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    i'm just glad that we got some peeps here who actually like talking about games.
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    My children's children will be posting in this place
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    @ gd any idea how long slayaway camp is? I’ve played for at least 5 hours, and i’ve Only gotten through the first shelf of movies. It seems pretty long if the rest of the shelves will eventually fill up.
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    yeah, i play mine at the office all the time, especially when i'm waiting for graphics to render, or for video to feed in. i practically live at the office. so i hear ya brotha! and i'm married...so there's no correlation between playing handheld games and being single.
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    I recently came from a business Trip at work. Took the Amtrack for a few hours. Played Mario SRPG on the way up. Played it in the Hotel room after the conference. Played it in the Amtrack ride back down the next day. Console games on the go, not tethered to the TV. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    I'm not single. I travel 3-4 months a year for work. Switch makes perfect sense for me
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    Can't remember the last time I logged into sw. Also sad to see SS go. Guess I'll post here until this place inevitably dies as well.
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    While the PS1 had more games. Dismissing the N64 as just Mario and Zelda is very disingenuous. The N64 had a great library with genre defining games from both 1st and 3rd parties. The PS1 also had a great library but also had more games overall. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    This place will live forever. 2004-infinity
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    Ys is fucking finally here.
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    Switch must be more capable than we think or Bethesda wouldn't bother with it.
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    I believe the Doom Switch Version NDA expires tonight. That will give us an idea of what is capable Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Next on black meet up. Com Try n say something bad Zero looks like he gets his eyebrows waxed with Wendy Williams, faggit.
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    Im too chicken shit to post my pic on reddit's roast me, so gimme the best you got
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    Ya'll manchildren. Playing games at work and when on business trips. lmao
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