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  1. MS already more or less said they wanted to do this. This is obviously where this is headed. Both them and Nintendo profit from this.
  2. I remember he told me he didn't want to discuss sales anymore last year when Switch was winning every NPD and mediacreateNow he sticks to NPD ....until next month
  3. Make good games for it and support it unlike they have done with all of their failed products. They will silently kill VR though. There will be no next gen.
  4. Look how threatened this guy is by MS and Nintendo's new partnership
  5. Minecraft, Fortnite, RocketLeague... these games are huge. Sony may as well pack it in once Gamepass comes to Switch.
  6. VR is not in its infancy. It's been around since the 90's. The fact of the matter is that nobody wants to put boxes on their heads.
  7. Switch is tracking ahead of PS4 by every metric and will outsell pos4 this year as well. Wait until that Q4 gold rush.
  8. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/nintendo-switch-now-the-best-selling-console-ever-/1100-6457564/
  9. It's 2015 Switch didn't even have any games in half 1 and still beat pos4
  10. This and that mech game for Switch were the best games at E3 Cinematic trash
  11. Switch tracking ahead of PS4's second year PS4 2nd year (2015) x Switch 2nd year (2018) Jan - 190k / 270k Feb - 340k / 280k Mar - 330k / 310k Apr - 175k / 170k May - 155k / 165k