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    I just can't take any criticisms of people getting upset and overreacting after you broke down into tears from a kid play shooting fascists.
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    Not exactly the best way to claim ownage.
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    Trudeau is so Canadian even his instances of blackface are a hat trick.
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    compare this to the kid at 5:30
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    Lmfao at this thread. I actually read every post but it was worth it
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    Trying to use Gamepass as a metric of the game's success when it's included in a box of pop-tarts.
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    Making lemming bait threads aren’t really fun anymore because there are none anymore. It’s really just deeno. Might as well just make these threads directed at him. Whenever I see these threads I’m like “who exactly are you talking to?”
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    Caught some nice trout
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    A few years ago when I didn't have a dentist I ended up with an abscessed tooth. Needed root canal and crown. Before calling an emergency dentist and taking up an emergency appointment and paying a premium, I was at home considering if I should take it out myself using vice grips. It hurt so much I was desperate. The dentist couldn't even freeze my mouth because of infection so I demanded that he do the root canal without freezing. Doing so kills the root and therefore the pain. I almost ripped the arms off the dentist chair but it felt so much better afterwards
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    For whoever didn't play this game cause it was PS4 exclusive, definitely check it out. By far the best decision making movie game ever made. One where choices actually matter both short and long term. Great performances (for the most part) too and a good story.
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