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    I think they're trying to tell us something by not posting in this thread...
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    Jonb1 universal argumentations: No. 1 - You don't even play games. No. 2 - You don't even buy games. No. 3 - You don't even own a game console. No. 4 - You haven't played enough games and/or haven't earned enough trophies. No. 5 - Best on Xbox regardless if the game is actually on Xbox or not. No. 6 - You fuck your sister. lol Sister fucker. No. 7 - But you work at Denny's. lmao No. 8 - You are lying! No. 9 - lol You don't even play games. No. 10 - Lol Sony only does cinematic games.
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    I can't watch new movies anymore. They're all made for dummies and Jonbies.
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    Scoring better than every Xbone exclusive
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    you on sea of thieves: "I can see Sea of Thieves getting an 8. " you on god of war: "You guys are expecting too much, I'm telling you this game is missing something and it's going to reflect that critically. " rest assured, your judgement (and predictive power) are shit
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    Lol did you see his gem of a post the other day? Its time the sheep mods purged him. Its nothing but fakeboying with him these days. He probably doesn't even play xbox.
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    Xbox One is such a failure so much for One X, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay saving them State of Decay pretty much sums up the state Xbox is in
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    So just to understand. Having the best version of a multiplat did not matter at all when the Xbox One released, and the S, all the way until the X was released. From the day the X released, the only thing that matters is having the better multiplat version. Cost not an issue since it costs more than the rival console. Cost however is all that matters when it compares to PC, because in that case having the ultimate version of a game is irrelevant because of cost. Understood. Sound logic
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    because you might actually be able to play this?
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    So insecure you have to make threads trying to justify you wasting $500 on a shit console. Lemming spend more time online trying to defend their shittiness than actually playing games.
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    Stop with your deeno math
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    The restriction is no AAA exclusives
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    Pokémon was exclusive and you needed a Gameboy to play it. You don't need a PS4 to play Fortnite.
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    I like how lameshits argue that Sony locks out cross play, but it's cool that Microsoft locks F2P games behind Xbox Live. The latter is worse than the former.
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    Just got it delivered in the mail today right before I came to work. I'm excited to play this weekend.
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    it's sad that lemmings are pumped up over year-old ports
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    Will some please get Deeno on his leash? He went full retard again.
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    Doesn't matter Switch, PS4 or XBox. Though I do have to give Sony and Nintendo credit for keeping online free through the PS3 era, and Sony deserves credit for it's F2P policy were you don' 2016)t have to play for F2P in Fortnite, Warframe, Skyforge, Neverwinter Nights, Let It Die (I love this game GOTY 2016). This fuckers can drop their console prices to $200 (Standard MS strategy for S), then fuck you in the ASS for years with a $60 sub fee to play the most basic shit. It's such a scam that all MS/Sony financial reports show they don't make money off selling games, or even fucking DLC. They make money on selling shit that's free on PC and every other platform. It's depressing, fuck the 360 for starting this bullshit and all the lemming fucktards that defended it.
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    Oh shit... it's actually nowhere fucking close https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-nier-automata-xbox-one-x-first-look God damn, it's not looking good. These fags actually thought they had something special here
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    God of War gots some legs. Estimates: PS4 - 223K Switch - 166K Xbox One - 145K Top Sellers: God of War Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze Detroit: Become Human Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
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    a sports game has a few reused assets? OMG No waaaaaay!!!!! . I wonder if JonB1 mind will explode once he realizes how many reused assets are in Forza yearly releases?
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    That quote from that website is about Mario Tennis Aces bro, not about Smash lol You're trying too hard and failing. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Yeah I said gaming systems, I don’t need a paper weight
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    Retards. Retards everywhere. I bet he's a lemming.
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    They’re celebrating a beta. I think I’ll let them have this one
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    I just heard a few tracks. Maybe this was a blessing.
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    So I'm looking at my to buy list and I'm like ''Xbox has no games .'' Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Nioh Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition Yakuza 6: The Song of Life God of War Detroit Become Human I guess I could be playing Wolfie 2 in glorious 4K/60FPS on Xbox One and... Xbox One Game, it all makes sense now.
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    Also grain of salt, but believable and predictable. ""Streaming (the internal name for this is XCloud) is after the next Xbox and likely won't be deployed into games until end of next gen. According to my friend who works at MS, this is someone who has been talking about this since last year, this is their end game and what they want to do ultimately instead of making new Xbox hardware. He also said that they already have the infrastructure in place for non gaming utilities for internal use at MS. They have some sort of predictive model for mitigating latency issues. "
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    It's like one of those evil debauchery parades in Central Yharnam in Bloodborne Whole town square dancing and twirling, worshipping the devil. Hell on Earth
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    I prefer a small community but that complete free speech is allowed. Censoring shit is fucking lame and the reason why i dont bother with most forums nowadays. Even if i think what OP says is dumb, he should be able to say it and people debate it. I say stop relying on censorship to fight your battles and start dealing with them. We dont need people shielded from offensive content, we need that people can deal with offensive content without getting PTSD out of it.
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    ITT the people that constantly tell you how Great Six of Thieves and 5.0 of Decay are tell you how this game doesn't look any good.
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    Crazy attracts crazy. I lent a retarded friend some money so he could flip it and make some money. He was desperate. He says he used to sell crack, and I think ok, he knows what he's doing since he's friends with all the gas station crackheads. So he goes to this pizza parlor bar where the owner sells you 10 crack rocks for $60, comes back to the gas station and some fiend was "asking for a taste" and being extra friendly, so they tell him to go to a some old lady's house a few blocks away and I go with him just in case. Then they tell him the old lady will only allow one person in there and I try to convince him not to go in. Well he does cause my friend is too trusting, and the guy pulls out a knife...and tells him to drop the crack. Now he's traumatized. Another time a black roommate of his asks me to borrow $20-30 because he was about to get kicked out. So he starts detailing his plan and talks all about how he used to cook crack and shit. He went out, bought some crack, "cooked" it with baking soda to double it and no one buys it lol. He gets kicked out so we try to teach him how to be homeless by showing him the homeless hangouts, missions, and shelters (which was another crazy adventure). Later me and this kid try to sell it but the crackhead lady we sold it to at the gas station starts making a scene on our block in the middle of the night saying it wasn't crack. And I tell her to shut the fuck up and keep it, I hadn't even told her to pay yet. So we go buy a crack pipe and my friend tries it and says it's the shittiest crack he ever smoked. Then I smoke the residue and I get super sharp vision and then I immediately have to take a shit. First and only time I tried it, even though it doesn't really count lol. So yeah, never trust crackheads. And don't ever lend people money even if it's your natural instinct to try to help. I think you're lucky actually. You were very close to those 2. In the car and your apartment, it could have turned out much worse. But I get you, taking risks is fun.
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    Should we compile a list of exclusives Xbox won't be getting?
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    Lemmings are even worse than sheep in getting excited for old ass ports I guess that happens when you have no exclusives
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    Remember when Ninja Theory did that donation for Xflop sales? They didn't even reach their stretch goal because non-gamer lemshits spent all their money on the UHD Blu-rays instead of playing Hellblade. Notice how they said they'd donate the additional $25k when they reach 100K sales... well that tweet never happened. Non-gamer faction.
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    playstation back to E3 2006 meme status MS turned the tide goddamn
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    Oh so metacritic has value now? So that means Resistance: Fall of Man > Halo 5: Guardians.
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