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  1. Even OG Xbox had better online, Nintendo is 2 gens behind
  2. It doesn't. Lol at these kiddy garbage games, literally nothing
  3. Sit down hermslob or you won't be getting any leftovers tonight fucking owned
  4. Literally don't give a fuck, I'd rather take a late Best version of Nier Automata than play Mario fucking Tennis LMFAOROFL In fact I'd rather play nothing than Mario Tennis, go fish for some imaginary ownage somewhere else with your kiddy garbage tennis party game
  5. dial-a-combo garbage, game had some cool characters but it was pretty shitty. MKII reigns supreme, played that so much with my brother
  6. Nobody gives a shit Playing tennis with Mario and Donkey Kong, you guys are in your 30s by now kys I'll take Nier Automaga in a few days instead no problem, thanks for playing
  7. How is Raw Data for PSVR? I need a good shooter without fruit and monsters to aim at
  8. Like this or smaller for cognac, your hand palm warms it up and improves the aroma
  9. Gotta let it warm up to your hand with cognac, wrong glass type to pour it in
  10. Needs more games like RE7, Bethestrash games stink. Cyber Polish trash 2077 would be great for boosting interest in VR
  11. Bu bu Ukraine slobs btfo
  12. Stop being so butt-blasted you smelly cows, Xbox has great backwards compatibility, Playstation doesn't. Go cry to Sony and suck it