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  2. And hammers 4 life. Best weapon in every MH game. I'm about to give the switchaxe a try though.
  3. You can see it on the map, and there's the fireflies which points the way, and there's no more loading screens in between zones. It's a non issue. Taking down a boss takes me 25 mins on average on my first time.
  4. too grindy. I hate how you have to chase these big monsters around for 30 minutes as they move through the map.
  5. "If Sony loses marketing rights" To what a console with no user base, that basically doesn't sell outside of the US. Also nobody gives a shit why Sony got the marketing rights and how evil it is. Point is they did and will continue to do so. There is no magical fairy dust that MS can sprinkle for next gen, that they couldn't have for XBox over the last 5 years.
  6. Freed from the tyranny of Nintendo terrible hardware and online infrastructure/community, Monster Hunter is finally elevated to what it should always have been in the first place. Nintendo are a cancer for Japanese devs. Best critical and fan reception, highest selling game in the franchise. TSHBFR
  7. If sony loses destiny rights and COD rights they are stillborn in the US. they pay out the ass for these because they have no games that appeal here. they have no shooters, their studios aren't capable of making an e-sports level competitive game, all they make is cinematic trash which is good for Europe, and chinese samurai games for asia. Destiny literally carried sony here this entire gen, people Istill think that game is a playstation exclusive. Sony's devious marketing deals all stemmed from jealousy, jealousy over halo, jealousy over COD, jealousy over 360. They're a sham, a knockoff product and they deserve to lose. Take away sony's marketing deals and they have the weakest offerings geared towards american gamers i've ever seen. they won't be shitting out killzone or resistance/halo knockoffs anymore because they're all dead and gone now and were flops last gen. take away activision and sony's shitstation5 is dead on arrival.
  8. Lower price than PS4 at this point is the only thing keepimg XBox alive.
  9. I give credit where its due
  10. This is so true. PlayStation's hardware was technically inferior to Saturn, but SONY got through because it offered easy developing solutions to developers to make games for their system. SEGA rushing Saturn to the market, poorly rolled out devs kits that left many in the dark on how program Saturn's dual CPUs and dual VDPs, leading Saturn to flop on content. PlayStation 2's hyped 128-bit emotion engine lacked anti-analyzing shading that the SEGA Dreamcast had. Fortunately for SONY, SEGA was already with 2 strikes (Megadrive flopped in Japan, Saturn Flopped in America). Legend has it that the PS2 launch momentum, it's DVD video support, and looming competition from even more powerful companies i.e. Microsoft Xbox, it was enough to scare them into discontinuing and leaving hardware for good. PlayStation 3, hardware was so powerful SONY was taking a loss on production, and the system was still costing $500 as oppose to $299 like the Xbox 360. It would be 7 years in and PS3 was still wowing audiences of what it's hardware could do. No body predicted life like game play of Beyond 2 Souls or Last of Us. But all that advance tech came at a cost. High price, meant slow buy rates and thus the cheaper Xbox 360 and even cheap Wii was able to eat up a chunck-able marketshare. Now with all that said. The ball court was in Microsoft's hands for this generation to be even better. But yet they saw how they could be successful with Xbox 360 and decided not do anything of that so they deserve to be at last place this gen. What's even sadder is we all knew Microsoft was flopping before they launched Xbox One, because a lot of their dumb decisions were starting in the 360's final years as their main focus 2010-2012 Microsoft let kill the Mass Effect franchise. The one Xbox 360 exclusive was whored out to EA in it's sequels and it's quality kept declining with each new iteration. A shame. Microsoft completely ignored it's own Western market demand for it JRPGs when it heavily invested in establishing Mistwalker Studio, plucking the key creator of Final Fantasy, and began making some ground breaking JRPGs that should have remained exclusive to Microsoft...but nope. Blue Dragon sequels got whored to Nintendo DS. Lost Odyssey despite