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  1. I think you're right too. Weird proportions, weird dance scenes. The Bayo 2 design is better, but still not great. DMC characters >>>>
  2. https://www.resetera.com/threads/trump-suggests-banning-violent-video-games.25067/ Lol first Phil Spencer, now Trump. Lemmings' heroes turning their backs on them. Buh buh SJWS!!!
  3. I guess you'll be playing this on your PS4 Pro eh?
  4. @Remij_ its possible But being penalized on PC = worse experience.
  5. Dunno. But based on my experience playing both versions on the same connection, PS4 matches were better. So for purposes of this stupid argument, I haven't played anything lately that is better on PC.
  6. Doesnt mean netcode was changed. Check the steam reviews, still people complaining about netcode on the daily.
  7. I cant think of any game I played recently that was better on PC.