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  1. It might be good but I don't think it justifies the loss of pretty much all other third party support.
  2. bubuub not alot on your switch either .. no third parties. .just indie shit.
  3. Thanks for supporting Microsoft!
  4. The point is Switch doesn't get the third parties the rest of us get. So if you're a switch only gamer then you're not really a gamer.
  5. so it actually doesn't mean shit that it's the "fastest" growing indie market.. BH trying to make it sound like something amazing when nintendo is just now starting to catch up.. They are catching up quickly but who cares about indie trash.. They can have that shit
  6. cows just making ship up on a whim again. they have no games.. the only game they know how to play is SW trolling.
  7. Because the company's entire worth means it has more leverage. And @lynux3Halo, Gears and Forza are known to be highly beloved franchises and there ain't nothing you can do about that. They are exclusive and you don't get to play them... or you do play them on your pc with a1440p monitor. Funny how cows don't like racing games anymore Back when polyphony digital was on top with gran turismo we couldn't shut the stupid cows up about it. Now that we've destroyed any racing franchise that comes to sony consoles they suddenly hate racing games and don't want to count it as an exclusive. lmfao too funny.
  8. Too many cry asses on this forum. Bu bu no games and now that MS has acquired studios you move the goal posts. MS has their own exclusives. Just because they're not your cup of tea doesn't mean other people don't like them. Plus we get the best versions of multiplats which is at least 80%-90% of total library. Exclusives matter and if you prefer Sony's exclusives then good for you. Unless you own a pc capable of One X graphics or beyond and actually play it on a 4k display you have no room to talk about exclusives.