selling a million never saw a sequel, Cry gets canned, The Last Story gets put on Wii. What was the goal of this? Oh I know, Microsoft was doing all that to try to gain buy-in for their presence in Japan, and it failed. Japan ignored everything Microsoft produced including the JRPG products from Mistwalker and that studio was dissolved by 2010. Silly me for thinking Microsoft was actually trying to establish a game genre outside of their cheaply made FPS and sim racer categories. Then there's the interactive game online services that had a whole lot of potential, was actually fun but it was shelved because they couldn't figure out how they could profit from it. 1 vs 100 , will go down IMO one of the biggest oversight of Microsoft's gaming division. I remember folks were buying 360s just to play this game. The Game Room, another great idea, didn't last because Microsoft couldn't profit off it. This could have easily been transformed into a modern day social hub, where gamers can connect chat, and play classic arcades all in a virtual environment the user gets to customize and show off. But MS didn't see potential behind it and it only lasted a year before they began to pull it. For a brand that has no connection to classic games i.e. Nintendo with it's NES and SNES classics or it's early 80s arcades. The Game Room could have been Microsoft's answer to that, just pay those licenses to COLECO, ACTIVISION, NAMCO, etc and who knows how huge this could have gone. This could have been something that could have easily rolled over to the XBOX ONE too. oh well... SORRY FOR THE LONG POST GUYS. I just had very high expectations for Microsoft for it's Xbox gaming division, and it's sad to see how they shot themself.
  11. Dream lmao. With a headstart, marketing deals, and possible price advantage MS's chances are pretty slim. Even you admit this.
  12. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Sea-of-Thieves/achievements Dat active user base.
  13. lmfao sony had this gen handed to them on a silver platter and MS still managed to go pretty much 1:1 in the US. It's never happening. Sony is looked at as a chinese anime shitbox for lonely gamers here. Nobody likes playstation here, it's not popular. 360 outsold PS3 by over 2:1. Xbox is America's console, always will be.
  14. you're mad. Now we have the best versions of platinum, best capcom, best everything still just we get ninja theory and you dont. On MS budget this will easily become a top tier studio. Can't wait to see their next game. going to be one hell of a BANGER
  15. Sony has managed to win the US at a constant price disadvantage. The base One has been 50-70 cheaper consistently over the last 5 years. So if the cards are played right Sony can easily match this gen's sales advantage and even surpass it.
  16. W-We're not mad! Keeps posting Yeah cows still mad
  17. Ninja Theory is exactly what XBox needs though. So the purchase makes sense.
  18. This is true. They're the dev that tries to imitate God-tier studios. A poor-man's ND or Santa Monica, perfect for lemmings who have lower standards and MS knows their audience so they are throwing a bunch of bread crumbs to them. Meanwhile Sony gives their fans one 3 course michelin-starred dinner after another.
  19. https://www.resetera.com/threads/does-social-justice-have-an-image-problem.51057/ Since there is no bigger Liberal/SJW forum on the Internet. Any non Liberal/Justice Warrior gets permed anyways. Fucking hilarious.
  20. Today
  21. You gotta look at it in context though. On PlayStation they might C-rate, but on xbox with no competition? They automatically become top tier. We should be happy for the lemmings. This is like laughing at the fat kid because he didn't come first in the race. Not everyone can come first. Coming in at 10th place is still participating
  22. PS4 Collection

    My PS4 online multiplayer works perfectly everywhere, but I get Splatoon match disconnects. I thought it was my router or some shit, then I tried it at a friend and I couldn't last a fucking match with it. I called quits on this piece of shit. Sheep on forums recommend a fucking ether net adapter.
  23. PS4 Collection

    Wait, so you're not eagerly anticipating the release of Smash Bros 69 and Super Mario Party? Dude, M-Mario and Rabbits too!
  24. PS4 Collection

    I just sent a mail to a games store how much I'll get for it. Gonna put it towards a PSVR.
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