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  1. A game like that would suck with the joycons.. you'd have to get a pro controller and if you're gonna play it while sitting on the couch then you may as well play the superior version on X.. joycons are cheap and shit.. they suck balls.. lmao using that crap for Dark Souls. hahahaha
  2. I honestly look up to Bill Gates. The guy has been my hero since the late 90s for real
  3. And MS will be profiting.. and in turn will re-invest those profits in Xbox. Thanks for the leg up bro
  4. I have two three words for you. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS
  5. If you like playing games on 5 year old tech then go ahead.. fucking tard
  6. I'm seeing you say "I think" and shit alot.. like I think it will do well. not confident are we? bahahaha
  7. It also makes sense nintendo since they probably couldn't manage that kind of performance hit on their network for those types of games. just a badly designed network for online game honestly. BUT MS, well shit that's where they excel... They've been in the Network Operating System business for decades and have been the market leaders since the 90's, Their business is growing exponentially so I understand how they can hire the brightest minds on the planet and get shit done.
  8. So why are all the sheep itching to get on MS dick to play games on their service?
  9. MS is evolving gaming. They are the wealthiest tech company in the world. They have the most brilliant minds working for them in terms of technology. I would love to see nintendo or sony attempt these kinds fo things.. They wouldn't even know where to start bunch of newbs lmao