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  1. Noooo Chris Cornell!! Rip

    Half an hour later
  2. Javier updates..

  3. Guys I want to give up

    Don't give up! *hugs*
  4. yo whats up, SW?

    That's no excuse. Cooke is sexy
  5. I would like to reveal identity

    Don't do it!
  6. People are confounded by me...

    Do you live with your parents?
  7. Please help me come out of my shell
  8. Play it, it's great!
  9. I've been a Cow since PS3

    Xbox has no games
  10. This is a nice forum

    And works really well on mobile. Sidescrollers is a terrible forum and works even worse on mobile. How can we get them to come back here and make use of this forum?
  11. this place still kicking eh?

    I'm a turtle
  12. Reboot Reboot.

  13. Reboot Reboot.

    Reboot is rebooting?
  14. Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    This looks terrible. Why do they keep making spiderman movies?!