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  1. I'm still an admin here?

    What is SS?
  2. I'm drunk ask me anything

    I'm not drunk anymore so I can't answer
  3. Santa Clarita Diet

    Jimbo this is a show for you, its about eating people.
  4. I'm still an admin here?

    thats like 30 cents right?
  5. My epidiymis hurts

    Pinched nerves hurt like a bitch
  6. I'm eating people now

    Santa Clarita diet?
  7. LMFAO SWDubz

    Well maybe if you weren't a douche you could have stayed a little longer
  8. there is usually more than 1 person in a movie
  9. ff sucks shit. The best one was FF3 or 6 or whatever number it is.