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    i think there's been something for every gamer, regardless of platform. i barely have time to game, yet i make some, since i have too much i want to play.
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    ...to Phil Spencer for giving us all Xbox's exclusives. Xbox One has "Games with Gold" PC has "Games without Gold" Xbox One has "Game Pass" PC has "Phil pass us your Xbox games" Xbox has "Backwards Compatibility" PC has "Xbox Compatibility" Xbox One X has "Xbox One enhanced games" PC has "Xbox One X enhanced games"
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    Fuck it. Downsized it to 55" but got a Sony x900e.
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    I miss the downvote button
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    I agree with everything. And yeah ffvii has a special place in all of us. Just look at jimbo. Since we all agree on great rpgs can we take our time and appreciate how advanced ff5 with the job system was. This shit still blews my mind. I like how IX goes back to the roots and you get a taste of oldschool roles but with limited flexibility. tbh man I like every ff including XIII. It wasn't so bad. I dislike XII but that's it.
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    NES- To be fair this shouldn't count because I didn't play FF I on the NES. My first time playing the game wasn't until the PSP remake. I do remember really liking Crystalis though so I'll go with that. SNES- Chrono Trigger. FF IV is my favorite game in the series but Chrono Trigger is just so much better than it and everything else. PS 1- Valkyrie Profile. To this day it's still one of the most creative and unique RPG ever made. PS2- Shadow Hearts Covenant. Simply amazing, such a shame this game flew under a lot of peoples radar.
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    Police officer Hey , why are you pulled over on the side of the road ? PigC gamer I'm running on PC engine sir , not reliable, please don't fine me for I've spent all my money on inferior gaming Police Officer Well you dirty scum I'm gonna ...wait ... what is that noise ....my God , it's so powerful ....so monsterous....what the .. VvvvvvvvVvvvvvRoooooOooooMmmmmmmMmmmmm XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXboooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx vrooooommmmmm PigC gamer But but officers what about him ? Police Officer. Xbox too strong ...too fast . Now you, about to lose your virginity in the county jail
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    JonB has the most momentum from all the spinning he has to pull off on a daily basis
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    You spent most of your life fakeboying between a sheep and cow.
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    Yeah. This update has more content than the entirety of Microsoft's 2017.
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    Hating on Xbox shouldn't even be considered as a fanboy thing. It's more like having common sense.
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    *bakaaaaaa *bakaaaaaa A ruffled wild jonb1 appears
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    *PRESS PLAY BUTTON ON MUSIC NOW *Ahem* I'd like to say a few words in remembrance of PS4 Pro. It's hard to find the words when your lifespan was so tragic and short, dear Protato (that was his favorite nickname - audience please don't laugh). Protato, I know you gave it your best shot. The Power of X would have overwhelmed the best of us. But the truth is you simply too weak to put up a fight. You were morbidly obese and your design was ugly to the core. Gamers will not miss your heft, but they will miss their $399. You left a hole in our wallets and our hearts when you were tragically killed by the XBOX ONE X. I only wish we could have forseen the rapeage before it happened, much like your father Andrew House who bailed out of the company shortly after your arrival. Your legacy is not that great. SW battlefront II at 1400p. FFXV chugging along at poor framerate and poor rez. COD WW2 barely running on you. You really were rough around the edges, but at least your fat triple decker design really made it look like you may have had some horsepower under the hood. (You did not, though). Bye buddy. I'll miss you. I'll always remember the time you spit out goo trying to run Assassins Creed Origins. Or the time when you couldn't even run indies at 4k. Fuck man, I'll miss you, dear Protato. Stay kicking up dust, -Bodycount.
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    yeah... sure it does. what we have here is a shit game, with an underpowered shit system. Imagine buying a POS4 Pro when the X is out and outdoing it 2X in performance on all games. LMAO look at that pathetic Sony custom decal job. Imagine how sad kids are going to be this christmas if they get this unpopular, unlikeable, inferior product.
