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    lmao shutup you fucking loser.
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    Damn. Great list. Really puts it into perspective how far the Xbox brand has plummeted lol.
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    Yeah, his threads really get in the way of the quality content this board offers.
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    GOTGs Uncharted 4 - 10 Bloodborne - 9 God of War - 9 Horizon - 9 Last Guardian - 9 Nier Automata - 9 Nioh - 9 Persona 5 - 9 Shadow of the Colossus - 9 Street Fighter 5 AE - 9 FOTGs Halo 5 - 8 Dead Rising 3 - 7 Dead Rising 4 - 7 Gears of War 4 - 7 Gears of War Ultimate Edition - 7 Killer Instinct - 7 Halo Master Chief Collection - 6 Halo Wars 2 - 6 Quantum Break - 6 ReCore - 6 Sea of Thieves - 6 Ryse Son of Rome - 4
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    Johnny's one of the few people here who I honestly believe is stupid. Not "oh you're a dumbass because of the console you like". I mean he's slow. He doesn't pick up on anything nuanced, he argues like he's 10 years old, and when he gets cornered he has a few go-to responses that he throws out there because he doesn't know what to do. This is not the case with BodyCount, or Deeno, or any of the other lemmings. You can see those guys going tit for tat, even when they're acting retarded, there's a method and a logic to the madness. You can see the gears grinding in their posts. With Johnny it's like babysitting for kinder gardeners, or being a guide on a senior citizen's tour through Iceland or some shit. You gotta repeat yourself constantly and even then he ain't gonna get it. He still thinks I was the one who posted his picture that made him throw a 3-week tantrum. Dude can't even suss out where the attacks are coming from.
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    Orders from Corporate. The residents at this house are evil.
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    Xbox should adopt the ps4 interface. One line of icons. It has no games so the line would be very short and easy to navigate.
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    I finished Ni No Kuni 2 after ~46 hours (includes a bunch of side quests). I have to say it was kind of disappointing overall. I was expecting more, but at the end of the day its a very by the books JRPG. The story telling and character development (or lack thereof) are its weakest aspects. The majority of the game is basically you solving problems involving the game's regions, which has some of most formulaic pacing in the genre. The process is basically reach town > go through dungeon > fight boss > everybody becomes happy and rinse and repeat. It rarely ever strays from that pacing for 30 + hours. The dungeons themselves are not that interesting. As for the Characters, they have likable archetypes, but aren't fleshed out enough. Their voice acting is solid overall but there isn't enough of it. Most interactions involve the characters standing around conversing through text boxes. The art style is great, but the lack of animated cutscenes doesn't do it justice. The game also ends on a bizarre series of twists that make absolutely no sense and are poorly explained. As for the towns, while their designs are interesting they just come off as bland and empty? I don't really know how to explain it, but they don't compare to any of the areas in other RPGs, especially when it comes to recent ones like Witcher 3, FFXV, or even Kingdom Come Deliverance. NPCs just stand around and act more as static pillars that hand out quests and flavor text. Theres no real bustling activity or atmosphere to their surroundings either. The skirmishes they added aren't terrible, but the game does force you to go through a few throughout the main story, including the climatic moments. If you didn't do a few of the sidequests to level up your armies, i imagine you would have no choice but to go back and do some grinding or else you would have real trouble finishing the game in that state. Now for the good stuff....the combat is actually really fun, and unlike the cutscenes these push the art style to their limit. The animations are fluid and gorgeous, as are the various spell effects. Theres actually a lot going on at times, but the framerate is usually smooth. It also feels surprisingly good. The Tales and Star Ocean devs have been making their games for years but this actually feels snappier and more responsive in many ways. The Kingdom Builder system is also really good. The gameplay loop of building up your kingdom, recruiting people, researching permanent upgrades from the facilities ranging from more EXP from battles to spells that have various effects like opening locked chests. It can be addicting. But when all is said and done, the game could have been better. If I were to rate it i'd probably give it a 7.5. Theres a lot of charm and the fairytale vibe it gives off can be appealing, but it feels like it could have been a game released on the PS3 or even PS2.
