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  1. I was just kidding bro lol this being SW and all.. If you're pc can play all the games then that's the way to go. My PC really isn't up to the task anymore so I just do the Xbox thing to get the graphical eye candy.. I won't lie, I've also had PS4 and Switch. They're all good consoles and have their own strengths.
  2. I'm not talking about only exclusives you illiterate fuck.. Nice try though.. I do enjoy the MS exclusives like Halo, Forza and Gears but the cherry on top is when I play my games on my 65" 4K HDR.. There ain't nothing like it.. If you're strictly a cow or a sheep.. or don't have means for a gaming machine then sorry, you lose this console war brother.. IF and when sony and ninty decides to step up then you can talk shit. Playing games like they are meant to be played in 2018 is where's it's at. Y'all just mad cuz you can't afford the 4k and top of the line XBeastX console... srry.
  3. At least MS doesn't continue to feed us garbage.. That's the difference between Sheep and Lemgods, Nintendo just continues to shovel the shit. like toys amiibo, cardboard bullshit games... and the sheepfucks continue to eat it up. Lemgods on the other hand did get raped when MS introduced Kinect but we voiced our opinions and it's now pretty much an addon.. Actually useful in some circumstances.. But the LABO? Come on sheep.. you can't be this stupid.. I guess that's the difference... The Sheep are just stupid in that they continue to buy nintendos garbage so they continue to make it... Pathetic.
  4. X got plenty of game though.. so what you're problem?
  5. how did you know? But dat OneX got plenty of games yo.
  6. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    Honestly, have any of you purchased or plan on purchasing a labo? If so, what did you get/getting.. edit: it's corny as fuck lol
  7. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    Nah for real man, I haven't kept up on what's up and coming in while so I pretty much heard about this a couple weeks ago. Then I looked into it. I honestly can't see anyone being interested in this.. Kids might buy into it maybe it needs to catch on first. It needs to become something that people want... who told nintendo that anyone wanted this?
  8. I still can't believe that LABO exists and that sheep are hyping it
  9. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    I think I might camp outside gamestop with a lawnchair one day and just laugh at the people walking out with $80 cardboard.
  10. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    Nintendo: Hello customer, here is an empty cardboard box... $80 please.
  11. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    It's pretty embarrassing for the sheep. Nintendo's CEO could probably shit in a bag and put it on store shelves with the nintendo seal the sheep would still buy it. This is pretty sad.. like for real.. I would love to see a sheep on here defend this pos Nintendo obviously has no respect for gaming or it's user base. Seeling a piece of cardboard. Is it waterproof at least? I mean, if I get one of those cardboard backpacks and decided to go spelunking in a damp cave.. Would it be for that one time only or could I re-use the labo?
  12. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    How old is the average sheep anyway? Is the switch labeled for ages 6-9 or some wacky shit?
  13. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    Shittendo ruining the gaming industry..
  14. Nintendo LABO is $70-$80 bucks?

    Oh let's see.. individual shit arcade games with a piece of cardboard = Full price beast games like Wolfenstein, Witcher and other games that took years to make? hahahah.. Fools and their money.. Let's see how well this hot garbage sells..
  15. for cardboard... lmao seriously?