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  1. I have never seen a console dominate SW so much that we are getting convert stories like thisNintendo won kiddos
  2. The newest is a bad excuse considering consoles peak in year 3-4 sales Switch is going to obliterate Xbox yet another year once the Fall/Winter big hitters hit. Xbox will get lapped
  3. The next few months are up for grabs until Smash and Pokemon hit and Switch wins the year but Xbox, make no mistake, will finish last worldwide in sales for yet another year
  4. lol sorry to poke a few holes in your theory but Nintendo made more money last quarter than they have in a decade Switch had the highest first party sales ever and 3DS sales are up
  5. Switch's dominance is getting people to turn sheep. The systemwar is over
  6. PERFORMANCE THIS WEEK Average viewers last week: 36,386 avg viewers this week 14,797 -21,589 (-59%) from last week Peak viewers last week: 147,576"m peak viewers this week 37,315 -110,261 (-75%)from last week Average number of channels last week: 1,558 Average number of channels this week: 767 -791 (-51%) from last week
  7. Switch sucks

    Nintendo could take a shit at this point and it would beat Xbox
  8. Switch sucks

    It had better games in 2017 than Xbox has had in its entire company history
  9. They got this game and Doom running in weeks PS4 and XB1 and their old ass parts