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  2. There was no deal, they just didn't care enough to release it on XBox.
  3. He friended me on psn fuck nuts... eat a dick.. Plus you're site's boring as fuck.. I ain't posting there no more. And another thing.. you live some kind of weird fucked up world where you actually meet your online enemies.. you're fucking weird... And the opa crowd is also weird as fuck too.. lmao bitch lips fits right in there...
  4. It's Sarah Palin as a sexy kickass librarian. She's the perfect rightwing waifu.
  5. jrpgs own but the atelier games are boring as shit. And bayonnaise sucks too. It's a joke compared to dmc. for me it's NG = DMC.
  6. it's underperforming because people are fucking embarrassed to play that sexualized weirdo shit. same reason why dankanromper, atelier, semran kakura and all the other games cows like flop or top out at 50k. Gross, exploiatative art design. Ninja Gaiden >
  7. Nice, just in time to announce the one year 'exclusivity' deal has expired. My insiders have this pegged for an XBOX release this year.
  8. And he ran away again folks. It's good to see that he seems like he can't argue against my claims. And its obvious that HIS OWN POLL ended up helping my point of view than his. Yup, he's done here. He's currently stuck in the try-to-play-it-cool loop, because he knows he can't do much else.
  9. One of the best OSTs too 6:10 in
  10. You thinking an app getting an update is not important. But that’s subjective and irrelevent. iOS gets updated first - which you agreed with. Thanks for playing.
  11. It takes the wind out of your sails though when the reality is you people don't buy the games you hype to the ends of the earth. It's like stuffing a sock in your pants, it's a great facade until you actually take a girl home.
  12. It doesn't need to. Nintendo keeps funding them anyway so sheep can boast about having better exclusives than anything on the other shit platforms
  13. Exactly. That's why you redesign Bayonetta in 3 to look more marketable.
  14. Take a good look at the backtrack, folks. No longer wants to talk about his determination of what is "subjective". And like I said OVER A MONTH AGO ,these small feature updates to these common apps are not remotely big things to boast about. You just got embarrassed in a thread in which grown smartphone users are not heavy social app users at all, and none of these feature updates arriving on iOS slightly ahead of the Android is a dealmaker or deal breaker. You know it.....now you are in full retreat saying "all I was saying is that iOS updates come first, that's all."
  15. yes, especially if you like difficult platformers like Meat Boy.
  16. No my argument is that constantly repeating that it's the best action game ever made isn't going to make it sell well.
  17. That’s because all I ever said was iOS has better app support. That’s the only claim I ever made. You agree with me - what’s to argue about?
  18. your argument is that sales determines if it's a good game or not?
  19. I was never going to switch to the Active, because that should have a better resale value since its not as widely available and appeals to those industrial users. I am always using my Note 8
  20. Aaaaaaand hero just got caught running away, again. No longer wants to respond to what I said and what was supposedly subjective. As expected.
  21. Please remake/remaster the second best game of last gen after Dark Souls.
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