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  1. I want Bloodborne on PC/Switch just so more people can experience the GOAT. Me personally, I can't really think of anything. Xbox games are all on PC so no need to bring them over to a console. I've already played the only game that mattered for Microsoft this gen: Ori. And I still wanna give Cuphead a go.
  2. None of the cool console kids would wanna play this anyway. This will be a 5 dolla flash sale item in like 2 years. A true pc pc number 1 gem.
  3. I doubt he actually cares that much and is just amusing himself. Like you amuse yourself by wearing ladies underwear doused in my tears.
  4. It's a sickness really. These are extreme consumers who relate the success of a company to their own success and it serves to validate their existence and economic choices. We all suffer from varying degrees of this.
  5. Monster Hunter World. Recently got to the High Rank quests/7 star investigations so the good gear is on it's way. Main with the Charge Blade (Rathian/Poison) and Long Sword (Hornutaur/Paralysis) as a secondary. I'm curious to see how this game tops some of the beasts I've already encountered. Still pretty early and the enemies are already top dog All in all loving the game. Been a blast with friends especially.