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  1. TLHBO

  2. Kendrick Lamar - do you like his stuff?

    He has grown on me, but I still prefer to be stuck in the past.
  3. http://www.businessinsider.com/nintendo-switch-popular-on-black-friday-2017-11 And that's without a discount
  4. LOL I love this EA meme.

  5. Is planet Earth 2 good ?

    I liked it. It's not as amazing as PE1 was, but it's still worth a watch.
  6. Saddest story of the week.

    word That bitch needs to get the same treatment she gave that poor dog.
  7. Saddest story of the week.

    So I just read this story on Reddit about this horrible excuse for a human being who went on to cheat on her deployed husband with two different dudes while leaving his dog to starve. This picture was taken the same day he arrived from his deployment. He found a dying dog and a trashed home. In that pic. you can see all the suffering that poor animal went through. The dude had to put her down on the same day he arrived Also, he did press charges against that bitch and she's now serving 90 days in jail.
  8. PUBG dev working on new IP for Switch

    Imagine a Metroid bounty hunter themed version of this game
  9. Deadpool 2 teaser

  10. What is your favorite mobster movie?

    Those are awesome too