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  1. https://limitedrungames.com/products/limited-run-154-musynx-ps4 Musynx releases in limited print tomorrow.
  2. Tons of people. They own hard.
  3. I think most people buried that idea a long time ago. They just want a semi decent game to get for cheap.
  4. Took me 40 hours to get the true ending. That was fuckng insane and creepy. Fantastic game. Even without the true ending it still keeps you hooked.
  5. So PS4 sailed through this gen at $300. That's retarded. I hope companies drop prices more.
  6. Because it washes money out of your country. You're also dependent on the outside, while your own production capacities stagnate.
  7. Absolite masterpiece. Steins Gate Elite is coming to PS4/Switch/PC thankfully this year.
  8. There is no such thing as alllies for the US. Only vassals.
  9. I hate to disappoint your nostagic ass, but they were fucking horrible. If you think high punch, low kick, high kick is the epitome of good fighting game design you have no fucking idea what you're talking about.
  10. Not when your import/export sado is heavily scuded to imports.