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  1. Halo 6 for $10 is going to be a big deal. They'll cannabalize their retail sales to push their service. But expect them to monetize their games out the ass with microtransactions.
  2. No. Common sense. Goes just fine with Phil's "complicated buziness" for SP games quote.
  3. This further make MS less interested in funding single player games btw.
  4. Does anyone even like the idea of Game Pass essentially turning into XBox down the line insteaf of MS focusing on more traditional console approaches?
  5. I cant believe Kratos going to the land of fairies turned out to be true.
  6. Well Game Pass is the same shit as EA Access isnt it?
  7. The idea is to use the razorblade model. Get games into people's hands at low entry point to make up on microtransactions. Its simple really.
  8. But their hardware and software is declining. No company invests into a dead end without growth potential. So they are just going for what they think has growth potential. I dont see an XBox netflix taking off but maybe I'm wrong you never know.
  9. You dont keep any games without paying I think thats important. Plus I think MS is willing to throw a lot under the bus for their service model to take off.
  10. I suspect MS will do something radical next gen like Nintendo did by merging their console and handheld markets but in an MS way.
  11. Phil said that game streaming servers will be ready in about 3 years. So that might be partly one of their future solutions as well.
  12. Sabotaging their retail presence for Sony isnt worth it. MS isnt even sure of they will do physical game releases in the future long term. I mean thats essentially the original vision for XBone.
  13. This is probably a precursor to some lame XBox streaming service on other platforms and I mean stuff like TVs.
  14. They probably want to make money on microtransactions for games that dont sell well, its a clever business idea.
  15. Sea of Thieves will be the first title available on launch day, March 20th, through the Xbox Games Pass, and that will “follow through with State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, and the rest of our portfolio,” says Spencer. “Not just those games, but our future Halos, our future Gears of War, future Forzas, and other games. Our plan is to launch those to our Game Pass subscribers at the same time they go to retail.” Guess its part of their digital and used games strategy. Not my thing but some people might like it.