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  1. im sure switches will continue to collect dust on shelves while the X continues to be sold out errywhere
  2. lol the lembabies need to empty their diapers because xbox x has not even one exclusive.. lmfao but of fuckign lemtots
  3. Digital Foundry - Skyrim Switch

    Very strange isn't it? Switch is not next gen by any means in terms of graphics.

    breath of the mild
  5. This shit just got REAL! What now cows?
  6. Demon Gaze II - Launch Trailer (PS4, PS Vita)

    why are you playing as a little girl?
  7. SW Battlefront 2 6/10 at GS

    They revamped it.. made the cost of heroes 75% cheaper. That review may no longer apply.
  8. Which is the most immature faction?

    We're like unicorns.. a rare breed
  9. Switch positioned to shit all over everything

    yeah just read that here. damn https://kotaku.com/fallout-4-is-not-the-fallout-fans-fell-in-love-with-1745651992
  10. Switch positioned to shit all over everything

    please provide at least one example.
  11. Switch positioned to shit all over everything

    Fuck Skyrim.. Finally got around to playing Fallout 4 .. game is pretty tite. Me likey So obvious thought that Skyrim and Fallout are pretty much the same game except the gamplay. Guns for Fallout and swords for skyrim. Is Switch getting it? I would probably pick it up if it came with all dlcs