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  1. How old is everyone?

    Wow there’s a sunrise in the sky and another one on your bald head
  2. Mods, pls rename SW.com to

  3. Poll: Unban Grip

  4. Maybe you’re also him pretending to be you
  5. Mods, pls rename SW.com to

    Legendary poster guys
  6. Dragonball FighterZ AAA

    9/10 review in progress on GS too lazy to post link Anybody getting this?
  7. Poll: Unban Grip

    Grips personality stops being humourous when you realise he’s like 48 with kids
  8. What do you do for a living?

    I guess you can no longer count on your body
  9. Poll: Unban Grip

    He sucks
  10. What do you do for a living?

    Digital Marketing Manager. I run advertising on all the major online platforms - Google, Facebook etc. but trying to get out of it. I also run my own ecommerce business
  11. How old is everyone?

  12. Post your drinking habits

    Drinking kinda sucks. Don’t get a good buzz from it anymore and usually end up with a hangover anyway