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    What if she is a transwoman?
  2. Try the new Zelda game, it might change your perspective on gaming.
  3. Javier updates..

    I remember GD saying he didn't see himself getting married, now look at him. Who knows, maybe one day it will hit you too.
  4. Xbox 360 release party ..

    I recently had to give away a 36in sony triniton, due to moving and having no space for it. Now I will never be able to experience the classics like they are meant to be.
  5. Javier updates..

    With the exception of the no wife part, that sounds great. There's something about a farmer life that sounds soothing. Something I wish I could just give up the city and give that lifestyle a shot, far away from the poison in today modern city.
  6. Xbox 360 release party ..

    Dat CRT tv
  7. My dad just caught me swallowing.

  8. The game is truly a masterpiece. I feel sorry for the fools missing out on it
  9. I quit drinking

    I'm all for a new jimbo
  10. Forgive me Padre

    kill jimbo and all shall be forgiven
  11. I'm 47% European 29% African 13% Jewish 6% Native and 4% North African the blackness was not a surprised, I'm Caribbean after all, but the 13% jew part got me like
  12. How many people here...

    I do