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    i'm just glad that we got some peeps here who actually like talking about games.
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    My children's children will be posting in this place
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    @ gd any idea how long slayaway camp is? I’ve played for at least 5 hours, and i’ve Only gotten through the first shelf of movies. It seems pretty long if the rest of the shelves will eventually fill up.
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    I recently came from a business Trip at work. Took the Amtrack for a few hours. Played Mario SRPG on the way up. Played it in the Hotel room after the conference. Played it in the Amtrack ride back down the next day. Console games on the go, not tethered to the TV. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    I'm not single. I travel 3-4 months a year for work. Switch makes perfect sense for me
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    While the PS1 had more games. Dismissing the N64 as just Mario and Zelda is very disingenuous. The N64 had a great library with genre defining games from both 1st and 3rd parties. The PS1 also had a great library but also had more games overall. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    This place will live forever. 2004-infinity
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    Switch must be more capable than we think or Bethesda wouldn't bother with it.
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    I believe the Doom Switch Version NDA expires tonight. That will give us an idea of what is capable Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Next on black meet up. Com Try n say something bad Zero looks like he gets his eyebrows waxed with Wendy Williams, faggit.
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    For mule or white tailed deer. Wish me luck
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    One and a half. A lot will just go to Discord like the faggots they are. But we can get the ball rolling here.
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    Jesus....mario gave me the same goosebumps mario 64 and Zelda oot did.
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    Prices are in CAD. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age $50 Yakuza: Kiwami $40 Pre-ordered: Ni no Kuni II Premium Edition $100 Yakuza 6 After Hours Premium Edition $120 2017 continues to deliver.
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    I can see the difference, Turtles have very good eyesight.
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    Pretty good Keeping busy with work, the woman, Friends and Family. I hope you're still purging whores on the street of Miami
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    Going Saturday with my girlfriend. Can't wait
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    What? Did you expect to see Destiny 2 or something? The guy at EBgames was like ''do you want to pre-order something else? God of War maybe?'' I laughed out loud when he said that.
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    Im too chicken shit to post my pic on reddit's roast me, so gimme the best you got
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    man, shit is fire. accept my switch friend request GD.... Grrrr. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    safespacescrollers Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Not even super Metroid? That's ok, you're just reaffirming your bad tastes in games. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    It all started when I joined this hell site. After putting it in my rearview mirror for years now, I would still find myself periodically typing "syste"- in the address bar of my browser while looking for porn. And I wondered "why do I do that?" While I masturbated to some BSDM. It must be because I'm still a victim of the abuse I suffered here, that I just never moved on from. So many sleepless nights I would think "I wonder if that guy ever realized I was right and he was wrong in that one argument, back in 2006?". I need to bury the casket once and for all. So that's when I put my penis back in my pants, got up from my desk, and I decided to quit my highly successful job. When the cops escorted me out of the building for continuous trespassing, all I heard was "escort" and I knew I was destined to start my own business like a successful entrepreneur, as a sex worker. I had rich clients, and I mean rich. They drove imported cars like Hyundai. They would tell me romantic things like "I can't pay you, because you are priceless". They would offer me luxuries, like a beer can, leftover sushi all the way from China, town, and meth. My parents always told me stay away from drugs, but those clients; Edward, Susan, and I; we had seen each other naked. So we were way more intimate than I am with my parents, who never let me see them naked when I ask. Of course I'm gonna trust Eddie and Suzy when they told me meth isn't addictive, or self-destructive at all. And since Im not addicted, I decided I had to leave them behind just like systemwars, because they too abused me instead of understanding why I'm right. As if breaking into their house after they've threatened a restraining order on me is really that serious? I just wanted some non-addictive meth. Between the punches, they would yell "leave!", and I threatened I would really leave, and never come back, even when they miss me. So after trying to break in again and the restraining order passed, I chose to end that toxic friendship. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you. Just like I decided to stop coming here after having several accounts here banned. The boy who cried wolf, was eaten by a wolf. The restraining order letter was mailed to my parent's place. Even though I specifically asked Edd and Suz's neighbor (I was just in the neighborhood and he was checking his mailbox exactly on time again), to tell the mailman to send their and my mail, to the street corner where I run my business. He told me Ed&Su lost their jobs and their house, spending all their time and money on non-addictive meth. And I was shocked! They spent time on meth without me? Ok now it's really over. Anyway, I had a surprise party from my family where they just cried and read letters they wrote to me (don't remember what they said, I was busy thinking of what I should respond with). I was telling them I'm not addicted because my besties Ed and Su say you can't, so it's no big deal. But after my dad flashed me his nipple, I agreed to go see a therapist. The alternate option, an institution of special people, sounded prestigious. But the chance to talk to professional listener... Me? A tight-lipped guy who never overshares or even talks or writes much? It would be an experience I couldn't pass off. Alas... Eventually I decided to also stop seeing my 70 year old therapist too. I mean he did ask me very profound questions that made me self-reflect; like asking if I was gay (no homo) and if I was turned on by him. But the idea of sucking wrinkly old balls just for money to buy meth would really feel like hitting rock bottom. So that's why after weeks of doing it, I said no more. I decided to see a psychiatrist instead. I asked him to prescribe me a drug like meth, and he did. So I am in recovery now taking a legal drug that's close enough to meth. I now needed to confront the root of my problem instead of distracting myself with usual things like tv, sex, jumping off bridges, drugs and alcohol. And systemwars is the root of my trauma. So I forgive all the current users of this forum. Yes, all 5 of you. And I also forgive the past abusive users who've all moved on with their lives. Being in prison with no access to the internet is understandable, and was foreseen. But mostly I forgive myself. For gazing into an abyss and the abyss gazed back into me. It's like that time my therapist asked me to toss his salad; so the abyss would be his asshole, and my brown tongue is me stepping out of the abyss, and it was while I was washing my tongue that I made this epiphany. That I can break free. So before he wakes up and realizes I broke in again to use his laptop and find Ed and Su, on facebook maybe, I wanted to stop here first and write this very brief and quick good bye message. Now I'm truly move on with my life.
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    The Nintendo tag to the thread makes perfect sense
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    It's a samsung - came out in 2016. Has very low input lag, amazing picture quality, and good HDR. If you're not looking to spend 2-4k for an OLED one this is the best you can get for the price (although that might have changed more recently). When I got it it was $1,000 for the 55" - I think you can get them for as low as $800 these days.
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    what up bitches
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    let's make babies together.
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    started Persona 5 and currently playing Pocket Morty on my phone.
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    damn some of those look awesome!
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    I don't know what else they could do with that world. HL1 and 2 were fucking amazing and by far my most favorite fps. The standards are just too high to make another
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    ehhhhhhhh lets get it! ehhhhhhhh lets get it! if you ain't join in 2004 you ain't shit!
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