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  1. funny thing is that there are actual studies that proof that soy doesn't affect your testosterone level or give bitch tits, you're most likely to get that from homogenized milk.
  2. it's a game brah not an actual representation of WW2. Besides who cares about the campaign, BF always been about the multiplayer. I'm sure you won't see those "fake gamers" there.
  3. I feel the same. They really are the polar opposite of the left. While the left wants everything to be diversity, conservatives go crazy the minute they see a woman or a minority in an important role. There's no meeting halfway with these people. Worst is when they call you a Nazi for disagreeing with them.
  4. I’m not for force diversity but some of you guys need a chill pill. Going ham over a fictional story is ridiculous. I understand if they were passing this off as historical facts but they’re not.
  5. I have OCD. Used to be bad, but thanks to some cognitive behavioral therapy I'm much better now.
  6. That blows. Hopefully his last days are peaceful.
  7. That part yeah, but dude has some distorted views about men.
  8. Spoilers

    I want to make it clear that spoiling recently released games, movies, books, tv episodes is a bannable offense. If you want to post a spoiler than either use a spoiler tag or use the thread title to warn people.
  9. they give you one character for free. You can pay for the rest