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  1. Disaster Movies

    Wrong. Fart/Poop jokes have been around for centuries and will remain completely timeless.
  2. Disaster Movies

    Fart jokes > Jersey Shore

    I'll probably wait till its drops to like 20 bucks. I feel like playing souls on a handheld would completely ruin the atmosphere in the game.
  4. that's is simply not true but yes you are a parrot lmao
  5. jonb slaying his former groupie
  6. "I've heard it's a pretty good game, competent in its function"
  7. Looks like Ori 2 is the only good thing on the way for flop box. Cant catch a break.
  8. people still pretending to enjoy and fake hyping SoT I see
  9. Mick also did a small colab with Thordendal from Meshuggah on the New Order soundtrack.
  10. Dude is the man. I didnt know that he aslo did Prey and that ost was worth the listen. I didn't even play it yet.