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  1. Sony outsold the XO ~2:1, right? It can't get any worse than that for Xbox Aza. This was a generation of everything aligning for Sony, and MS stumbling through the first half of the gen, and slowing putting things back together the second half. Sony isn't trouncing anyone if they release close (within 6 months of each other) and at similar prices/hardware. MS has too many good services and features that Sony doesn't match yet.
  2. I was a beast of a cow. I still would have been, but MS struck a cord with me when they began to unify Xbox and PC... and at the beginning of the gen, Sony was meh in all honesty. The fourm would have been wayyyy too one sided if it was literally just the entire forum VS Jonb. I felt bad. Bodycount was gone.. there was nobody else. I figured he committed suicide with how badly Sony was trouncing Xbox in the beginning. I took on the challenge Joining forces with my sworn enemies Fighting through past transgressions to find a common ground Getting to know thy enemy and studying their ancient texts Nastradamij was born from the ashes, ready to take on the burden....ready to fulfill his destiny
  3. There's this part I just played through in Moss, where you're inside this sort of temple ruins thing, and there's this one "screen" (environment) where you're inside and there's torches lighting the path with cobblestone and I look up and the ceiling is broken and you can see the huge trees of the forest you're in towering up to the canopy. Everything is so nicely detailed in this small environment, and then you look at these huge trees towering and it really gives you this sense of being this tiny being helping this little mouse fulfill her destiny in an impossibly big world. That screen alone might be one of my favorite things I've ever experienced in VR. I love this fucking world and don't want this game to end.
  4. You should man. And just think of how godlike a Mario or Zelda game would be in this style.
  5. Dude, I fucking LOVE this game. It was funny... when I started up the game for the first time, I got in and you're in this library with this book in front of you. It looks great. So do what I have to do and then get transported into the game's world, and I thought... oh man, this looks so good. Quill shows up and just animates so beautifully. The forest looks lush and nice. I'm figuring out all the controls. I go into the menu checking out the settings, and the graphics were on LOW............ I was like WTF... So I threw it on high and man, it just looks awesome. Hopefully there's a sequel made to this... because I'm already ready for more. I can only imagine how good this or a sequel would look on future headsets.
  6. I always thought Heavenly Sword had a cool aesthetic to it but could have been much better. I thought Enslaved was cool as well, and was a decent improvement over HS. DMC proved to me that they are capable of good combat, they just needed their own IP to work with. Hellblade had to be a more concentrated game in many ways, and as someone who followed the entire Dev diaries leading up to launch, I realized the limitations they had with this game and their budget, and thought what they chose to focus on and how they made the most of what they had was the right thing for that game. The reality was that it could have went very bad for them, but they managed to put together a surprisingly solid game with a comparatively minuscule budget, and I think they learned many important lessons along the way by doing so. I really do think that they are capable of delivering the type of game that MS actually needs right now. The cinematic story driven game that at least gets them out on the field playing in the same ballpark as Sony. That's why I think it was a great get for MS. They need a studio that can do those types of games, and they proved they could on a tight budget.. so it makes me even more optimistic for what they could do in the future.
  7. I like Sony TVs... it doesn't mean I have to like Playstation... you dumb fuck.
  8. But I've always had love for Ninja Theory, and I loved Hellblade, and I game on PC which get's more games than any other platform.
  9. For $500 or so can get you a good tablet. It will absolutely get you a garbage tier laptop however. He's not wrong.
  10. ...and that game is Moss. Oh my fucking GOD is this game gorgeous! Holy shit. Quill is such a cute little fucking character too. Superbly animated and full of expression. But it's not even Quill... it's the fucking environments which are just gorgeous and interesting will tons of little nooks and crannies. I fucking LOVE this game. Right at the start when you're thrown into the game world, I just felt awesome looking at this tiny little diorama-like environment they've built in this huge forest. It reminded me of The Secret World of Arrietty, but with tiny mice who have built their own little civilization, and I was this being that could manipulate it. It's fucking adorable and running around with Quill through all these amazing environments is awesome. The game controls perfectly with the Touch controllers. I literally think it would be hard for them to make it control any better actually. After running around a bit and doing some puzzles... I could only think of one thing... and that's how much of an injustice it is that Nintendo isn't on the VR bandwagon yet. I was just thinking how AMAZING a Mario game could be in this style. Be that an actual Mario puzzle platformer, or a Mario RPG title. Once I started thinking of that... I thought... FUCK.. how incredible it would be to have a Zelda game in this style. Oh man... it's such a missed opportunity. You could just imagine how fucking perfect Nintendo could make it... and how interesting they could make the puzzles. Like seriously. This HAS to happen... Nintendo... please But yes.. @Ramza I'm quite enjoying this game man. Did you think the same thing when you first started it? Don't tell me about if it gets better or falls off or whatever because I don't want to know. All I know is that this is a polished game, which looks so fucking gorgeous. It's fun to run around these environments and kill bad guys and find those scrolls. I love how you have to really move and peek around to find some of the secrets. I don't even know how long the game is... but so far, it's a 9.2/10. While this would be a gorgeous game to play simply on screen, it's really something special in VR.