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    grab them while you can, going to sell out fast. Will officially be getting rid of my TV in honour of the Switch Lite launch. It's offical, TVs are completely defunct. Handheld gaming is the only way.
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    Here come the boom butthurt How am I off-topic.........this is an official thread of you crying? I'm ON topic.
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    Lmfao it literally looks like a grave how suitable for a dead franchise on a dead console
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    ugh, you are not supposed to move where she is. She is supposed to follow you. Good luck in your beta endeavors though.
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    God, just every fucking character in The Boys is awesome. Loved that season.
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    That's thick coming from Nintendo where Mario curb stomps brown Goombas relentlessly, Nintendo is the real face of racism and Nazi culture. They incite violence and should be banned from making videogames.
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    I don't even like BotW and it's easily BotW.
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    A lot of them on twitter are gearing up for a class action lawsuit... and rightfully so. Especially when you take into consideration how fucked up "gamers" are.. Those who would actively seek out this information and cause living hell for games journalists... it actually IS the embodiment of a nightmare situation. People out there are fucking crazy.. There's been drive-by shootings at the homes of Twitch streamers, there's all kinds of stalking and terrorizing... swatting, malicious phone calls and death threats... It's completely fucked. Then when you consider these people have families... little children... Yea... no. That's where shit becomes really scary. This is a monumental fuck up... and they deserve to go down for this imo.
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    so starved for games on Xflop he's resorted to making them for himself LMFAO
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    banger after banger! hehehehehehe! *snort snort*
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    Doom on Ditch requires a Bethesda account to log in and has loading screens Loading screens, on Doom Music is fucked up as well
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    I just can't do R* games. Shitty pretentious crime drama storylines, shitty clunky gameplay and shooting mechanics, shitty point A to point B open world traversal.
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    Looks embarrassing beyond all measure Honestly I'm not shocked in the least Sister Wars thinks this looks good.
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