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  1. Sharing some fish & chips with the bros after a long and boring roller-coaster ride No wait you just want the boring ugly ass ride
  2. Those amazing exclusives cows said *rides a roller-coaster*
  3. Just got a $700 bonus at work

    Get all the great games for PSVR You should still have $700 after that.
  4. The game that started it all

    It's amazing how much I liked the game but how tired I am of it now. Could go on forever without playing a Souls game First game is still the best
  5. mario odassy already at

    It's either Mario or Zelda anyway, Switch lmao
  6. Performance on PS4 - 0FPS at all times
  7. Got my PSVR!

    Lol I bought one 2 months ago and still haven't set it up yet, it's sitting in its box untouched You're also stupid for buying one now, knowing there's a revised version coming with less cables I also have Summer Lesson
  8. Soul Calibur VI.

    Looks gorgeous, tshbr
  9. My Fallout 4 character

    These same people criticize FFXV while playing this vomit for almost 100 hours
  10. Jederpey on suicide watch
  11. Bitcoin new all time high - $12,000+

    Future millionaire, good job You plan on selling any at some point or are you just gonna hold on to it to see what happens?