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    Hey @Cookester15can you give jehurey a posting limit like jimbo?
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    Use this thread to mourn the loss of $500 wasted on the PS4's Pro's shadow, A.K.A the Xboner X. "It's a monster", indeed. Let's put this monster out of it's hideous, deformed, fauxK, no-exclusives having misery. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest lie ever told: Xboner X: Launch Lineup: The World's Most Powerful Console: PS4 Pro: XBoner X: "The Biggest Games Play Better on Xbox One X": Ace Combat 7 Monster Hunter: World Resident Evil 2 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 You Can't Give it Away: $100 More, Already worth less than PS4 Pro Unwanted, Why? Rejected From the Market Place "it's a monster" Time to put it out of its misery!
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    Lemmings only way of comparing exclusives is comparing cancelled exclusives
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    Speaking of hiding. Where is the PC dyno? WHERE IS THE PC?
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    Poor people should just die to be honest
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    Wtf you talking about? There is no difference between a trans woman and a woman they are 100% identical.
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    You don't see the difference between a non political good guy father ad and the anti "toxic masculinity" #metoo men need to stop being rapists ad?
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    They're gonna feel so left out on Friday, forced to hide behind cows once more if they want to have any RE2 discussions
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    I really try not to even associate myself with them. Embarrassing group
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    No. If the reason for abortion is because the mother doesn't want to or can't care for it then yeah Im anti abortion, the state can help with that and give the child a home. If its because she was raped or if the baby is going to be born is life threatening deformities then I'm ok with it. My mom was pregnant with me when she turned 17, she was going to get an abortion because she thought her parents would disown her, turns out they changed her mind and my mom and dad got married and have been together since. It's kind of a shitty feeling to know your life could have been ended before you had a chance.
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    Again, if you want an opinion on an individual topic, ask it. I've been trying to explain how 'Centrist' on these quizzes doesn't mean neutral (unlike you seem to believe) to you yet it's gone over your head 3 times now. The quiz spits out centrist because I have views which are Market based and equality based (based on the individual subject). Or traditional based or progressive based, based on that individual subject. Ask a question about a specific topic like each of those specific questions and you'll get an answer (when I have time). Simple. Till then, enjoy your merry go round.
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    Played through the first 3 missions of AC7 and its just plain awesome. Everything about the presentation including the graphics, sound, music, and cutscene direction is just top notch. The core gameplay hasn't changed much which is fine because the dogfighting is still really fun and intense. The main difference now is that theres a lot more customization. Planes, secondary weapons, and also individual upgrades (think perks) can be purchased with in-game currency shared between both the campaign and the multiplayer. Theres just a surprising amount of stuff surrounding the actual gameplay.
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    If you lose two times as Sonya does she leave MK and become a downloadable character in WWE?
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    1.15.19 Davey Pee awakens to his name-sake: a piss-colored sunset rising on his Quebec trailer park. He rubs his eyes, yawns, and smiles clumsily. A new day! He hears a noise in the kitchen. It's his hot, supermodel girlfriend. "Honey, I made you some oeufs", she says in her Quebec accent. Davey Pee smiles to himself again. She brings him his food, and then his supermodel girlfriend lightly kisses him on the lips, saying: "Thank you for existing. You're so perfect." He'll be late for work. He throws his bathrobe aside, and rushes into his car. He works at a hedge fund and is running late. And all of a sudden the vr headset comes off, revealing it was all a delusion. DP wakes up again and cries to himself whilst hugging a pillow.
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