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  3. Has anyone actually managed to beat a Valkyrie optional boss yet. I'm getting molested.
  4. You weren't kidding. Got up to 26 then had to spend a week farming lower levels. I don't know if i'll even get to 40. Bought GTA V for PS4. Need to change it up. I feel like an mmorpg addict again.
  5. Yakuza 6 doing well is great. It must be all the positive feedback from Yakuza 0.
  6. They create their own argument and try to claim victory. Like I said this "you havent played it" stems from jonb's retarded assumption that people dont even have games. When you prove you have them they move the goalposts to prove you play them. Then I saw remij try to move the goalposts to trophy progress. They'll keep moving the goalposts just out of reach and then act like they won something.
  7. Not surprised. Saw that advertised on the side of buses all around the city on Friday. Never saw that for a game. I'm assuming Sony actually spent some money on marketing for one of their games for once
  8. nice of you. you can use hidden tag posts. or y'all can PM each other. Or you can just wait 2 weeks.
  9. I kinda want to discuss the game but I'm like 20 hours in and it would be a complete spoiler fest.
  10. God of War on PS4 is the fastest selling title in the franchise' history. It has sold over 35% more units in its first week than the previous best, 2010's God of War III. And it has already overtaken the previous major Sony exclusive this year - Shadow of the Colossus. The result is that the game is easily this week's No.1 (matching the success of God of War II and III), knocking Far Cry 5 down to No.2. Ubisoft's game had been No.1 for three weeks solid, and remains the biggest launch of the year so far. Of course, Far Cry 5 is available on two platforms - PS4 and Xbox One
  11. Where are you up to? R1 and R2 are the way to go you need to manage camera and access Atreus quickly as the game goes on
  12. owned. that's what you get for not posting at this forum. kuso baba
  13. next thing you know, remij is going to be moving his argument to "prove that you ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!" and demand a photo of the game playing while you stand in front of the tv with a smile on your face. i don't know what argument he is making..........why does he think I bought Gran Turismo Sport? To use it as a coaster or something?I even told him that I expect to play the game during early summer 2018 when the stuff that Polyphony Digital was promising will probably be in the game. I don't what EXACTLY he's "winning" at that point.......it just seems like these guys are desperate to try and find a "win" in anything besides the actual game, itself.
  14. lol gifs dont work now i guess
  15. I boycott Chai Tea because of the Chinese.
  16. ^ I only just got to that part, that’s really far in. You’re gonna spoil it for yourself if you keep watching cut scenes like that. Oh and lmao at this heat move
  17. Not only this... but as if I fucking know where you're from and what stores are available there... Dude could have just taken a fucking picture of what I asked and be done with it... but just kept stalling. Bu but I have to turn my console on AGAIN!! Jesus
  18. No doubt, it looks awesome. I saw the cutscene where they throw the baby in the air, I laughed so hard.
  19. they give you one character for free. You can pay for the rest
  20. The fake chat log during the videos is funny as well. The messages remind me of stuff some of the people here would say Btw I think you’ll really like the story. It doesn’t seem as intricate and complex as 0, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff in it. The new characters are quite likeable as well.
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