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  1. Lemmings should just jump off the nearest bridge.
  2. It was good and she was amazing. You twinks just need to stick to fucking each other.
  3. Unity looks like Cooke's asshole after a night of pounding
  4. There is no defending this Lemtards. Xbox is done. It is now Nintendo, Sony, and some other company with vision. The Xbox experiment is over.
  5. Lemshits are not going to touch this thread. Labo would only nead to score a 1 out of 10 to outscore Xbox one exclusives
  6. Breath of the Wild is open world and exploration done right. Everything else is shit compared to the GOAT Btreath of the Wild
  7. To be fair Tomb Raider was pretty awesome but other than that Xbox One is a failure.
  8. All of them. Soda is fucking disgusting. I only drink water
  9. Yes it can do cross play. PS4 can't because of Sony. Ms and Nintendo will also be doing crossplay once Nintendo's online system is fully implemented. Thanks for making sheep look ignorant
  10. So what this tells us is that it's ok to screw over poor people but not ok to screw over rich people.