really start to feel the sense that your journey is making a difference. You see ppl's creations, their likes and then you can contribute and get positive feedback for it from others which is rewarded in game. You start to see other Porters and this barren wasteland slowly becomes developed and what before felt like a 15-20min trek through dense environments is now a 1min drive. You'll get delivery bots that survive on developed roads, everything becomes easier and quicker and this vast land mass slowly starts to feel smaller and it truly feels that way because of your actions. It's hard to explain but imo this is truly something very special. There are elements of this game that are going to be seen in SOOOOO many open world games next gen.
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    Should be pretty easy considering they no longer have competition
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    Suddenly the lemmings are video game critics.
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    My wife's boss cut his son out of the will because the son is anti-Trump.
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