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  1. OneX doing magic on Xbox 1 games

    Jonbone trynna create a narrative in his brain lmao
  2. Nah I'm Vini from here couldn't reset my PW
  3. Phone Wars

    Yea I think it's Note 8 only
  4. I'll stick with my Pro with SSD.
  5. Phone Wars

    You're on a SW forum dickwad. Fuck outta here with that high horse bs
  6. Phone Wars

    Congrats, best phone on the market IMO. Heads up if you download the Samsung Shop app you can get a 128gb SD card and a wireless charger for free
  7. Phone Wars

    You tell me what's so wrong with regular SMS that it needs updating?
  8. Phone Wars

    You don't need to fuck with settings to make it less intrusive and it has cross device support so it doesn't mess with MMS for Android and Windows users
  9. Phone Wars

    It only works if you shut all it's intrusive features off and then it functions like a regular SMS with a few milliseconds faster delivery. Suck my nut sack Apple.
  10. Phone Wars

    iMessage is fucking terrible internet chat bullshit. Another in house ecosystem crap they try to keep you on the tit with. Only works right if everyone in a group text has an iPhone go figure. Oh and I have no desire to let everyone know when I read their message or broadcast to everyone whether I'm typing or not, that shit's intrusive and useless. I straight up tell my friends to turn that trash off or they're getting kicked off group messages.
  11. Phone Wars

    LMAO everything that's wrong with Apple fanboys right here. Don't care what you have to say bro, apple is the best everything else sucks. Keep sucking that tit
  12. Phone Wars

    Because you titled the thread phone wars, not official fuckfuck Apple tit sucker thread There's absolutely nothing wrong with Android app performance. That's a ridiculous point to dwell on. There isn't a sigle app that works better enough on iPhones vs let's say Pixel 2 to justify purchasing an Apple device for it.
  13. Phone Wars

    Steve Jobs is dead bro. 6 years later they don't have a sigle piece of new hardware worth a fuck. Same phone for a decade, an ugly square watch for futurist douchebags, a touchbar nobody asked for and uses except for pretentious DJs, a pair of wireless headphones that look like your ears are menstruating... Apple's legacy of innovation is over, nothing but status virtue signaling for Instagram faggots.
  14. Phone Wars

    Ghostz still dick riding Apple full time
  15. Phone Wars

    So fuckin creepy