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  1. They probably just fucked up the naming when they added FFXV Windows Edition to the Xbox/Windows store. The game does support cross play between those versions. It says Windows Edition for the regular Xbox One version as well when you take pics.
  2. Not really... it means that the graphics aren't the only thing that drives sales of new hardware... which you're not considering. The importance of correct messaging when launching a console and catering to the sector of the market who wants the latest and greatest. PS5 and X2 will be refinements of what PS4 and XO were. Nobody is arguing that. But they'll also provide games and experiences that simply weren't possible on the older hardware. PS4 owners are ready for change. And that's what it boils down to. The market is becoming saturated.. so new hardware will be released. PS4 Pro will not support PS5 games
  3. It's not going to have Switch graphics and that's not what I meant. The PS5 will look much better than PS4 and Pro. People don't care about the upgrade in technological advancements per-se so much as the improvements to the front end and the experience of just using the console.
  4. If the Switch doesn't tell you how little people care about the power of the hardware vs the overall experience of having new and improved QoL enhancements and features.. then you simply can't be told. lol
  5. Right.. because despite the fact that older hardware COULD run the games, people are ready for the next generation. They get tired of seeing their fps drop under 30... they get tired of seeing the same UI and experience. Tired of the same hardware and controllers. People don't upgrade just because they have to... they do because they want to. PS5 will be a substantial improvement over PS4 and Pro. It will be new, and it will be better. Sony will want those PS4 people to choose PS5.. and I believe they will offer full backwards compatibility. It's the most logical thing for them to do.
  6. I'd like to ask DynamiteCop a question then. Why are Sony and MS releasing next gen consoles then? Why not just cut off the PS4 and XO and run with the PRO and X1X for the next 4 years?
  7. Stupid excuses from people who are too lazy to plan for their future. These people have no want of responsibility in their life... so they work towards nothing and plan for nothing. Only living for themselves.
  8. The CPUs in the PS4/XO are garbage and always have been. I'm not saying there's going to be a huge change in games or anything like that.. but there will be things like physics and stuff like that which are entirely not possible on the PS4/XO.
  9. That's because the Pro and X1X are hamstrung by the old technology.... which is exactly what the PS5 means to change... is it really THAT hard to understand lol?
  10. There's more to games than just rendering graphics... considering that the true barometer of a next generation game is what it does with regards to AI and simulation complexity, as well as scale. The PS5's CPU and Memory will demolish that of the PS4 and Pro. There will absolutely be things that the CPU can do in the PS5 than neither PS4 will be able to. There's likely not anything that the next Xbox will do that the PS5 wont be able to however.....