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  1. Early access timed exclusive. Will bump this thread in 6 months when its PS4.
  2. This shit looks and sound no matter where its made.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/941699386836336641/photo/1 22-26 December.
  4. Progression in Sea of Thieves - Official Walkthrough

    Its basically just an MMO reputation grind.
  5. Holy shit Death Stranding is going to look amazing. We dont have a good video comparison yet.
  6. Synthol Kid gets his arms drained

    This shit makes steroid users look like geniuses. Synthol users are all Darwin Award nominees.
  7. XBox's 2018 GOTY will be a multiplat.
  8. Physical release is PS4 only. https://store.iam8bit.com/products/what-remains-of-edith-finch-ps4-physical-edition
  9. From Software's PS4 game will be GOTY.
  10. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    So what does that mean in practice.