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    In all honesty, the game looks pretty good but the way MS is using this as one of it's major releases of the year really shows just how much they have fallen from their heights. This would've been a small, insignificant but cool addition to XBLA back in the X360 years. A solid AA title to fill in the gaps between the major releases, now it has somehow become 1 of the big 3 MS games of the year (with one already tanking hard af).
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    Other factions would be outright embarrassed if a 6/10 game was a best seller on their platform. But not lemmings
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    another week, another AA/AAA exclusive. sony keeps on winning.
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    Keep this garbage to PMs this is embarrassing y'all
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    Deeno basically tells others that there's nothing left to say because of what the developers are saying and then like two post later says that he doesn't care what the developers are saying. Holy shit, this dude is a total retard lol
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    Shenmue best on Xbox. $1000 well spent.
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    Looks like it is where it belongs, away from civilization.
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    This is what happenes when you take gaming seriously and support devs. If it were for MS and lems gaming would be dead by now.
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    what are you playing see you cant answer
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    I'm HH I admit it. I'm also liquid and holyaxE
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    Wouldn't be surprised if it was a murican sharing your gene pool. By the way even this fake shit comes closer to an exclusive than what MS has released the past two years.
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    Gynacop is menstruating again “seriously! Shut up!”
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    Lol this is why the world hates America
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    After owning the system for two weeks, I can say it is a must have. The only games that I have tried more than have reassured my purchase. The Switch defines the importance of having exclusives. Mario Kart 8 online is among the most crazy fun experiences you'll have. Zelda BotW is an extremely well polished game. Mario Odyssey is videogame magic in your hands. However, the Switch still have flaws. Actually, it has three flaws, in my opinion. The first one is lack of third party support, even though it is improving. The second flaw is tied to the first. The reason the Switch lacks third party support is because of storage issues. 32 gigs is nothing in todays world. Luckily, you can get yourself a microsd card, which is not propietary media (fuck you Sony). Still, eshop prices are so absurdly high, that I'd rather buy it physical. But it doesnt hurt to get a card for the physical games that require downloads. And the last flaw is a personal preference. It lacks optical audio output. That means, for those people that use optical audio systems, you are out of luck.
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    You shit on every PS game and overrate everything on Xbox. You can't think for yourself, you judge games based on the publisher or platform they're on. An AAA is subjective. Its possible for people to prefer an AA game over an AAA game. The scores aren't that far off and personal taste matters All games come down to opinion, but in general games that score fairly low usually do have some big problems. I've enjoyed the odd mega flop but they were the exception, not the rule. They also had obvious issues. I find it very coincidental though how the lemmings here hate damn near everything that's critically acclaimed on PlayStation and love everything that scores low on Xbox. What are the odds of that? Gen after gen the same people - God of war sucks, Metal gear solid sucks, Killzone sucks, Horizon sucks, Uncharted sucks....but Sea of thieves, Ryse, quantum break, all those games are great and vastly underrated. Gee what a coincidence, they love all the xbox flops and hate all the PS AA/AAA games. Lemmings have hit rock bottom and are desperate. Back when they actually had games they weren't quick to defend garbage, like any other faction they disregarded them. In 2004 when they had Rallisport challenge, Riddick, Ninja Gaiden you didn't see them rush to play Sudeki when it flopped. Back in 2007, When they were looking forward to Halo 3 and Mass Effect, and PS3 was struggling they didn't try to convince us that Crackdown was a masterpiece. They wrote it off as a novelty flop and a glorified Halo beta. Its only now they have NOTHING ELSE that they're forced to waste time on this garbage. If lemmings had games then flops like this woulfn't get a look in.
