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  1. Cooke, come over.

    No he wasn't. He's royalty there.
  2. Cooke, come over.

    Ban the guy who talks about gaming keep the homosexual, cannibal, vagrant, derilict who Cooke tried to get with
  3. This is what I picture the inside looking like
  4. It's only being hyped from a sales/popularity perspective. I haven't seen one person here who said they are getting it. Switch already dominated 2017 at metacritic and GS so the last thing we need to do is hype labo scores
  5. Knowing their corporate history the cardboard thing = playing cards from the past is probably very deliberate. They like to embrace history and reinvent it.
  6. Goddamn what a legendary company Looks like a fighting game background http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/01/23/photo-nintendo-headquarters-1889-kyoto/ A new project by the city of Kyoto recently went online, looking back at the origins of the city. Titled Memories of Kyoto, 150 Years After the Meiji Period, the project documents its history from 1868 to 1912, during the reign of Emperor Meiji.
  7. I have a 54 year old woman coming over.

    take her pics and post them here before you dismember her
  8. How is Wolfenstein 2?

    It's great that Bethesda, the only na publisher left who publishes good single player games, is having all of their games ported to Switch Thank you Nintendo
  9. How is Wolfenstein 2?

    Doom is a bit repetitive but that gameplay loop is sick
  10. How is Wolfenstein 2?

    Literally sitting on close to 25 unfinished games right now 2017 was only 22 days ago and we had the best games out of any platform
  11. How is Wolfenstein 2?

    Since I don't play console games on my tv anymore like it's the 1980's, I was wondering how good this is? Doom is incredible
  12. Back from being expunged.

    Jimbo is that your mothers lingerie?
  13. Poll: Unban Grip

    His dedication should be admired a true system warrior