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    Everything is clear to MS - they make windows.
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    *Press Play Button Now I'm Comin' home ♫ I'm Comin home♫ Tell the World I'm coming home♫ Let the rain wash away, the PS-exclusivity of yesterday and now the Mushroom Kingdom Awaits, and they've forgiven my mistakes I'm Comin' home♫ I'm Comin home♫ Tell the World I'm coming home♫ Q: Have the cows been R? A: Yes Q: Can I get it anywhere else A: FF7 RGE is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive title Q: BUY ON SWITCH (RGE) OTHER Feel Free to discuss the game, your progress, and etc. here in this OFFICIAL FF7 RGE thread! Game should be unlocked now!
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    can't blame them for marketing towards the majority of Americans
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    He would get his ass beat up by fucking Yoshi. Same story as Xbox exclusives
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    I'm borderline retarded.
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    Sony trying to copy Nintendo (Directs) and always looking like a K-Mart knock-off. TCHBR
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    He is right in a strange way, your threads are .
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    Now do it again after 30 minutes on the Jerry-go-round.
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    Been playing it for the last 2 weeks. How did I miss this gem last gen? It's releasing on the Switch later this month. Get it sheep, this is one of the best action rpgs you can get and with great combat. Much better game than Skyrim imo.
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    I wonder when you drop your terrible anti-xbox act. I hate xbox but you are fucking annoying at this point. I'd rather buy a few xbox consoles than read your bullshit.
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    diplo +jimbo dimbo dipbo teh_jimbomat
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    Dyno is like the sterotypical walking American meme. It's crazy because he's so brainwashed that he doesn't even realise just how insane he sounds to anyone outside America (and I'm sure to plenty in America too)
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