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    Meh. Finding organic material on mars is nothing. When they find games on Xbox, then I'll be impressed.
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    Jonb1 universal argumentations: No. 1 - You don't even play games. No. 2 - You don't even buy games. No. 3 - You don't even own a game console. No. 4 - You haven't played enough games and/or haven't earned enough trophies. No. 5 - Best on Xbox regardless if the game is actually on Xbox or not. No. 6 - You fuck your sister. lol Sister fucker. No. 7 - But you work at Denny's. lmao No. 8 - You are lying! No. 9 - lol You don't even play games. No. 10 - Lol Sony only does cinematic games.
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    Its all right here folks. And, unlike Xbox owners...……….this game is available to play right now.
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    official hype has been aaa for 4 years
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    you on sea of thieves: "I can see Sea of Thieves getting an 8. " you on god of war: "You guys are expecting too much, I'm telling you this game is missing something and it's going to reflect that critically. " rest assured, your judgement (and predictive power) are shit
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    So insecure you have to make threads trying to justify you wasting $500 on a shit console. Lemming spend more time online trying to defend their shittiness than actually playing games.
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    My 2018 ends on Jan 25 2019.
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    Now prove you played Hollow Knight "forever ago" on your PC Lying JonB1 Looks like JonB1 got caught lying again @lynux3, @McWickedSmawt85 and @TLHBO Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Yeah man here's my friend code E3SW-ITCH-NOGA-MES0
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    @JonB1 Hey man.. you have to start thinking before you make stupid threads like this. They have a SMASH character FOR EVER SINGLE ONE of those games...
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    bear in mind these are the past games this gen jon also thought were underwhelming at e3 Uncharted 4 - 10 Bloodborne - 9 God of War - 9 Horizon - 9 Last Guardian - 9 Nier Automata - 9 Nioh - 9 Persona 5 - 9 Shadow of the Colossus - 9 Street Fighter 5 AE - 9 these are the games he thought won past e3’s Halo 5 - 8 Dead Rising 3 - 7 Dead Rising 4 - 7 Gears of War 4 - 7 Gears of War Ultimate Edition - 7 Killer Instinct - 7 Halo Master Chief Collection - 6 Halo Wars 2 - 6 Quantum Break - 6 ReCore - 6 Sea of Thieves - 6 Ryse Son of Rome - 4 Fable Legends - canceled Phantom Dust - canceled Scalebound - canceled
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    Please keep this to PMs, it's embarrassing.
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    PS4 was from day one a superior machine for multiplats at a cheaper price. No one was going turn over to Xbox for shit exclusives like Ryse and Sunset Overdrive. And PS4 in 2015 was the year we saw Bloodborne and Until Dawn. Two games with still no equal on Xbox. You guys can cry all you want about bias, but PS4 was always a better console. When PS4 had few exclusives, it was the better product at the best pricing, when PS4 lost it's best console graphics status it instead clearly dominates in games, multiplats or otherwise. Now go cry more on how the industry turned against such excellent first party offering such as Sea of Thieves and annual Forza game. Teh bias is real! It's not bias, it's common sense.
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    Lol did you see his gem of a post the other day? Its time the sheep mods purged him. Its nothing but fakeboying with him these days. He probably doesn't even play xbox.
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    holy fuck what a sad time to be a lem. The only thing they have to talk about is a fucking racing game
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    when I met with the prosecutor earlier in the morning he basically told me to plead guilty and pay the fine, because if i passed in front of the judge they would charge me more for the court fees. when it was my turn to pass i basically told the judge that the prosecutor was coercing me to plead guilty. This is majorly against the law. you can't just assume someone of being guilty before the trial. the whole court room blew up The prosecutor gets in my face, red as shit, spitting seething hatred 'DONT LIE IN THIS COURT< I NEVER TOLD YOU TO PLEAD GUILTY :(" Judge issued a stay of proceeding, which just throws the case out forever. I lucked out, didn't know any of this shit before that day. Was the closest to a miracle I've ever gotten, thought i was fucked for life. Was a $2000 ticket and I'd have lost my license for 3 years LMFAO
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    has no games
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    lesbian sjw movie game....rofl. Fucking Cows are hyper casual as fuck.
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    They're all like:
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    Everyone here seems to understand what an AAAe game is to SW except the one faction that doesn't have them.
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    Somehow I ended up here, so I guess I'm proof that you guys are still getting new members. That said, I don't think that making a forum big like Resetera is really something to aspire to. Big forums lose their sense of community, becoming soulless shit websites. That's not good.
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    Every time Dino says something he end up being fucking wrong. If you want to know the facts you simply have to take everything he says and reverse engineer it. ''Sea of Thieves is a great game, I'm genuinely loving it, a nice addition to the already solid Xbox One library.'' The truth is ''Sea of Thieves is garbage, I'm a stupid fanboy, the Xbox One has no games.''
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    Yeah, I can’t see you being interested in fresh corpses
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    See JonB, I'd like to attempt to carry on a conversation/shit posting/quote train, with you; but then you go and say something like this, and I realize that you just can't help it. You go full retard on your first reply, so there's nothing really left to work with afterward.
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    It took people a week to notice because nobody's playing it.
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    I'm waiting for the day the lemmings to get together and accuse me of the same thing... Only difference is that it's real news. I rape lemshits all the time.
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    Nice of you to visit the Ukraine
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    Xbox One is such a failure so much for One X, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay saving them State of Decay pretty much sums up the state Xbox is in
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    So the aiming is kind of interesting because when you hold in the aim button, you have to wait a bit for the cursor to decrease in size if you want pinpoint accuracy. That transition feels almost like Leon is steadying his aim before he fires. I feel like this added to the tension of the fights and highlighted the survival horror aspect more than recent RE games, because you have to think before you fire.
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    New Xbox is coming in a year and a half after I bought my One X 7 months ago. SHOOK
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    @lynux3 My Switch is officially for sale, please buy it
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    We will be reporting on what's going on . We will be posting information on new games and hoes. There are some bad bitches up in here with fat asses. Popcorn had pulled this bad Korean bitch. Her breath was stank ass fuck tho. Shit smelled like garlic and wet salmon. Dookie Mouth will be covering Nintendo so he may not have much to say. But Dookie Mouth is excited about E3
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    Good acquisition. Maybe they can upload their code for State of Decay 2 and let ppl fix their bugs.
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    He is a narcissist. Guaranteed he has no friends . Shitty job , no wife or girlfriend . Even his picture was his ugly face with this wierd psychotic smirk LOL dude would literally call of work tomorrow depending on how long remij decides to go back and forth with him
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    Can someone get Dyna and Remij a room please
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