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    Xbox One (2013) - $500 Xbox One S (2016) - $400 Xbox One X (2017) - $500 yeah right.
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    Forza Horizon 4 Spiderman
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    deeno & jon entering every npd thread
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    At least his Xbox One collection will be ok, since there's no games to burn
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    ps4 is the best console since the ps2.
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    lol now the losers at MS can shut up about this nonsense. Nobody fucking cares, make exclusives and stop virtue signalling.
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    Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon?
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    Good deal . Why pay full price when you don't get the full Xperience
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    Current best graphical games on the console market: God Of War Uncharted IV Horizon Zero Dawn Detroit
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    Looks like Capcom is trying to pull a Sony. I expect Capcom to stop producing trash games meant for Xbox and start focusing on quality games meant for PlayStation.
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    Xbox 6.0 update. Sea of Thieves Shadow of the Tomb Raider 5tate of Decay couldn't make it
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    This image sums up Phil's destruction of the brand rather well. Remember this problem (putting a fucking car as one of your icons) started with the 'greatest games lineup ever' in 2015. Marcus Fenix (Not even playable in Gears 4, written out because he's a white male) - Fable legends guy (Cancelled) - Forza Car (In the center nonetheless ) - Lara Croft (Multiplat) and then CHIEF (Written out of halo 5 as well because he's a white male). This brand is toast.
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    I finally beat DQXI after 57 hours. It had issues, but I enjoyed it a lot. Even though the story ultimately does boil down to the standard ‘light vs dark’ tropes, it’s very intricate with lots of interesting sub plots and moments. The storytelling in the flashback sequences where the backstory is fleshed out in particular were excellent, and the characters are all likeable (though some aren’t as well developed as others). That said the Final dungeon could have been more interesting and the ending was short and simple as well. Overall it is very much a traditional old school jrpg with some modern flair, so i don’t think it’s going to convert anyone who isn’t already into the genre, but it’s probably the most well executed game of that type in recent memory.
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    i didn't read any of it, but it seems like a godly thread
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