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    The beta man's system of choice, embarrassing manchildren are getting blown the fuck out < Jederpey to a T Fucking embarrassing Sheep
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    Not sure why you guys think I care about the picture . I've posted my picture tons of times . I am a smiley . Tho , when people start using Google to find my picture ( couldn't just use the photo album ? Or is that gone ...idk ) Then reverse imagine searching me ....digging up an 8 year plus old picture and reading 8 year old forums ( that I don't even remember posting at ) to see if posting styles match ... All when you guys keep even small things like your PSN id private ....is pushing it a bit much and fucking weird . We all troll and bait ....but when you get that involved over me trolling you that makes me think there is something a little strange going on with some of you folks . Bottom line , at what point will you stop ? How far will you go to dig up who knows what . I don't care to find out . I'm 36 years old . Having other 30 year old guys digging thru the past for info on me is creepy . That's really it . Continue on .
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    Just watched it. Dude has gained like 30kg. I guess we know where that cancelled Scalebound budget has gone -towarda donuts to feed his fat ass. He is a reverse Kaz Hirai. He thinks he can get fat like Gabe Newell and never make games again
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    oh yeah, i saw it under "janitor"
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    Dynocrap needs to write dissertations on this new method of analysis. Schrodinger's NPD numbers.
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    This looks amazing, like a bad Sega CD game from the 90s.
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    Lol this neckbeard rapedBelieving in playstationBelieving I could lose
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    Switch comes in 4th behind PS4, Xbox One, and Dreamcast or perm me.
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    Fuck this new 2018 release, let's replay this 2014 game instead, still retailing at the same price it was 4 years ago on WiiU! What a steal. Moronic ass Sheep.
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    and? they also had a disastrous reveal + people STILL think the console has DRM and can't play used games.
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    Dude, I never heard about Golf Story until you had mentioned it before. I checked it out and it looks awesome. What a cool take on an RPG. Will definitely check that out sometime.
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    I don’t get why everyone is so excited about a movie portraying black people on top when Planet of the Apes came out in 1968
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    I have to disagree. Microsoft is the worst thing to happen to Xbox.
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    The whole point of the interview was just to smear him. That's what they always do when they find someone who doesn't say all the right things. That's why she kept jumping to ridiculous arguments and is now just a meme. She just tried to get a catchy soundbite "e.g. I hate women" but he was smart enough to clarify what he was saying and keep calm. After this Channel 4 was so humiliated they tried to play the victim.
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    Can you imagine Deeno reading a post on here, getting all sweaty and worked up at what he's reading, running over to his collection and yanking all of his games off his shelves to prove some vague point about something. And then he posts a picture and everyone's just kinda like "ok".
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    Things have changed a little... How's everybody doing?
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    No because I actually pay attention to policies and where a politicians money comes from and the illegal backroom deals cut with human rights abusing nations like Saudi Arabi and the arms maufucturing industry..you know the stuff you would never vote for a candidate in a million years for. The fracking industrym, big oil, supporing AIPAC, no fly zones over Syria, destroying Libya. I could go on all day about what this sickening person had done. Let me guess you voted for her right?
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    Being black around asians in their home land is a hoot.
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    Alright, let's just clarify some things here. Posting any sort of personal picture (personal social media pages, family images) or revealing personal information against another user's wish will obviously result in a ban. The severity of the information leaked will determine if the ban is permanent (other admins will weigh in on that decision) or temporary. With that said, the pic Lynux3 posted of Jonb1 was a picture that Jonb1 himself made public. Yes it can be argued the Lynux3 was petty for posting that old ass Pic of Jonb1 but the fact that the pic actually shows up as one of the top pics in a simple Google search means it was fair game.
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    Diaries of a broken, beatdown faction. It's over.
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    Why is Jon worried about that image with the adidas shirt being online when he also posted this one?
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    January 2018 NPD: Switch leads console sales; PlayStation 4 is No. 1 for revenues More people bought Nintendo Switch consoles than Xbox One or PlayStation 4 systems in January in the U.S., but consumers spent more money on Sony’s system, according to industry-intelligence firm The NPD Group the Nintendo Switch is selling like wild to a group of hardcore gamers who want to untether from their televisions Alot of people's predictions got proven wrong this month.
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    I find DOOM's to be better, though I can't articulate why. I think it's because in Splatoon, your objective isn't necessarily precision aiming since a lot of the weapons have a wide spread. But in DOOM, it's important for every weapon, and absolutely essential for the assault rifle and the gauss canon. It's feels crazy good to have something that controls FPS almost as well as K&M, and significantly better than dual analog, on the go. And you don't even have to reposition your hands like you had to with Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS to do it. It's just there. Cows will get it eventually, I think. They just need one game to implement it and they'll be sold.
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    This video might be the ultimate clash of logic vs leftist thinking, if you haven't seen it yet I would highly suggest it.
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    the Jerry go round 1. Make a retarded half thought argument 2. Defend the retarded argument with more retarded logic 3. Attack opponent's character 4. Create an unrelated narrative where he's more noble 5. Connect new narrative to opponent's argument and claim victory
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    If Michael starts laughing at 9/11 troofers, says the moon landings were real and that Obama wasn’t born in Kenya roflpwned will literally have a meltdown. He’s getting close. I do find it amazing how roflpwned only stops being a conspiritard when it comes to Daddy Trump though.
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    I'm glad I got a Asian Waifu who still embraces being a woman.
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    Wtf is with that guys face in the orange shirt
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    Yep, same guy I personally respected as a reviewer.
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    When she says "pull out in time, ok?"
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