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    Any other faction would be too embarrassed to even bring up this game. No, not the Lemmings though for they have no shame. They got al the games guys, remember that. These games being 6/10 disasters. This is what they expect us to be playing.
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    Non gamers Who cares about exclusive games, so long as Microsoft gets the marketing rights.
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    Don't really get what is so hard to understand about reviews being done on the version that the largest portion of players are going to be playing on. It's why most multipats last year were reviewed on X360. FC hasn't been a primarily PC game since the second one.
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    it's no act either - the pain in this dude's voice from the halo MP defense video proves it
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    Something that always puts a smile on my face is when a game skips PC and you see the salty begging from the hermits in the comments. Over the past 10 years, Hermits have been relegated to the 3rd tier, or Plan C of the spectrum of gamers. Developers much rather support Playstation and Xbox, and since last gen, PC has been relegated to the bottom of thee totem pole, begging for scraps and ports, and is generally considered a last resort, late port platform. These, are my top 5 games that have blatantly disrespected PC and the PC game community. The list is ranked on level of disrespect, not game quality. # 5 Monster hunter world: Probably the best game release this year, which makes the fact that it's not on PC even sweeter! The amount of begging I've seen for this game is already reaching legendary levels. While the game is slated for PC, I think the fact that there is no real ETA, or any news from Capcom makes it even sweeter than if it was never coming to pc at all! It's great to see the herms clamour for this game, as it's right up their alley gameplay wise. lots of grinding, 1000's of hours, and a heavy rpg element mean that hermits could have really used this to substitute joy and fulfillment in their miserable lives. PC losers, you're missing out! Yes! # 4 Virtua Fighter 5: This game represents the Japanese developers committment to exclude PC whenever possible, and it's fantastic! with all the begging for Sega's console games on PC, this one is special in that it still hasn't come over a decade later! I loove it! #3 Destiny: This game really got the PC gamer's panties in a bunch when it skipped the platform entirely when it launched in 2013. While this game is nerdy, grindy mmo-esque crap, this is precisely the kind of shitty experience that the hermits love to sink 1000's of hours into. Of course, destiny 2 came to PC, but by then everyone hated the franchise and the hype was gone: it was mission accomplished: Hermits were not invited to the reindeer games while it was relevant, and the hype was gone. This was a great fuck you to PC! # 2 Sunset overdrive: This one is special because it illicits salt from the PoC play Anywhere beggars and the salty PS4 community who felt abandoned by their beloved Ratshit developer. This game is probably the bane of all Xbox haters, they've been begging for it for so long but by some miracle it has survived Phil Spencer's treacherous PC beggar onsalaught. Put it in the history books, because it's probably the last one ever: ONLY ON XBOX # 1 RED DEAD REDEMPTION: By far the best PC-skip of all time, RDR has been begged for by hermits for the better part of a decade now, and rockstar still refuses to budge! For this reason, I will always support R* games. Nothing is better than going into youtube comments sections and seeing the hermshits beg. Complete second-class citizens! LOL! share your favorites! and as always fuck the PC community:D
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    It used to be useful now it's just an echo chamber that segregates people into what they 'like'. You don't see any dissenting opinions anymore, it just feeds you what you like based on an algorithm. It's really quite disturbing. Also the whole Cambridge Analytica thing is ridiculous. It's time for a new basic app that doesn't use algorithms or anything like that. Just an online space to keep in touch with your friends and family. No filters, no targeted ads, no bullshit.
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    You live in a fictional world someone actually gives a shit what content is release in 3 months for SOT. It's dead Jim. Stick a fork in it.
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    When he runs out of ammo and starts zigzagging away Chillin in the current as someone empties a whole silenced clip at me BTW this game is gorgeous
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    Heart me bitch
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    Must be why you ran out to get one... Oh wait
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    You shit on God of War and the game isn't even released yet so you're one to talk lol This game sucks and your standards suck, deal with it lemdumb
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