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    I'm covered. I grew some last year in my veggie bins just to see how it would turn out and it's decent.
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    Do you give him a blowjob every time he gives you one? I hope you aren’t being selfish.
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    Pshhh. I had to do groceries today anyway. Saw a bunch of clowns lining up to get into the grocery parking lots, drove down the street 5 mins to a less busy store. Walked out within 15 mins. like a boss.
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    while jeremy is young, he's easily one of the most educated and respected fitness experts.
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    kek all these lockdowns are forcing people to stop working and revert back to their old SW teenager days Trying to deny your SW past is no longer working, you can't work can't go out and you're reminded of that place you ran away from There's no escape, you're here forever
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    I'm sure you did... On PlayStation.
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    Are you with the same "dime piece" from pornhub? Tell her I said hi!.
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    I don’t think most people here are going to get this one but that was pretty good ”Jason cancels his Friday the 13th activities due to coronavirus and his face mask having holes in it”
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