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  1. What is your favorite game ever created?

    KOTOR, hands down.
  2. Post the next 5 games you are going to buy

    Mario Skyrim Battlefront II Xenoblade Havent decied on the 5th yet, maybe AC:Origins or something to show off 4k on the XB1X
  3. Destiny 2

    It is, but its the price I pay for having friends who ultimately are committed to only one of the consoles.
  4. Destiny 2

    Originally got it for PS4, some of my friends have it for Xbox so i decided to get it for that as well.
  5. Destiny 2

    Anyone playing Destiny 2? I got it for PS4 and XBox One. Feel free to add me xSup3rm4nNx PSN/x1xsup3rmanx1x Xbox Live