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  1. because i am selfish
  2. That TV was awesome.. i wish I still had it for retro gaming
  3. xjamms thats was her username
  4. I tried to pick this thing up about 15 different times... had nowinstock alerts .. checked brickseek I think the employees at the retail stores were just setting them aside to sell them on ebay... Anyone here got one?
  5. Bought a farm.. mostly just a tropical fruit grove but i have 21 chickens Still work in I.T. , hoping to retire in 5 years still work out.. no wife no kids... started meditating every day.. trying to setup a solar, wind, battery system these days.. fun hobby
  6. too lazy to open it.. at this stage i dont even know why i bother.. who the funk has time for gaming..
  7. Javier Gamedrunk Orvtech and I dont remember her username