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  1. Might get a Pro tonight

    Lol sports games
  2. Oh please do! There's room in my shell for the both of us... To play wolf 2
  3. Obviously nothing for lemmings but what about you Cows, sheep and hermits? I want wolf 2. Please Santa bring it for me!
  4. Russia banned from the 2018 Olympics

    Lol Trump must be sad
  5. The Photography Thread

    Wow those are good Cooke
  6. RUMOR: Nintendo Direct January 18

    I want a more open world metroid where you explore the Galaxy and visit random planets but still have well crafted level designs
  7. Im not really into this kind of music but this is sex

    I like that they incorporate electric guitars into this. Sounds so smooth
  8. Im not really into this kind of music but this is sex

    I'm gonna be pumping this is my shell all day
  9. LOL I love this EA meme.

    EA. Enlarged Assholes
  10. Nintendo obviously, I may be a turtle but I'm not stuck in my shell
  11. The exuberance of Xbox.

    Did you use your weed money to buy one?
  12. Yup those are all the Switch exclusives coming ever. That's it guys, time to close up shop.
  13. Deadpool 2 teaser

    Lmao can't wait