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    The beta man's system of choice, embarrassing manchildren are getting blown the fuck out < Jederpey to a T Fucking embarrassing Sheep
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    Periods usually last 4 to 7 days
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    Scaling back? If they scale back anymore, they’ll be in the negatives.
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    I looked everywhere and I couldn't find any games.
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    Not sure why you guys think I care about the picture . I've posted my picture tons of times . I am a smiley . Tho , when people start using Google to find my picture ( couldn't just use the photo album ? Or is that gone ...idk ) Then reverse imagine searching me ....digging up an 8 year plus old picture and reading 8 year old forums ( that I don't even remember posting at ) to see if posting styles match ... All when you guys keep even small things like your PSN id private ....is pushing it a bit much and fucking weird . We all troll and bait ....but when you get that involved over me trolling you that makes me think there is something a little strange going on with some of you folks . Bottom line , at what point will you stop ? How far will you go to dig up who knows what . I don't care to find out . I'm 36 years old . Having other 30 year old guys digging thru the past for info on me is creepy . That's really it . Continue on .
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    That's enough space for a sign that says "No Games"
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    Just bought this for my room. Am I a lemming now?
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    Can't have $40 releases if you don't have releases.
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    Just watched it. Dude has gained like 30kg. I guess we know where that cancelled Scalebound budget has gone -towarda donuts to feed his fat ass. He is a reverse Kaz Hirai. He thinks he can get fat like Gabe Newell and never make games again
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    oh yeah, i saw it under "janitor"
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    This turned into Memoirs of Jonb
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    It's not a coincidence that Johnny appears with no games on that pic.
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    Couldn't find Monster Hunter World in stores, sold out everywhere. Dragon Ball FighterZ (MIA on Snitch ) The Inpatient (First party exclusive ) Street Fighter V AE (Third party console exclusive ) DOOM VFR (Xcluded, MIA on Snitch ) Everybody's Golf (First party exclusive ) Wipeout Omega Collection (First party exclusive ) Godstation 4 TLSHBFR
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    This is Charlie, he's a 6 year old British Shorthair
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    no one noticed or cared. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    PS4 has currently 2367 games on PSN and that doesn't include last-gen PS3/PS2 games like you are doing with Xflop.
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    This looks amazing, like a bad Sega CD game from the 90s.
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    Fuck this new 2018 release, let's replay this 2014 game instead, still retailing at the same price it was 4 years ago on WiiU! What a steal. Moronic ass Sheep.
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    Dude, I never heard about Golf Story until you had mentioned it before. I checked it out and it looks awesome. What a cool take on an RPG. Will definitely check that out sometime.
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    I don’t get why everyone is so excited about a movie portraying black people on top when Planet of the Apes came out in 1968
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    The whole point of the interview was just to smear him. That's what they always do when they find someone who doesn't say all the right things. That's why she kept jumping to ridiculous arguments and is now just a meme. She just tried to get a catchy soundbite "e.g. I hate women" but he was smart enough to clarify what he was saying and keep calm. After this Channel 4 was so humiliated they tried to play the victim.
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    Being black around asians in their home land is a hoot.
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    Diaries of a broken, beatdown faction. It's over.
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    Lmao full grown adult hands in the back of the car. They know their audience
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    Xbox was so trash BODYCOUNT had to get a PS4. The war is over.
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    More and more each day I realize that the xflop caters to non-gamers like Johnny first and foremost. They're the only type of people who care so little about gaming that they don't mind having the machine with the shittiest gaming library and missing out on the best gaming experiences out there. That's why the xflop was a mistake, they brought non-gaming vermin into gaming.
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    It's not difficult to find games at all... I don't know many people who just search through everything on steam one by one looking for something interesting. Most people know of a games existence on Steam from an outside source. Those who DO actually just search around looking for random games have a lot of filters to make use of. There's New and Trending sections, there's Top Sellers, Upcoming, ect ect. Game tags, Reviews, and Curators which tailor the entire store around the content you actually like and want to see. It's not perfect.. but it's not hard. The more you use Steam, the easier it gets. I agree that there's some down right garbage on there that shouldn't be.. but at the end of the day... I don't really give a shit because I pretty much never see it. And if I do... I click on "not interested" and never see it again...
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    Allow me to translate. remember that each kanji has it's own meaning, they aren't like letters in the english alphabet. there are over 2000 to memorize and each symbol stands for its own word. 発 = 'the' 売 'sheep' 年 'have' 目 'been' で 'Raped'
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    The last time we were promised that everything would be fine and they are really saving their games for project Scorpio. Now apparently game pass needs to take off and then they will start funding games The XBox brand is a circus and Lemmings are the clowns.
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    Maybe now DildoCop and Ramza will admit PS Move is hot trash
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    didn't even watch the review. only watched some gameplay. don't give a fuck about any story in any game. ill read a book if i want a story.
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