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  1. Finally PS4 to Switch adapter is out

    Sweet, now I can use my arcade stick with my switch.
  2. My posting is blocked. I'm fucked.

    Come back to us, Jim.
  3. I started it, but only played through the beginning. I need to get my ps3 back and give it a second chance.
  4. EA shuts dow Viseral Games

    EA doing what EA does best.
  5. Just started The Fracture But Whole. So far it's all great
  6. Good morning my sweeties

    Same. Although the temptation is big in some of my circles.
  7. Good morning my sweeties

    oh shit, just notice that. Damn, that blows.
  8. Good morning my sweeties

    that's fucking sweet, bro
  9. Let's all return to our original names