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  1. 2017 NFL Thread

    Rapistberger sucks
  2. Why does Xenoblade look like a 3ds game

    "Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a beautiful game" Digital Foundry. JonB is a fraud
  3. Final Fantasy 15 is the definitive Final Fantasy

    That's what your mom said when you were born
  4. 2017 NFL Thread

    Next time I hear another Vikings fan say "skol", I am going to urinate on them. They don't even fucking know what it means.
  5. Those of you that disagree post your reasons. If your reason is stupid, I will mock you into oblivion. If you agree, I also want your reasons as to why.
  6. Which is the most immature faction?

    Cows are by far the most immature. They get triggered every time they get slaughtered, which is often.
  7. Ps4 pro is trash. Xbox One X is vastly superior. Cows are dead
  8. Xbox One X marks the flop reviews trickling in.

    Cows are delusional.
  9. The Switch is killing the Piece of shit 4 in every aspect. Cows are losing their shit
  10. Wolfenstein 2 is a strong GOTY contender

    FPS are dead
  11. Famitsu give Super Mario Odyssey a 39/40

    Ramza is a load of shit that came straight from a horse's ass
  12. N64 classic

    I will buy this also