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  1. First of all I will be playing the real GOW tonight at midnight. Gears of War that is.
  2. If you want true 4k don't get Protato
  3. It's dogshit... literally..not literally.. but it's still dog shit... truth hurts I know but deal with it.
  4. why the secrets? you guys sending kissy faces to each other too? lol
  5. When you consider everything that you have to buy.. but I'm just looking at Best Buy now and they have psvr bundle for under $400 cad but then you'd have to buy the motion controllers on top of that. Still not too bad for under 500 right now and you get one game. If you got it at launch or soon after then I'm sure it was more. Edit: It looks like you get the camera so it might come motion controls included.
  6. I suppose. Do you post anywhere else where they talk about games? ResetEra or other places?
  7. Ya for sure. I don't really care where it comes from.
  8. Hey guys, I just wanna talk to you fuckers for a sec. I see lots of hate and anger towards each other related to exclusives and whatnot. WTF you gonna do? Stop being little bitches and play games. We should all try to get along and talk about games we're playing and how amazing they are. I'm a LemG so I'm into a plethora of games but right now I'm mostly concentrating on these. All in glorious 4K Sea of Thieves Fortnite MHW This gen has been an interesting ride and I hope to see enhancements in graphics in the next Xbox when they announce it the day after they release PS5 to the world. The next Xbox I'm sure will be at least twice as powerful as X1X. I'm thinking it might be a good time for MS to buy up some VR tech such as Oculus or some shit like that and use it as a platform to build around the new Xbox. Shit is gonna start looking really real with more power.. know what I'm sayin jiggas? If they hit their peak in terms of graphics, resolution and framerate, they will have tons of extra horsepower for an additional VR unit. MS should definitely take advantage of that with their superior horsepower.. We all know MS will continue to dominate in this regard. Sony will release PS5 and we will likely see the specs for the next Xbox soon after which double the raw, untamed power of the XGod. So what games you playing?
  9. I mean, this dude will fuck you like a little bitch and blow his load inside of you on camera and put it on youtube. If there was a suitcase with 5 mil cash for you to take afterwards? would you do it?
  10. I'll name my son Geralt and my two daughters Triss and Yennefer.