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    Nah, he clearly states that a FF has never been the best RPG from any given generation. I said a lot of the FF games were the best when they released imo, although I understand that's not exactly what he was referring to. I disagree with regards to the 8bit and 32bit generations, as I think FF1 and FF7 are both the best RPGs from those generations. I think Chrono Trigger was the best RPG of the 16bit gen. So that rules out FF4/5/6. In the 32bit gen, Suikoden 2 comes VERY close to FF7, and a few others come close as well. That was just an amazing time for RPGs, and I wouldn't hate too hard on anyone who disagreed with me about FF7.. but that game has a special place in my heart. PS2 gen FF was lame. FFX was alright, 12 didn't turn out as good as hoped. There were other better RPGs that gen, Persona 4, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, DQ8.. many others.
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    Heads up for anyone who wants it: Amazon $15 Yakuza Kiwami - Steelbook Edition Just grabbed a copy.
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    Would've suggested starting with wolf, but if you've already wanted to, go veg on assassin's creed, brother
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    Umm, you spent 11 months of the year gaming at 900p
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    Yeah, this game is going to be sweet by mid-2018. I will definitely buy it. And if they get to the point where a major car and track expansion requires a DLC add-on cost, I'd rather pay $20 a year for those add-ons rather than paying another $60 bucks for another game disc. You can't treat racing games like as if they were Madden games.
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    Will be good when Xbox goes third party. Switch and PS are good compliments, Xbox is just a poor mans imitation of PlayStation and totally unnecessary to gaming considering MS gives nothing in software support We can actually talk about the value of Nintendo style games versus Sony style games. Talk about the value of a handheld option in a system versus more power. Instead of “derrr more pixels” after 5 years of avoiding any multiplat debate at all
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    Xbox truly is a miserable gaming brand. Microsoft could leave the industry and nothing of value would be lost or missed.
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    As Remij said, a site could be completely blocked if the ISP chose to so there's no limit on the throttling. It paves the way for internet access to turn into the cable TV model. Just imagine a world where every ISP only allows you to search the internet with Bing unless you pay $9.95 to add additional search engines to your subscription.
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    Not only that, but they could block you from accessing those same websites that pass through their servers and limit which websites you have access to for information. They could charge you extra just to be able to access those sites. Big sites would have to pay the ISPs more money to be on accessible to people on their servers, and they'd pay.. but smaller sites and businesses that wish to compete could be drowned out completely with no hope of a fair chance.
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    Ah Wii, that system caught everyone by surprise, but in the end it was no match to the Xbox 360 and Kinect, and the avatars, Microsoft went all out last gen and ended up sucking up the Nintendo fan kids who came to the realization that there Miis were garbage. Too Bad Microsoft shot itself in the head with the Xbox One release.
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    Just respond when you're ready to? It's just a text. She'll probably get the point.
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    Hands down. I thought this gen was going to be a total washout before this year. It's probably my favorite since '98, and I still haven't played a lot of the games I want to yet.
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    Definitely been a good year. I think 2019 is going to be an amazing year as well.
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    Black Friday's already been great. By dumb luck I caught the Toys R Us promo code error on Saturday that gave you 50% off any game and picked up a few recent Nintendo releases.
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    I've only played one of these games and it was on the PSP. Can't remember which one it was, I just remember the team you were controlling were basically the Suicide Squad (all of them were convicts and expendable). It was a pretty cool game though, I enjoyed it so I might check this out.
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    All those games are best on Xbox. Just plug your PS4 into the HDMI in and enjoy
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    you have no games to excited about so let's take a resolution hit to feel high about.
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    I like star wars, its nothing special but the movies are fun and old battlefront games owned. The new battlefront is plagued by cod syndrome.
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    I think the difference here is that we have more than ports to play this holiday season. How're those original xbox games going on your 1x?
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    I have plenty of time and you have 19,398 posts.
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    Uh, sorry man... you're completely bullshitting right now. I never said that. You have a real problem with putting your words into other peoples mouths. I SAID...that the PS4 Pro's boost mode is nothing like what the X1X is doing with regards to enhancing gfx of unpatched games. I never said it wasn't any benefit to early gen games.. I said it barely improves any games, and that it doesn't enhance the texture filtering and performance to the same degree that X1X does. It's simply not doing what the Xbox One X does natively. Sorry things didn't go your way this time... or any time Jerry. Keep trying though. But please, make more of an effort next time.
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    Wii was sold for $250. 3DS launched at $250. And Wii U was launched at $300. There's nothing out of the ordinary for Switch's price. The only thing is that it probably takes certain games to demonstrate that its easily the most powerful handheld out there, and since it doubles as a console, people would feel much better about the price point.
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