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  1. terrible logic.... but yes, Splatoon 2 probably has outsold Halo 5 at this point if you don't count bundle sales lol.
  2. For Switch, which is a software monster, that's actually kinda... bad?
  3. Finished it, amazing game all around. Just could have used some better boss fights. I didn't realize they had made two optional realms. Gonna check them out and try some of the valkyrie fights.
  4. Sony and Nintendo doing good and MS doing mediocre, everything is right in gaming.
  5. better character movement, better combat, better level design, better enemies, better graphics, best sound, better cinematics. but at least Witcher 3 has nice quests right witcha.
  6. God of War shits on Witcher 3 in just about every way.
  7. What are you favorite games again this gen? Besides racing games.
  8. Not at all. There's barely any platforming and there's no shooting or stealth. It's all about combat and puzzles.
  9. Dear Cows

    I mean, anyone with common sense already knows this.
  10. God of War is better and more original than any game Xbox will ever get.
  11. PS3 was good from like 2010 to 2013. Last gen would have sucked if I only had a 360. Worst console I ever owned is a toss up between Xbox One and WiiU. Xbox One because it had no exclusives and terrible UI/update system, and WiiU because the tablet was awful and it was a dead console in like 1 year.
  12. We'll see. In before Forza Horizon 4, Halo 6 and Gears 5
  13. Spider-Man is a bigger game than anything MS has announced though.