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  1. This is the faction that has confessed to having no games to play so they watch PS exclusives on YouTube after all
  2. Lmao things are so bad for lemmings. They are literally the retard in the playground who cries to the teacher when the bully (cows) pick on them. And now the teacher is bullying them too
  3. Herbs

    Never been big on weed. But I did discover fairly recently that it always made me feel like shit because I was drinking at the same time.
  4. I’d spoil a lemming AAA exclusive but you know
  5. So the meta correlates with the IGN score but they are biased Lemmings trying to put Ryse on GOW level is simply hilarious
  6. I appreciate that Bodycount recognises that remaining a lemming in 2018 means to be a parody of reality
  7. Just picked up my copy. TLHBFR