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    Well there's one way to get to 8 Million; curiosity, followed by disgust and remorse, followed by uninstallation.
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    The Lego car got invited...
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    I love how Spencer is showing us his technique for blowing two cocks
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    Sony still has about 7 hours, the PS5 reveal could still happen today!
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    Imagine waiting 3 years to save $20.
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    I should have known with the Zune and MS phones but yeah. Last time I get a Microsoft product.
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    Probably the switch from one of the most prolific shooter developers of all-time to a studio that only had shitty free-to-play games to its name.
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    Happy Ditchmass, everybody...........let's look under the tree for all those games we're going to m-
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    The giantbomb guys all of them, unanimously, and within 2 seconds, agreed that they'd take the Death Stranding trailer over this entire conference. Sony did beat Microsoft at E3. Shit......... 50 seconds of grainy twitter video of Mark Cerny showing off PS5 load times was more in-depth next-gen hardware news than what MS showed. LOL
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    He's getting so mad about Microsoft. Oh my god, the Giantbomb crew just asked "okay this entire Microsoft press conference.........or the Death Stranding trailer" THey all said "easily Death Stranding trailer" within the first second. Microsoft actually found a way to fail harder.
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    How is this bad news? Are you retarded?
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    Eh, I think a handful of us will still post here, especially when the new systems are unveiled. But the game debates got old years ago. I mainly just talk about that I’m playing or watching on tv
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    Damn! look at those XBONE sales in the chart!! The slice of pie is so small you can hardly see it! They should just axe XBONE support and develop a version for Switch instead. would be an infinitely higher ratio.
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