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    i think there's been something for every gamer, regardless of platform. i barely have time to game, yet i make some, since i have too much i want to play.
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    Mario is bloody amazing...and i like it more than galaxy, sunshine, mario 3d world
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    Nice, you got two things that Xbox hasn't achieved in 15 years
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    ...to Phil Spencer for giving us all Xbox's exclusives. Xbox One has "Games with Gold" PC has "Games without Gold" Xbox One has "Game Pass" PC has "Phil pass us your Xbox games" Xbox has "Backwards Compatibility" PC has "Xbox Compatibility" Xbox One X has "Xbox One enhanced games" PC has "Xbox One X enhanced games"
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    Fuck it. Downsized it to 55" but got a Sony x900e.
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    welcome to every playstation console since literally 1995. tekken, resident evil, metal gearsolid, final fantasy, ring a bell? third party exclusives have always had a heavy presence on playstation. if anything, sony's first party studios are stronger NOW than they were then. there were no last of us, uncharted, horizon, sotc, on ps1 from sonys first party studios. the original xbox also enjoyed a fair number of japanese exclusives (sega). here's the thing though : while microsoft got fat and happy buying exclusives and timed exclusivity deals during the 360 generation, they seriously neglected their stable of 1st party studios, while sony nurtured theirs. they were also notoriously stringent and risk averse, opting to let their star studio bungie walk instead of letting them move forward with a new ip, while sony let their star studio naughty dog work on last of us. so when sony closed the gap toward the end of that generation, and blew it open at the start of this generation, microsoft had no where near the leverage to buy exclusives and timed exclsuive deals, and got caught with their pants down as a result, with an anemic stable of 1st party studios. theyre only NOW looking to invest in and build those studios, which will take years to bear any fruit. but why whsould anyone be confident in it? also the idea that play anywhere is part of some grand vision or logical progression planned from the start is a laughable bullshit spin pr line mean to put a nice face on the fact that xbox is getting the shit kicked out of it this gen. its a concession by the company that they cant compete by the conventional model anymore. they therefore are trying anything they can to drastically restructure their model at the eleventh hour.
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    I'm starting to get tired of open world games. Can we try open level games? Like Banjo Kazooie or something.
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    No shit, this but wishful thinking. I bought a DS and 3DS for these games. The last few ones were weak though, I've grown out from the series but I always wanted a collection of the original trilogy playable on a TV. Ah man, NMH, SMT and now Ace Attorney whole fucking franchise. I am so fucked. I don't want to buy a stupid Switch.
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    What exclusives should I get?
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    Bought the Xbox One X and a 65" HDR 4K Samsung smart.
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    don't worry you can still play nothing tomorrow as planned
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    Lol I remember seeing grip on other random forums , the same exact shit . It's not an act . Just let him be , he cause no harm to anyone
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    This is how things are set up as of today, the pictures I've posted are from last year. I cleaned the room up today and I figured some people might enjoy seeing it.
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    I felt the same warm and fuzzy feeling. It reminded me of why I fell in love with gaming.
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    I fucking missed you guys.
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    Man.. 97 meta after 68 reviews. Not even I would have expected that. I thought it would settled at 95 or 94. It's absolutely insane. The look on my face when I saw the Mario 64 model costume.
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    Got a Switch instead, I will get one at a later date but I wanted something new to play and Xbox doesn't have anything that is compelling me to drop $500 until next year. Picking up Mario at 9 PM
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    It's called a Trumpkin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Watching the reviews/quick looks and this looks so fucking hype. Girls away for the weekend. Got some edibles. Gonna wake up and get the gym/errands out of the way, pop those bad boys and order some pizza and hopefully not leave the couch till Monday.
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    Picture Jimmy infront of pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NES- To be fair this shouldn't count because I didn't play FF I on the NES. My first time playing the game wasn't until the PSP remake. I do remember really liking Crystalis though so I'll go with that. SNES- Chrono Trigger. FF IV is my favorite game in the series but Chrono Trigger is just so much better than it and everything else. PS 1- Valkyrie Profile. To this day it's still one of the most creative and unique RPG ever made. PS2- Shadow Hearts Covenant. Simply amazing, such a shame this game flew under a lot of peoples radar.
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    Police officer Hey , why are you pulled over on the side of the road ? PigC gamer I'm running on PC engine sir , not reliable, please don't fine me for I've spent all my money on inferior gaming Police Officer Well you dirty scum I'm gonna ...wait ... what is that noise ....my God , it's so powerful ....so monsterous....what the .. VvvvvvvvVvvvvvRoooooOooooMmmmmmmMmmmmm XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXboooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx vrooooommmmmm PigC gamer But but officers what about him ? Police Officer. Xbox too strong ...too fast . Now you, about to lose your virginity in the county jail
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    Hating on Xbox shouldn't even be considered as a fanboy thing. It's more like having common sense.
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    *bakaaaaaa *bakaaaaaa A ruffled wild jonb1 appears
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    I don't know why but I always go back to Road To Perdition.
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    Also, Mala, GD.. we'll definitely get something set up for Forza 7. They've actually already made a TON of improvements to various things since launch, and lots more to come. I need to drag my wheel out again though since I put it away for a bit while I was playing Mario, TEW2 and AC:O. Too much shit to play
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    Sorry about all the white privilege.
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    MS just needs games now. Seriously. The hardware is great. Start pushing games!
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    it's an incredible system. i'm amazed by its power, considering the size, lack of heat, and how quiet it is.
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    SJW's say they are against fascism yet act in the most fascist way possible. They are not liberals, they dictate. Whatever happened to everyone just worrying about themselves and not getting into everyone else's business? Im gay and SJW's do not speak for me whatsoever. They like to put everyone into stupid little identity boxes. They are all about labeling people and reverse racism. This will solve NOTHING. Gender is scientific, it is not a feeling. This fucking garbage we are feeding kids these days will destroy society. There is absolutely no scientific backing to what SJW's are promoting. Sex changes on a whim leads to increased suicides. Get the fuck out of everyone's personal lives and their bedrooms. Things were progressing just fine without them. Its called moderation. They want change so fast that it will end up crumbling their own movement and creating more enemies than supporters.
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    Having an Xbox is useless at this point. Xbox literally has no fucking games worth playing.
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    Sounds like he got his ass handed to him.
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    Damn this forum is back in its prime TLHBR
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    regardless of the score, it's going to be fun here tomorrow lol. especially if it flops (which it won't )
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    Unlike PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, Switch is a clean break from Wii U, so it's not competing with those systems as far as generations go. The Turbografx-16 and especially the Dreamcast established that a console can be released years before its competition and still be considered part of the same generation. Wii also established that power doesn't define which generation a system belongs to. People rightfully gave the Wii shit for being an overclocked GameCube, yet there was zero confusion about it belonging to the 7th gen. Wii U was an 8th generation console and competed directly against the PS4 and Xbox One. Switch is a successor to Wii U (an 8th gen console) with a brand new architecture, a brand new concept, with software that isn't cross-compatible across both systems. Therefore, Switch is a 9th gen console.
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