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  1. 99%? Lmao isn't it the largest country in Europe? You dumb
  2. Cookester15

    Worse than javier who let this place fall apart. What a dick for bringing it back!
  3. Cookester15

    The worst admin sw has ever had
  4. Probably not but it will make first and second party games better.
  5. How could you not like Giant mechs fighting even larger giant mechs?
  6. Serious question. What was your reason for it? It's definitely not for the exclusive games. 99% of your game library is on another console that has 10x exclusive games. We know why sheep buy nintendo consoles, it's for Nintendo games. There are no Microsoft games.
  7. https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/311093-sony-blocks-fortnite-ps4-players-from-using-their-account-on-the Apparently Sony is blocking people from using their ps4 fortnite account on Switch. Lmao what turds
  8. Because of the ring of power
  9. Should have been at launch but whatever https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/310979-best-buy-listing-points-to-netflix-and-youtube-apps-releasing-for