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  1. Indies, Japanese, na devs it's all growing and will continue to with this kind of momentum aimed the 20+ male demographic You are delusional af but keep holding hope
  2. Highest rated exclusives ever while you have none. Industry support growing daily Reality will soon hit so just bow to the king now.
  3. This guy keeps talking about his cheap giveaway bargain sales period like a jewish cobbler while I'm saying Xbox is getting its ass kicked on a whole and will continue to. And yeah we get numbers and Xbox is last and Switch will already pass it soon.Anytime you're up for a real bet without backpedaling like a dancing clown let me know
  4. 2 of the high scoring games of all time. Industry support growing daily. Enjoy Forza and Destiny though
  5. Good one You ducked the 2017 bet though How about 2018? 2019? Does Xflop ever have a chance again?
  6. Pretty sure Switch has been embarrassing Xflop all year long at full price and your only hope is a fire sale to sell off all the unsold inventory over the year No faith in Xflop 2018 either. new lows
  7. Sig bet Switch obliterates Xflop in sales in 2017? i will make you renounce Xbox and your pipe dreams
  8. So a fire sale to sell off all the inventory thats been sitting on store shelves over the year as Switch demolished themAfter that what do you got? Last place if your an Xbox fan
  9. One thing I've learned about SW is that price drops rarely do shit, a couple months bump for dying products, Switch is the hotness and will destroy everything with poroper supply. Xbox will remain a distant third by the end of this gen. Development support growing daily, Taking over everything,bow to your nintendo overlords peasants
  10. I'm leaning towards that it won't but still has a chance if Nintendo doesn't make enough available in Nov or Dec beyond that ps4 is second fiddle from here on out and ps5 has no chance against Switch
  11. Digital Foundry - Skyrim Switch

    Can we stop geeking out for 2 seconds and stop pretending that unless you are 480 p, resolution maybe adds an exta 2 percent of enjoyment to said game and that is being generous.
  12. Lems, Cows , I'll settle this, pro and x are both gonna flop. One maybe slightly less than the other but both filthy flops nonetheless
  13. Rocket League Switch

    It's all they have I ain't going to be think of resolution when I'm rocket leauging
  14. seems like one of those threads that's going to get bumped at later date and op demolished Jonb ain't even touching this one
  15. Guys this isn't bait Still waiting to hear about all these exclusive bangers